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Explanation of Astrology

Where does the spiritual energy found in air, water and food come from?  It comes from the Earth, which as a heavenly body possesses a supply of spiritual energy mixture and has the power to radiate this mixture that contains every kind of spiritual energy required for the support of all life on Earth.

The terrestrial spiritual energy consists of the spiritual energy peculiar to the Earth as a heavenly body and in addition to this the Earth receives by radiation into its own spiritual energy mixture, that of all other heavenly bodies within range.  Each of these heavenly bodies has a specific spiritual energy peculiar to itself, of a nature and composition not found in that of any other heavenly body.

According to the position of these heavenly bodies with respect to the Earth, their spiritual energy radiation will be of a smaller or a greater effect upon it, and since this position to each other changes every second, the spiritual energy radiation sent by these bodies to the Earth, will vary accordingly.

The mingling of the spiritual energy of the Earth with that of the bodies around it is of the greatest importance to life and growth upon Earth.

You must remember that every kind of spiritual energy possesses powers peculiar to itself.  To the extent that an infant at the moment of its first breath is subjected to the influence of the spiritual energy of the heavenly bodies, to that extent will the infant's own spiritual energy composition be affected.  At the time of birth, before the first breath, this composition is still fairly neutral, but at that instant of the first breath, it is given a fixed permanent trend by the spiritual energy radiations and mixtures acting upon it.

If now a certain kind of spiritual energy represents the main component of the whole, it will determine the infant's growth and development for all time.  And since the different kinds of spiritual energy produce each a characteristic type of vitality, the characteristic of the predominant spiritual energy component will give to the infant a definite individual physique and an individual behavior.

It is therefore neither superstition nor idle fancy to assume that a person's physical, emotion, mental and moral attributes can be foretold if the moment of birth is known.

The influence of the spiritual energy mixture of the heavenly bodies on your life upon Earth, upon your vital or life giving energy, your character and your temperament is much greater than you realize.  You yourselves have a saying, "He was born under a lucky or an unlucky star," which means that you are referring to the effect exerted by the spiritual energy radiations of a heavenly body on living beings at the moment of their birth.

All this is so closely related to the great questions of the fate of men and women that it is of the greatest importance to have your correct Astrological chart drawn up and read by an expert Astrologer who practices the True Astrology, Constellational Astrology.  Again, all bodies of terrestrial beings are condensed spiritual energy, derived from the spiritual energy radiation of the Earth and that of its surrounding heavenly bodies.

Therefore, the Divine science of Astrology is very important in understanding your destiny.  Approximately 50% of your life is predestined and the other 50% is the direct result of your free will decisions.

The truth of Astrology is based upon the fact that everything in our universe, in our galaxy, and in our solar system is connected through the spiritual energy force emanating from each heavenly body.  Since each heavenly body has a different mixture of spiritual energy it has individualistic characteristics and produces an infinite number of specific effects upon life on Earth as well as all other surrounding, in range, heavenly bodies.

Since humans first incarnated on Earth wise men and women have observed the various celestial configurations and recorded the effects that these produce in both the lives of individuals as well as destinies of nations.  Many different branches of Astrology have developed including Natal, Medical, Horary or Event, and Mundane or World Affairs Astrology.

Without a complete and accurate astrological analysis it is impossible to understand yourself or your destiny to a great or even lesser extent.  Other benefits of Astrology include discovering what your karma from past lives is, what your talents and weaknesses are, understanding and having success in relationships including marriage, and raising children correctly.

Although the astrological forces do not control your free will they do influence it greatly.  So as you can see each lifetime on Earth is composed of a combination of past-life karma, your Divine destiny that includes your Astrological destiny, and your free will decisions.

One more thing I find necessary to say is that the Astrology practiced in most countries in the Western Hemisphere has many of errors.  The most important mistake is in the drawing up of the chart used by these "western astrologers".  Because of the separation of Astronomy from Astrology in Europe by the Catholic Church in the 1500's the astrological charts used by western astrologers is astronomically incorrect.  This causes an inaccurate reading.

Without going into a lot of detail, the correct way to draw up an Astrological chart is exactly the same way an astronomer would draw up a map of the heavenly bodies for that particular time in question.  The Astrology that is practiced in India is the closest to the correct form; it is called Sidereal or Vedic Astrology.  But here too you will find mistakes, not in the way the charts are drawn up, but in the way they are interpreted.  I call the form of Astrology I practice, which is the only correct form, Constellational Astrology.

I will draw up and interpret as many astrological charts as I have time for.  Many hours go into an astrological reading.

Explanation of Clairvoyance

The development of the faculties of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience requires training though they are considered to be gifts from God.  The spirit is released in part from the clairvoyant's body and the spiritual energy which surrounds the spirit must undergo an appropriate degree of purification, but such partial separation in the case of clairvoyants differs radically from that in the case of the spirit of a "deep-trance medium" where the spirit is completely released from the body.  It is true that the clairvoyant's spirit is projected, nevertheless it remains bound to the entire physical spiritual energy and to all parts of the body.  The spiritual energy merely expands, to use an everyday term, and by its expansion allows the partial projection of the spirit.

In the case of clairvoyants therefore, there is a close union that is maintained between their own spirits and the spiritual energy of their bodies.  It is their own spirit which sees images, feels feelings and hears words from the spirit world which may be literal or symbolic.  A clairvoyant must come in contact with the spiritual energy of the person whose past, present or future they are attempting to see.  This can be accomplished in person, or if the clairvoyant merely holds an object that the person has worn or in any way touched with the physical body.

* I have been a professional astrologer and a professional clairvoyant for many years.  Unlike many others, when I do a reading for you, my main objective is to assist you in your spiritual progress.


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