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Spiritual Teachings and Universal Truths

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* The excerpts of this book which are included in this web site contain only 1/10th of the entire book.  If you are a sincere seeker of truth and spiritual knowledge, I suggest that you order this book.  According to many thousands of people worldwide this is the best book available for the spiritual advancement of all people

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Spiritual Teachings and Universal Truths

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* The internet copy, which is the complete book, has two advantages, first, you can print it in a larger easier to read font size, second, you can download it and have a permanent copy on your computer.   *Hard copies of this book are not available at this time, they will be available soon, please check back.

"The only purpose of life is spiritual progress, which is accomplished by seeking truth, finding it, living it and sharing it, and thereby eventually earning a place in the highest spiritual level, which is called Heaven."



"You must have a spiritual mentality in order to seek truth, find it, live it and share it.  For many of you this means you must change your way of thinking."


The entire human race on Earth has entered a very powerful time of cosmic changes.  This new era, this new age, this Aquarian Age constantly becomes more evident to the most observant and advanced people.  Since the majority of mankind is trapped in a bottomless pit of ignorance and mental slavery, it is extremely urgent for the advanced few, through study and investigations, to find the causes of mankind's inability to progress and then to explain the discoveries in logically clear revealing teachings.  A new way of thinking, speaking and acting must be introduced which would lead mankind toward a future of understanding truth and harmony with all of Creation.  It has been the right time for a long time for everyone on Earth to open their minds and divorce themselves from false teachings, false traditions and all evil actions.  It is time to understand everything according to the truth and place the entire world under God.  "One world under God!" must be the battle cry of all people who love God and truth in this spiritual war.


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