The Face and Monuments on Mars

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In July, 1976, Viking Orbiter 1 was acquiring images of the Cydonia region of Mars as part of the search for potential landing sites for Viking Lander 2. On 25 July, 1976, it photographed a region of buttes and mesas along the escarpment that separates heavily cratered highlands to the south from low lying, relatively crater-free, lowland plains to the north. Among the photographs was one of this huge sculpture of a human face. This sculpture lies in the midst of the ruins of an ancient city, millions of years old, remnants of an ancient human civilization on Mars. 

The Face and all of the other gigantic monuments and land sculptures found both on Mars and the Earth, including the Egyptian pyramids, were constructed by extraterrestrial humans using space craft, laser beams to cut, and anti-gravitational rays to lift and transport huge blocks and fragments of rock. The photos of Mars in these pages were taken from over a thousand miles above the surface of the planet.  Many of these structures on Mars have dimensions measured in miles and therefore can only be seen from the air.

The Face sculpture can be seen in the top right hand corner of this photograph of ancient ruins on Mars.



Pyramids of Cydonia - City Complex - Pyramids of Egypt - Giza plateau
The pyramids of Mars above left and Egypt above right.

Below, Ancient City of Cydonia and monuments on Mars.


















On the south, south west corner of the Cydonia triangle, created by connecting the face, the city and the pyramid, exactly 1/360th of the Martian polar diameter from the face is a edifice so magnificent that it's size can scarcely be comprehended. Known as the D & M pyramid, after it's discoverers, Vincent Dipietro and Gregory Molenaar, this structure looms above the Martian terrain half a mile. Roughly 1.6 by 2 miles across, the pentagonal pyramid has sides piled up to 30 degree angles. It is composed of at least one cubic mile of Martian terrain. This pyramid is oriented over the southern point of Cydonia's implied equilateral triangle.

To put the achievement of the Egyptian Great Pyramid into perspective, keep in mind that modern man does not possess the structural genius required to build the Great Pyramid even today. Volumes of research have been compiled debating how the structure may have been built, yet the answers to this puzzle remain elusive as does the identity of it's builders to scientists. Even if man today could arrange limestone blocks weighing the equivalent of modern locomotives, polish them to an exactness of 1/100th of an inch, (equaling contemporary optical standards) and place them within 1/50th of an inch together without damaging them, as the casing stones were placed, the symbolic significance of the pyramid could never be duplicated by modern scientists. 

The Great pyramid is set on the geographical center of all the land mass of the whole world, which can only be seen from space.

Pyramids of Egypt connection to Orion

The positions of the Giza pyramids on the ground are also a reflection of the positions of the stars in the constellation Orion as they were 73,000 years ago. The human extraterrestrials who built the pyramids of Egypt were from Orion. Five of the 7 brightest  stars in Orion have pyramid equivalents: The 3 great pyramids of Khufu, Khafra, and Menkaura for the belt of Orion, the pyramid of Nebka at Abu Rawash corresponds to the star Saiph and the pyramid at Zawat al Aryan corresponds to the star Bellatrix. The Nile river corresponds to the Milky Way. The principal Giza monuments formed an accurate terrestrial map of the stars of Orion and Sirius as these constellations appeared 73,000 years ago.

Who could have had the technical capacity to construct such monumental works as the Sphinx and the pyramids? Only human extraterrestrials. Egyptologists assert there was no civilization on Earth at that time they estimate (incorrectly) that they were built, let alone one capable of planning and building such immense, well engineered structures. 

Orion is the brightest constellation in the heavens. The significance of Orion is awe inspiring and very easy to understand. Orion is a decan (1/3) of the constellation Taurus.  It embellishes Taurus, the constellation of large monuments in Astrology. 

The pyramid of the Cydonia area on Mars has much in common with the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Studied more closely, the four-sided Martian pyramid of course has a fifth side which is covered by the four above. Further, the massive D & M Pyramid is connected to the Mars Sphinx-like human face, the orientation of the pyramids and face of the Cydonia region are very similar to their counterparts in Egypt.

