The Nazca Peru Ancient Structures & Sculptures

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Nasca lines

This is an ancient Atlantian runway for aircraft similar to the airliners we have in modern times. Surrounding this structure was an entire city at one time. These structures and sculptures below were constructed by human extraterrestrials hundreds of thousands of years ago during the ancient civilization of Atlantis. Modern scientist have absolutely no explanation for the existence of these structures.

A dog above. There are about 50 biomorphic figures in all etched in the Peruvian desert. All are of Atlantian period construction and can be seen clearly only from the air.

A fish below left, a hummingbird below right. There are 18 bird figures in all.


An astronaut below left.


A bird to the right.

In the hot hazy desert of southwest Peru, couched between the Andes Mountains and the Peruvian coast, lies what many have called one of the most baffling enigmas of archeology. Huge geometric patterns and spirals, animal figures including a monkey, a spider, an astronaut and thousands of perfectly straight lines are immaculately etched onto the desert's surface. The last of them were drawn hundreds of thousands of years ago. Known as the Nazca lines, the drawings have mystified scientists since they were first discovered in the 1920s.

From ground level, the earth drawings, or geoglyphs as they're called, seem like a confused mass of lines. It's only when viewed from the air, that one sees how the lines and figures convey a sense of purpose, of organization. One of the lines is 65 kilometers long, and some of the animal drawings are more than two soccer fields long, and constructed with great precision.

Thousands of lines, hundreds of patterns.

Scattered over about 500 square kilometers of an arid plateau between two river valleys around the city of Nazca, perhaps the most famous of the drawings are the biomorphic figures: a spider, a monkey, a whale, a snake, a lizard, a flower, a man and 18 bird shapes, including the hummingbird and the condor. There are about 50 of these figures ranging in size from 25 meters to 275 meters long. Despite their fame, these are confined to a small corner of the desert - or the pampa, as it is called by the Peruvians.

Most of the pampa is dominated by 1,300 kilometers of perfectly straight lines, some as narrow as 6 inches and others as wide as hundreds of meters, crisscrossing or running parallel to each other. There are also 300 geometric figures, mostly trapezoids, triangles, zig-zags and spirals.

The spider
Above a spider.
Some of the pictures found on ancient pottery from the area are of figures with both animal and human characteristics. Exaggerated eyes and large fangs on their half-feline, half-human creatures. This is evidence of half-human half-animal creatures that were created and were common during the Atlantian civilization.





Some of the better known figures at Nazca below.


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