Excerpt from Chapter Fifteen
of the Book

Spiritual Teachings and Universal Truths

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The "Deadliest" Spiritual Mistakes





      I will now teach you how to recognize and correct the most common spiritual mistakes, also called sins, that humans commit, but first I will explain to you the cause of these mistakes, which is the free will decisions of the altered ego. 

      The altered ego is that "person" who you think you are as opposed to the powerful holy spiritual being that God created you as.  You were born into this world an innocent, at least as to this lifetime, and completely unknowing child.  You were taught first by your parents, then your school teachers and friends, and finally by every experience in your life.  You are a product of the society in which you were raised.  This "product" is the altered ego, as opposed to the true ego, which is the spirit that was created by God. 

      Therefore, the altered ego is the concoction of all the spiritual mistakes and evil, with some good sprinkled in, of the "society" in which you grew as a child into adolescence and finally into an adult.  This "product" tries to "fit in" and be accepted, as well as behave and function as others do.  This effort of the altered ego to fit into the world is the cause of all of your sins on Earth against God.  It is not Lucifer who has control over you.  It is your own altered ego that is leading you into the Pit of Darkness!  This is how the truth will set you free.  You must set yourself free from your altered ego through truth, knowledge, wisdom and love.  There is no other way. 

      The first step of your spiritual progress back to God is to recognize your spiritual mistakes and the evils that were programmed into your mind since childhood.  This materialistic way of life that you were taught to live may appear to be "good and wholesome", but in reality it is a great deception that very few see the truth of.  The only purpose of your life on this planet, or any other for that matter, is spiritual progress, everything else is an evil deception. 

      Yet, even though you burden yourself greatly through your spiritual mistakes, there is a very positive result to all of this, and that is, you learn from your errors and slowly but surely you acquire logic, insight, knowledge, wisdom and love. Each spiritual mistake or sin can serve the progress of your spirit, and through these experiences you gain the ability to assist your fellow humans in their struggles through similar mistakes. 



The Four Deadliest Spiritual Mistakes


Unless a person overcomes these four major spiritual mistakes spiritual progress is not possible.


(1.) False Pride.  (2.) Unjustified Anger.  (3.) Fear.  (4.) Self-deception.

Other Serious Spiritual Mistakes



     (1.) Not Judging Correctly the Evil Words and Actions of Others. 

      You do not have, or ever will have, the wisdom or power to judge other spiritual beings as to whether or not they will go into God's Kingdom, or when they will go.  Neither can you now, nor can you ever, judge a spirit as to any spiritual punishment.  Only God can make these judgments, but you must judge the words and actions of all other spirits, incarnate or disincarnate, as being in obedience to God's Commandments or not.  This is your spiritual responsibility.  If you fail to do this you will cause great spiritual harm both to yourself as well as to others.  You must have the courage, wisdom and love to privately point out to others their mistakes or sins.  But remember take the splinter out of your own eye first so that you may see clearly how to remove the tree from your fellow human's eye. 

     (2.) Not Being Responsible for the Balanced Procreation and Spiritual Upbringing of Children. 

      This mistake goes very far in the lives of most people today.  The sacred commitment of marriage and having children has been hung on a rope and been allowed to twist in the wind with no regard to God for a very long time.  This is really quite pathetic to see.  Every abomination imaginable has been allowed to enter matrimony and the sacred sexual act of procreation, and children have suffered so great a lack of spiritual education that it has become almost impossible for a spirit to reincarnate into this world and stand a fair chance for spiritual progress.  The times of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the times of Noah, have returned to the Earth! 

      People today marry for money, fame, social status, convenience, even just for sexual satisfaction, and divorce is as easy to accept as these shallow marriages are common. 

      As for the sacred act of procreation, every sexual perversion, including fornication, homosexuality, child molestation, prostitution, pornography, rape and incest has been well established by the Powers of Evil within society today.  This has led to divorces and abortions; both are evils against God's Plan of Salvation.  Great will be the day when the people on Earth will understand, respect and honor the Law of Procreation,

      Those of you who are thinking about entering a marriage and having children should use astrology and the divine advice of the good spirits to choose your partner.  Also, a waiting period of at least one year should be exercised in order that you may clearly see the faults and the talents of each other, and also how you will be able to serve God as a couple. 

      Remember that a spiritual marriage is an equal partnership of supplying each other's limitations. 

      Once you become parents you must devote yourselves to the spiritual education of your children first, as part of your duties to God.

      (3.) False Pride. 

      False pride is being arrogant and conceited, feeling superior to others or worth more.  This is nothing more than self-deception.  All created spirits are equal in the eyes of God.  Each spirit has different talents and duties, but all are equally as important in the Kingdom of God.  As you will remember, false pride was the sin that caused Lucifer to rebel against Immanuel.  He felt he was "worth more" than second in command, and his arrogant false pride was his downfall. 

      If you find that you are more talented in a specific endeavor than your fellow humans, your duty to God is to use this talent in the greatest assistance and service to them, each person fulfilling their service to God to the maximum capability.  In this way there is no room for false pride, since your mind will be focused on assisting others.  

            False pride is also the cause of intellectual arrogance.

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