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The True Story of the Human Birth
 of Immanuel ("Jesus Christ")



      Human birth within God's Creation follows immutable laws.  The union of the sperm of the male and the egg of the female is in every instance imperative, a law to which there is no exception. 

      Human propagation can come about only if the sperm of the male unites with the egg of the female.  Therefore, no discarnate spirit, celestial or infernal, can beget offspring without employing the human body.  "Religions" interpret the Biblical account of the conception of Immanuel as though a spirit from Heaven had begotten the Child in the virgin's womb without the aid of a human body.  This is an incorrect interpretation and gives countless people, believers and unbelievers, good ground for denying, or at any rate for doubting, the way in which the Son of God became a human being.  Here we have an instance in which the marvelous and the unusual, although at the same time the normal, borders closely upon the unreasonable, and the incredible. 

      I will tell you the whole truth of the matter, because I know that you can understand it. 

      When a deep-trance medium's spirit has left his body and a strange spirit has entered, that spirit is capable of using the organs of the body in precisely the same way as they can he used by the medium's own spirit.  Consequently a strange spirit, good or evil, which occupies the body of a male medium, is capable of begetting offspring with a woman.  Did I not, when speaking to you of the idolatry of ante-Deluvian times call your attention to the carnal intercourse had by the evil spirits with the daughters of people, by whom, according to the Bible's own testimony, they had children?  If this is possible for evil spirits, should it not be equally possible for the good ones?  If the fallen sons of God could beget children through human mediums and so corrupt mankind, should not the true sons of God be able to do likewise on behalf of mankind's Salvation? 

      Now you will understand the human origin of Immanuel with a little further explanation from me.  The human medium was Joseph, to whom Mary was betrothed.  Spirits of God had already repeatedly announced to Mary through Joseph, as their medium, the coming of the Redeemer.  Such spiritual messages were nothing out of the ordinary; on the contrary, the Hebrew people were thoroughly familiar with communication with the spirit world.  This is evident from the account in the Scriptures of the appearance of the Angel to Zacharias, who when he left the temple was not able to speak, by which the people knew that he had been visited by a messenger from God. 

      Therefore, Mary was not alarmed when it came to pass that a spirit entered Joseph as its medium and brought her the divine tidings, but she was greatly troubled at being addressed as being "highly favored", by which it was indicated that she would become a mother.  This was beyond her comprehension, as she had never had relations with any man and had no reason to expect motherhood.  But, "The Angel answered and said to her, A Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of a Most High Spirit will overshadow you, wherefore also the Holy One which is begotten will be called the Son of God."  The spirit then told what was about to happen, although this is a point on which the Bible is silent.  He announced that as soon as he had left the medium's body, a very High Spirit from Heaven would enter the same, and by this Spirit she would become a Mother by the law which exists throughout Nature.  And Mary replied, "In my own eyes, I am a servant of the Lord.  Let it be with me as you have said."

      After Gabriel had departed out of the medium and before Joseph had awakened from his mediumistic sleep, Immanuel Himself entered Joseph's body and through him Mary conceived under the same law that governs conception in all women.  His spirit entered the body of the Child during the last moment of the Mother's pregnancy, or at that stage at which the incarnation of a spirit occurs with all mothers, at the moment of the first breath. 

      That such was the way in which Immanuel was begotten was well known to the early Christians.  They knew that the mortal body of Immanuel was begotten by Him through Joseph as His medium, by which I mean that the Holy Spirit which, according to Gabriel's message was to come upon Mary, was Immanuel Himself, Who wished to perform in person everything that He held necessary to achieve the Redemption.  It was by Him that the most difficult preparatory work had been taken in hand at the outset, by Him that God's people had been chosen as the upholders of the faith, by Him that they had been led, taught, admonished, warned and chastised, and by Him that the high spirits of Heaven had been sent to Earth as prophets.  The last step was the begettal of the mortal vesture into which He was to pass into, in order that, by being born as a mortal, He might mingle with humans as one of them and secure the Redemption. 

      As soon as Joseph had awakened from his deep trance Mary related to him the things that had happened.  It was a hard test to which he now found himself subjected.  Was he to believe what his betrothed had told him?  Like all other people, he was but human.  Evil thoughts assailed him fiercely.  The Powers of Hell had but one end in view, to incite Joseph to doubt Mary and to cast her off.

      This was because under the Jewish law, a virgin betrothed who was found to have relations with another man was stoned to death. 

      Evil sought to inspire him with the belief that Mary had deceived him and that she was now making use of the pretext that a spirit of God had used Joseph's body while he was in a mediumistic state.  There was nothing in the way of distrust, jealousy and bitterness to which people are subjected to by reason of disappointment that the Evil Powers neglected to instill into Joseph, and under their attacks it seemed as though the burden placed upon him was more than he could bear.  At times, "He was minded to put his betrothed away privately."  Privately, it must be, because Joseph, being a righteous man, was unwilling, in the absence of positive proof that he had been deceived, to denounce a fellow human for an offense the penalty for which was death.  On the other hand, he was not ready to make his betrothed his wife as long as any lurking misgivings persisted.  Mary's sole defense was that God would reveal the truth to him in one way or another, because she also suffered unspeakably under his suspicions.  Then, during that very night, an Angel of God appeared to the clairvoyant Joseph, bidding him not to fear.  This ended the conflict within him. 

      I realize that this truth, and it is the truth, will appear entirely too human and too much in accordance with the everyday laws of Nature to convince you who are confined and controlled by the false religions.  It is not marvelous and mysterious enough to satisfy you.  The human act of procreation is something debasing in the eyes of many, who even blame God for making it a part of the order of things.  To their way of thinking, God is wanting in chastity.  Wretched beings that you are, to so misjudge the most wonderful laws enacted by God's omnipotence and wisdom, as exemplified in the procreation, the prenatal life, and the birth of a child! 

      Immanuel, the highest of created spirits, did not find it beneath Him to beget His own Earthly tenement in conformity with the eternally fixed laws of propagation, in order that He might dwell and suffer among you.  Even though the truth regarding His human paternity may not be "miraculous" enough to suit you, for Him everything was miraculous that happened according to the sacred laws given by His Heavenly Father, of which the holy man says, "I know that, whatsoever God does, it will be forever, nothing can be put to it, nor anything taken from it, and God has done it, that people should revere Him."

      That reverence is something that unfortunately many of you do not feel, and for this reason you account for the incarnation of Immanuel by means of ingeniously concocted theories, which because of the alleged miracles they involve, are full of contradictions and furnish good grounds to the skeptics for deriding the first step which had to be taken in order that He might assume the shape of man.  Had the incarnation of Immanuel not followed the laws of human propagation, He would have differed fundamentally from other people.  His body would not have come into being from human seed.  Immanuel became as one of you, even as regards the birth of His mortal vesture. 


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