Excerpt from Chapter Thirteen
of the Book

Spiritual Teachings and Universal Truths

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Occurrences in Spiritual Communication






      Prior to reading this book most of you have not learned much, if anything, concerning communication with the spirit world.  You have had no knowledge of the possibility of any such communication, having read neither books nor periodicals dealing with the subject nor spoken with any expert in this field.  Similarly, throughout the period during which you read and study this book you may never come into contact with spiritualistic circles nor consult any other spiritualistic literature whatsoever. 

      For many of you as long as you remain a member of a church, you should devote your full attention to the truths which are written down in this book on a week by week basis because more than anything else these spiritual truths and teachings will cause a radical change in your religious views.  Your hours of study should be devoted to these teachings, and you should be eager to learn whether the new truths that you are learning demolish the structure of your previously held beliefs, and agree or disagree with the teachings of the Bible.  The Holy Writ should be your reference material because the spirit world will constantly urge you to compare your newly acquired knowledge with what is set down in the Bible. 

      Many times in the future at holy sťances that you will attend, the good spirits which manifest themselves will regularly take up a Bible and expound on its contents. 

      However, after a certain time, when you have absorbed the presentation of these truths and have acquired a firm conviction of the same, you should make yourself acquainted with present day spiritualistic phenomena.  You should have the opportunity of testing and interpreting in the light of the laws I have imparted to you everything written in this book.  Should you witness anything that you cannot understand, you could obtain the desired explanation by asking for it at one of the holy sťances that you attend. 

      From the outset you should be resolved to test only those phenomena of whose genuineness there could be no question.  You should be devoted to the investigation of occurrences and phenomena that cannot be explained by any known scientific or natural laws. 

      The facts written in this book are so thoroughly substantiated as to leave no room for doubt regarding their authenticity and embrace all phenomena observed in the realm of spirit communication.  This book to be sure, confines itself to the statement of facts. 

      Regarding the existence of a spirit world as the intermediary in these phenomena, modern science refuses to recognize this, and it is only very occasionally and with the greatest reservations that a scientist will hint at the possibility of any intervention on the part of spirit beings, instead their explanations are concocted with such illogic they must strike any normally minded person as childish and absurd. 

      The phenomena which you will witness in a holy sťance conducted in the manner described in this book will be most extraordinary and will surpass everything that most of you who do have some experience in this field have previously read or heard of. 

      The preliminaries that usually preceded a sťance that I conducted where skeptics and doubters were present consisted of a minute examination of the room in which the sťance was held, and of all the articles contained in the room.  Windows and doors were locked and sealed, and strips of waxed paper, having secret marks and signed by the participants were pasted over the crevices. 

      Almost as soon as the participants had taken their seats at the table and formed a chain, the medium went into a trance, upon which the spirits usually made themselves evident at once.  The chain was formed by hooking the little finger of each hand into that of one's neighbor.  This allowed the observers to move the rest of the hand freely, as for writing, or for feeling of or touching objects, without breaking contact. 

      The sťances were held either in complete darkness or by the light of a single candle. 

      It is frequently unnecessary for the observers to extinguish the candle, because as soon as the medium falls into a trance it goes out by itself. 


      I can state as facts from personal experience that the spirits working with and through the mediums in holy sťances produce the following manifestations:


     (1.) Rappings or knocks which are specifically characteristic, and represent something peculiar to themselves.  I have often heard them and noted their peculiarity at once, without having my attention called to it by anyone else.  I could distinctly hear, or rather feel that some of them were not produced on the surface of the table or of the walls, but within the same.  I mention this particularly, because if you make several attempts to imitate the rappings produced by the spirits, you will fail entirely to obtain the tone of some of the rappings heard at these sťances. 

     (2.) Exhibitions of levitation (maintaining the human body in the air without support).  I have witnessed this personally, and have heard that it often occurs at other sťances.  Not only has the table been moved and lifted, but also the medium himself as well as one or more participants were raised several feet above the floor. 

     (3.) Especially exciting and interesting is the production of partial, or more often, of completely formed apparitions of spirits.  The partial materializations usually are those of heads.  These materializations appear almost instantly either above or behind the medium, but even more often behind or among the participants, who are seated at some distance from him. 

