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The Age of Aquarius

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Another necessary knowledge regarding cosmic changes is the truth about the Aquarian Age, sometimes called the "Golden Age".  First I must say that the "religious" teachings concerning these so-called "End Times" are completely false.  It is irresponsible fanaticism to call these times we live in the "final days".  In no way is this new age the end of the world or a final time of any sort, except in regard to the end of this present day Earth civilization. 

     The truth is this new age brings truth, knowledge, wisdom and the real spiritual life.  This epoch will enable everything to develop to its highest potential, but it will take many centuries to reach such advanced levels.  At first, as is usually the case, the irreligious scientists will profit from the new advances while the masses will be restrained and restricted by their religions.  Religious people have fallen and will fall into severe fanatical religious delusion during these times.  Especially during the 184 years (1844 - 2028) duration of this change, religious beliefs of all kinds have risen and will rise up and bring many humans under their control.  Murder, suicide and exploitation of all kinds, as well as religious slavery to false teachings and beliefs will be the daily occurrence, by which the whole world will fall victim.  False prophets and false religious leaders will offer "salvation" publicly in a fanatical search for victims and new followers. 

      The transition phase of 184 years is the initial phase of the Aquarian Age.

      The end of this initial phase will come in 2028.  The revolutionary force of this new age began in 1844 and since then the extensive changes and advancements on Earth rush irresistibly forward.  The resistance by mankind of the new age forces has caused mass religious delusion, uncontrolled rapidly developing sciences, worldwide rampant crime and destructive wars, all characteristics of this time that cannot be ignored.  The first half of the transition period lasted 92 years, until 1936, while the Earth strongly felt the last forces of the "Age of Pisces".  Since that time, rapidly progressing events, discoveries, inventions, and social changes have been characteristic. 

      This whole solar system with all its infinite number of creatures is under the influence of the new age.  Everything and everyone in our solar system is influenced by it because this is a cosmic law of God.  It is according to this law, to which are subject all movements of planets and all life forms in the Universe, that the Earth proceeds by way of cosmic events since 1844.  This law replaces all prior existing laws not of the Creational character.  The origin of this change of the ages is in the radiation effect of the huge central sun through the precession of the Equinoxes which takes 25,860 years to complete one cycle and because of this our planet passes through the 12 ages of the astrological zodiac, each age lasting 2155 years.  The Earth has already touched the outer borders of the Aquarian Age radiation of the central sun, which are of the strongest and most revolutionary radiations. 

      Much mischief and evil is connected with this change, especially in respect to religions, and the use of new scientific discoveries and advancements.  These will increase and continue until the end of this present day civilization, which will come by way of World War III.

      The way-preparers of these changes are destined, and appear according to God's will.  They are human beings who as prophets and teachers announce the truths of knowledge and spiritual wisdom.  These way-preparers will be considered revolutionaries, heretics, liars and frauds because they will announce the truth for all to hear, and few people are prepared to accept it. 

            These revelations are of much interest and great importance to humans on Earth, and you who believe should spread the truth by all means. 

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Copyright © 1998 by Raphael. All rights reserved.

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