The colossal Martian pyramid also demonstrates a redundant geometry which holds the key for understanding high level quantum mechanics. These redundant geometrical messages encoded in the Cydonia monuments have continued to stand up under meticulous scrutiny from the scientific world. 


To the North, North West of the Great martian pyramid, sits the city complex of 12 giant pyramids. There are four central structures of classic pyramidal shape surrounded by 5 larger various shaped pyramid-like constructions. A line drawn connecting the exterior monuments of the Cydonia city forms a pentagon. The whole city complex also rests on the corner of the implied Cydonia equilateral triangle. 

The five large pyramids of the city complex surround four smaller pyramids.  The line of sight orientation of the city and the Martian sphinx-like face is evident. The orientation of the Face on Mars with respect to the city complex is also interesting. The Cydonia pyramids within the city are specifically designed for viewing the martian summer solstice. On the morning of the martian summer solstice, at some time in the very remote past, the Earth would rise out of the mouth of the Cydonia sphinx followed by the sun. This celestial event would have been viewed by the builders of the Cydonia monuments.


Artist drawing of the face of Mars above left.  Above right, computer graphics professionals contribute to show how the Face sculpture would appear if viewed from overhead instead of a 45° slant angle.


Above, Face and entire Cydonia city area on old equator of Mars: Today, the Face is located at 41° north latitude, and is tilted from upright (north-oriented) by an angle of 21°. Prior to the last major pole shift on Mars the Face was located exactly on the Martian equator and oriented upright.

Land Sculptures on Mars

 All of the land sculptures below are gigantic and only visible from the air.

Above, Nefertiti, Egyptian queen-like face land sculpture: One needs to study this image with an excellent monitor and good imaging software to see the amazing degree of detail present. For example, even features as small as the eyelashes over the eye, visible in the artist’s inset, come from the actual Mars image, and involve no artistic license.

Above, Profile of an extraterrestrial human face land sculpture: With forehead, eye, nose, mouth, chin, neck, and oversize ear, this profile of a face (also in the Cydonia area) shows that his nearby, more famous cousin is by no means the only significant face portrayal on Mars, or even in the Cydonia region.

Above, Young man's face land sculpture: While not near the Cydonia area, this face portrayal is again striking for the richness of its detail.


Ancient transportation tubes network on Mars

Above, Tube Network: These transparent tubes on Mars are in a complex network that involve perpendicular intersections. Unlike lava tubes, which these tubes are clearly not anyway, there are perpendicular connections visible, no known type of lava flow formations could form perpendicular tubes.


Above, Artist concept of tubes: This ground view is faithful to the main features of the tubes seen in multiple images. These 30 meter wide tubes are part of an environmentally protected underground rapid transit system.


The Land Sculptures and Human-Made Structures on Mars.

For more photos that prove that an ancient human civilization existed on Mars, click these links below: 

  1. Arranged pyramid structures.

  2. Artist rendering of transportation tubes.

  3. Buried city dwellings.

  4. Circle and arrow shaped object.

  5. Computer generated overhead view of Face on Mars.

  6. D&M Pyramid in Cydonia.

  7. Dolphin land sculpture.

  8. Embedded triangle at Cydonia.

  9. Face and Cydonia on old equator of Mars.

  10. Huge man-made structure foundation.

  11. Infrastructure, transportation system.

  12. Nefertiti-like sculpture.

  13. Human extraterrestrial face profile sculpture.

  14. Seal-type sculpture.

  15. Small animal sculpture.

  16. Large manmade building.

  17. Large equipment track details.

  18. Tracks with fork division.

  19. Tracks parallel vegetation.

  20. Track details.

  21. Network of transportation tubes.

  22. More tubes.

  23. More tubes.

  24. More tubes.

  25. Tubes next to tracks.

  26. Young man's face sculpture.


The Mars Connection to Peru

Face from Cydonia region on Mars.
Face from Peruvian Plateau of Marcahuasi.