      After a few sharp, distinctly audible raps on the table or the walls, bright stars or sparks appear, rising above the table and floating upward toward the ceiling.  These sparks, which have a bluish light, vary in size from that of a pea to that of a walnut, and often appear in the dozens.  They all move simultaneously and at considerable speed above the seats of the observers, flying in all directions and forming in groups or by twos.  Some vanish, while others descend in pairs close to the participants. 

      Whenever they came within about sixteen inches of me, I could see that they were pairs of human eyes that looked at me.  In a few minutes a perfectly formed human head appeared around such a pair of eyes, being clearly visible by the light of a hand which had also been materialized and the palm of which was luminous.  The hand was raised above the head in order to see it plainly.  All the while the eyes rested steadily upon me, the face assuming a friendly, smiling expression.  I've seen a great number of such heads, occasionally two at a time, flying like balloons from one participant to another, and when asked, "Please come over to me" taking the shortest route to the person making the request, often directly across the table and as swiftly as shooting stars. 

     (4.) Invisible spirits, which however, made themselves heard by footsteps and the creaking of the floorboards came and touched my face and hands and other parts of my body with their soft, living hands.  The sensation of the touch of a living human hand was unmistakable.  At the request of the participants, these invisible spirits will go get articles from the different parts of the room in which the sťance is being held, and in spite of the darkness, never make a false move, never collide with anything and never touch a participant, not even when moving a heavy object like a bronze bust weighing thirty pounds, or when setting down a small tub filled with melted paraffin.  

     (5.) Apparitions visible by dim light.  These spirits generally went from one person to another to give each one the opportunity of observing them up close.  The pores and roughness of the skin of the spirits faces and hands could be distinguished.  In the nose of one old man I could even see the winding tracing of the tiny veins.  I could distinguish also the texture of the cloth with which the spirit was covered.  These apparitions came so close to me that I could hear them breathe and feel their breath against my face. 

      The most impressive and convincing feature of these apparitions were the eyes and the faces with their lifelike expression.  When questions were addressed to the apparitions the facial expression was always perfectly suited to the answer, while an amiable smile was constantly on their lips. 

     (6.) Of spirits of animals we saw mostly squirrels, dogs and cats.  On one occasion a lion appeared and on another, a large bird, either a falcon or a hawk.  I myself have seen an animal of each of the mentioned species, which behaved as might have been expected, the squirrel hopping about the table, the dog running around it wagging his tail, jumping into the laps of the participants and licking their faces.  In short, he acted as any dog would.  The lion's demeanor was more threatening; he lashed his tail, striking it against the furniture and the startled observers, unable to control the brute put an end to the sťance by awakening the medium.  The hawk flew around, beating the walls and ceiling with his wings, and when he finally perched on the medium's shoulder, a photograph was taken of him, a camera already focused upon the medium, having been held in readiness for the purpose. 

     (7.) Many apparitions have luminous hands, that is to say the palms of their hands shine in the dark.  The light given off is white, slightly tinged with green, and is so strong that whenever the spirits hold or pass their hands above their heads, faces or figures, every detail is shown.  They illuminate themselves in order to give the participants an opportunity of observing them closely.  They also turn their luminous palms toward the participants, so that the latter may be illuminated.  On one such occasion I could see distinctly that the light was not altogether steady, but was constantly vibrating, showing different intensities, although the total amount of light thrown off by the palm remained the same throughout.  I could also note especially bright sparks or rays running in zigzag paths by various routes from the base of the hand to the fingertips.  At the same time the luminous palms diffused a powerful smell of ozone. 

     (8.) One of the rarest, but perhaps one of the highest types, is the spirit of an old man which is perfectly luminous by his own power.  The apparition resembled a pillar of light.  The light radiating from him is so intense, that not only all the participants, but also all objects, near and distant, in the room, are illuminated by him.  When I saw this apparition the palms of his hands and the region about his heart were more luminous than the other parts of his body.  The spirit rose in the middle of the room, the table at which we were seated was in one corner of the room, while the medium sat in another corner. 