There is an obvious connection between the planet Mars and the plateau of Marcahuasi, Peru. The only face of the many land sculptures on the planes of Marcahuasi which is laying on its back, looking up at the sky, is identical to the Face on Mars. They are gazing at each other across millions of miles of space.

By studying the structures on Cydonia, the geometry and the numbers encoded therein, one can gain insight into the identity of the builders. These monumental structures: a sphinx-like human face, a huge four sided pyramid, a complex of over 12 smaller pyramids in a city, and a strange mile wide, 500 foot high artificial mound, complete with a peripheral ditch and central spiral groove (photo at the bottom of this page).

When a line is drawn connecting the centers of the pentagonal pyramid, the city, and the face, an equilateral triangle is formed. The length of each side of this triangle is 1/360th of the total polar diameter of the planet Mars. The number 360 connotes a 360 degree circuit, a full circle . The use of a 360 degree calibration, and the symbol of the circle, are linked to the constellations of the Zodiac. The twelve signs of the Zodiac are each spaced 30 degrees apart or 12 x 30 = 360. These numbers are significant. Using this system, 360 degrees on a circle is both the point of beginning and of ending. 

The monuments of Cydonia remain as evidence that a thriving technologically advanced civilization existed on Mars. The evidence left on Mars also tells of a great destruction befalling these monument builders.

The significance of Cydonia has been hidden from the public because of an agenda with spiritual implications. The agencies of disinformation are hard at work. The NASA cover up of the Cydonia monuments coupled with the media's complacency is criminal.

More Peruvian Connections to the Monuments on Mars.

Another Mars connection to Marcahuasi, Peru is evident in a new photograph of the Face on Mars (unavailable), photographed by the recent Mars Global Surveyor, it actually contains two additional faces which bear a strong resemblance to Marcahuasi's Monument to Humanity below.  It is unmistakably true that the civilization that built the Face on Mars, also built an identical face in Marcahuasi, Peru, as well as many other land sculptures on Earth.

High atop a remote plateau in Northern Peru, hundreds of illusive shapes can be seen in the living rock in Marcahuasi Peru. 

Marcahuasi, Spanish for "many storied house", is located at 12,500' in the Andes Mountains.

The plateau is covered with figures in the rock, which is dioritic porphory (volcanic rock almost as hard as obsidian). But these figures are not fashioned like the statues we are used to in our museums. Rather, they can only been seen from one point of view. If you were to move five feet left or right, the image may no longer be recognizable. When you find an ideal viewing spot, there are often steps leading up to it and a little seat carved into the rock right where you are standing.

"Monument to Humanity"

                Above is a fifty foot high carving of a face. 


Mars connection to England

Mars - Cydonia mound      Silbury Hill, Sulbury Mound - Wiltshire England
Mars Mound Cydonia region                     Silbury Hill Wiltshire England 

Precisely to the East of the city of Cydonia on Mars, another significant monument looms into view. It is a majestic landmark made of the soil of the planet from which it rises 500 feet above the desert plane. This artificial hill and its Earthly counterpart are very similar.

There is yet another feature of the Martian mound, illuminating the purpose of the structure and having a scriptural precedent. Winding upwards from the base of the monument is a pathway which leads to the top. This unlikely detail confirms that the mound of martian soil at Cydonia must have been man-made. 

The spiral pathway of the Cydonia mound originates at it's outside, northern edge winding clockwise 360 degrees to it's summit. The evidence of even this minor detail underlines human construction. Nearly everyone is familiar with the concept of clockwise, and counter clockwise rotation. Finding the same paradigm displayed on Mars as well as on Earth is more than a coincidence. The greatest example of clockwise rotation in nature is the seasonal progression of the celestial constellational zodiac in the skies above the Earth. The right spiraling path up the mound imitates the stars.

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