      Both the old man and the medium were visible.  The old man wore a high, conical headdress, and was clothed in a long robe that hung down from him in deep folds.  He approached us with majestic strides, his robe swaying as he walked.  His hands were engaged in making motions in the shape of triangles.  At the same time he was speaking in a deep, solemn voice.  He stopped behind me for about ten seconds, waving his luminous hands above us and speaking continually.  He then withdrew to the far end of the room and vanished.  His coming was accompanied by a wave of ozonated air that filled the room even after the sťance had ended.  The spirit is that of a very old man with a gray beard.  His language was rather deep in the throat, and unknown to anyone present.  To date no one has succeeded in discovering who the spirit is.  He is known as the Assyrian priest, a designation that fits his appearance perfectly. 

     (9.) Paraffin molds were made by the spirits.  As soon as they noticed the tub filled with melted paraffin on the table, they would approach it with evident pleasure, and on request, would make complicated figures out of the paraffin.  Sometimes they dipped their hands into the substance and allowed the glove like molds so formed to drop upon the table.  Whenever the spirit hand is luminous, it can be seen as it splashes in the paraffin like a goldfish in a bowl. 

      On one occasion a pair of them fell from the table into my lap and from there to the floor.  I called the attention of the others to the matter, asking them not to move their feet, or the molds could be damaged.  One participant asked the spirit to pick up the molds and replace them on the table, which was immediately done.  At the same time my ankle was seized and my leg pushed aside, to make room under the table where there were seven pairs of legs.  The spirit required from half to three quarters of a minute to make a mold, whereas when I tried to do this myself, it took several minutes for the paraffin to cool sufficiently to be removed.  Even then I found it impossible to strip the glove from my hand without breaking it; in fact I was unable to accomplish this with the coating of a single finger which I had dipped into the paraffin as far as the second joint. 

      When I removed the paraffin from the plaster cast, by dipping it into hot water, I noticed a number of hairs floating in the water.  They were of the kind that grows on the back of the hand and on that of the third finger joint.  Since I was quite sure that I had used perfectly clean water and a white porcelain bowl in conducting my test, I was surprised at the discovery.  I examined all of the casts previously made, and noticed through the fine film of paraffin which surrounded one of them several bits of hair embedded in the paraffin. 

      One of the cases observed by me in this connection was especially interesting.  In one cast the hand is doubled into a fist, the tip of the thumb projecting between the index and the middle fingers.  In this particular case the spirit had been asked to do something complicated, unique and hard to imitate, but was left at liberty to do just as he liked.  He had apparently reflected for a while as though trying to think of something appropriate.  Then he had dipped his extended hand into the paraffin, and after having done so, had doubled it up.  Before I filled this mold with plaster, I could see on the inside several irregularly shaped ribs of paraffin running through the hollow in the interior of the glove and supporting certain parts.  They corresponded to the curved recesses between the fingers. 

     (10.) Of apports I have seen only a few, and these were of small objects.  I have been told, however, that fairly heavy articles have been brought from distant rooms into that in which sťances are held.  The most remarkable phenomenon of this sort was the disappearance of the medium from the sťance chamber that had been locked up and sealed.  Greatly to their amazement, the sťance participants found the mediums in a fairly remote room of the house, sound asleep. 

     (11.) Many times I was able to establish the fact that there was a considerable fall in temperature in the sťance room.  I, as well as several other observers felt distinctly chilly toward the end of the sťances lasting from one to two hours.  The thermometers in the room showed a fall of temperature toward the end of the sťance ranging from 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is contrary to the usual experience since the temperature of a room, and especially of a tightly closed room, in which many people remain for a considerable time, generally rises, the more so as the rooms in question were only moderately large. 

          (12.) As the spirits made their appearance I have seen something resembling luminous smoke or fog floating above the head of the medium like a small cloud.  This cloud moved to one side and in a very few seconds became a human head, or else it would be extended vertically and become a complete human figure, which immediately began to walk about.  An interesting part of these manifestations was the absolutely human behavior of the apparitions.  They acted precisely like guests at a party.  As they moved around the table they greeted the people with whom they were acquainted with a smile of recognition, whereas they studied any new faces attentively.  The inquisitive look in their eyes is hard to describe.  I could see from their efforts to understand our expression, our smiles, our questions and answers, as well as from their actions, that they were particularly anxious to convince us of the fact that they actually existed and that they were not illusions or hallucinations.  Moreover, these apparitions are not always of life size.  Toward the end of a sťance, when the medium has become rather exhausted, or if he happens to feel indisposed before the sťance opens, the spirits do not appear in their full size, but smaller by a third or a half. 

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