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Excerpt from Chapter Two
of the Book

Spiritual Teachings and Universal Truths

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God's Creation and the First Revolt



      God is a spirit, and everything created by Him is composed of spiritual energy.  It was in His image that He called into existence spiritual beings in numbers so vast that no figures devised by mankind can even begin to express them. 

      In what manner the infinitely great and almighty God created the spirit world is something that you could not understand if God was to explain it.  Knowledge of this is not necessary to mankind and is of no value to the good of your soul. 

      It is sufficient for you to know how you stand with regard to God's Creation, in order that you may learn why you were placed on Earth and what tasks you have to fulfill during your stay here.  To teach you these things is the purpose of what I am about to tell you of the Creation. 

      God did not create the world with one stroke, nor six strokes as the false religions teach.  God is the great Architect Who, with strict observance of laws conceived with infinite wisdom, builds up little things into large ones, simple things into complex, and out of a single seed, produces the tree with its millions of seeds.  He builds up the family, not by calling into existence parents and children simultaneously, but by first creating the parents and endowing them with the power of reproduction, so that in time the family may grow through the birth of the offspring, and out of this family new ones may come forth without limit. 

      In a similar manner God proceeded with the creation of the spiritual realm.  Every law that you find on Earth exists in the spirit world also.  I will emphasize this because it is the basic truth underlying all knowledge of the Spiritual Dimensions whether you believe it, or whether you reject it with a smile of disbelief. 

      You may shake your head in disbelief, but it is true none the less, that the law which prevails in Nature on Earth, with all living things, namely, reproduction by the union of the male and the female, must and does apply to the same extent in the spiritual dimensions.  Matter is merely the incarnation of the ethereal, and therefore merely another state of spirit, for which the spiritual laws are not abrogated, but applied in a way that is adapted to matter.  Just as in material Creation where there are males and females in every species, so too there are male and female spirits in the spirit world.  Among spirits there are as many males as there are females, a female spirit being mated to each male, according to God's law.  They are invariably perfectly mated, and find their greatest happiness in mutually supplying each other's limitations and in faithful collaboration in the task that God has assigned to them. 

      Such spirit couples that were created for each other are known as "duals", a term intended to express, "two who belong to each other".  These are the matches that were made in Heaven.  None but God, not even the "Son of God" known to you as "Christ", whose real name was and is Immanuel, is exempt from the union of the male with the female.  To all created spirits the words apply, "Male and female created He them", and "Be fruitful and multiply". 

     Immanuel is the highest Spirit that God could create.  He is in every way God's most perfect image, so far as any created spirit can possess the Creator's perfection.  He is not God, as is so generally taught today by the false religions, but the first created "Son of God", and as such, His highest and most perfect Creature. 

      Following Immanuel, six further spirits, also called Sons of God came into being, but these owe the existence of their spiritual physical bodies to the first created Son and are His inferiors in power, greatness and glory. 

      The second Son of God was Lucifer the "Light-Bearer", next to Immanuel the greatest of created spirits and subsequently a rebel against God.  Still another of God's seven sons is met with in the story of Tobias in which the great celestial spirit, which had accompanied the young Tobias in human form said, "I am Raphael, one of God's seven sons."  (Tobias 12:15)

      Except for the first created Son of God, the entire spirit world was brought into existence not by direct divine creation, as was God's first-born Son, but was called into being through that Son upon Whom God had conferred creative power.  Just as a human race has the source of its corporeal existence in the first man of that race, so the whole spirit world owes its spiritual physical existence to Immanuel. 

      Humans have inherited only their corporeal bodies from their ancestor through many generations, while their spirits are united with their bodies in every instance without any collaboration on the part of their procreators. 

      The celestial spiritual beings owe their spiritual physical bodies to the Firstling of celestial Creation, to the first-born Son of God, while their spirits, as coming from God, are always joined by God to their spiritual physical bodies.  There are celestial physical bodies and terrestrial physical bodies.  These are two different states of spiritual energy in body form. 

      All spirits receive their shape in what is called the spiritual energy body. 

      This spiritual energy that I speak of comes from God and is found in everything that exists, because it is everything that exists, that has been created. 

      You can understand this better if I give you this analogy.  If you have liquid water, ice, and steam you have the chemicals hydrogen and oxygen, H2O, in different states of existence, and water regardless of which form it's in, is always a spiritual energy form. 

      As in terrestrial Creation, where you find the most widely divergent kinds and orders of living organisms, high and low, each one perfectly designed to fulfill its functions, so too there is a wonderful variety of kinds and orders among the spirits which God has shaped into individuals living through out the vast thirteen spiritual dimensions.  There are human spirits and spirits endowed with celestial bodies, called celestial spirits.  These are the seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominions, virtues, powers, princes, archangels, and angels.  Every one of these types serves God in a great and powerful specific manner. 

      The spirit world created through Immanuel and united with Him in a communion formed a wonderful living organism in which all spirits were members of a spiritual community, although they differed in kind and perfection.  Like the parts of a terrestrial body, which though having different shapes and functions, yet constitute an organic whole in which no part is superfluous while none is independent of the others, the spirit Creation formed a spiritual body of which Immanuel was the head, the other parts being composed of the other spirits.  Every spirit had its allotted task, great or small, but together they all formed one great and glorious unit, in which no spirit was superfluous and in which no spirit worked for itself alone, but in which all collaborated with each other at the wondrous task to be fulfilled by God's Creation.  It was intended that they should share in the labors of God, and consequently, in the happiness and beauty of Him Who had called them into existence, in the glory of God and of Immanuel, their King, Whom God had anointed and appointed. 

      Paul in his epistles constantly refers to the "secret of the body of Immanuel".  He calls this spiritual body, this great communion of spirits, the "church".  The "church" is therefore the communion of spirits loyal to God under the rule of Immanuel.  The word "church" signifies the "rule of the Lord".  Whoever pledges his allegiance to this rule and consequently to God, belongs to the "church".  The true meaning of the word "church" has therefore nothing in common with worldly churches and religious denominations, which are the work of mankind, conceived in human error, and like all of mankind's handiwork, short-lived. 

      What Paul describes as the spiritual body of Immanuel was a literal fact in the spirit-creation.  All spiritual beings brought into existence were members of this great spiritual organization and were subject to Immanuel, its Ruler.  They were, however, under no compulsion, enjoying perfect liberty and being free to follow their own will in all things.  All of them were truly devoted to Him, God's Regent and their King, and through Him to God.  This great spiritual family was closely united in the bonds of truth and love.  Immanuel's rule as God's regent was not that of a despot, but one of brotherly guidance, it was the protecting hand of the strong extended to shield the weak. 

      In view of their freedom of action, which was the highest gift conferred upon the spirits by the Creator, it was possible for them to refuse obedience to the laws of the King Whom God had set over them.  Every created spirit, even the angels, all except Immanuel the first Son of God, can error.  The spirits remain holy only as long as they recognize the authority of God and Immanuel over them and do not by apostasy secede from God's Kingdom. 

      Unhappily, the defection of a large part of this spiritual organization created by God came about through rebellion against Immanuel.  It was not, as the false religions teach, a direct rebellion against God Himself, but against the Regent appointed by Him. 

            This was the First Revolt that took a course more human than you could imagine.  It was an exact counterpart of the revolutions on Earth.  In uprisings on Earth, it is not the physical bodies of the revolutionists which lay the plans and attempt to carry them out, their minds do, and if you follow the origin and history of human revolutions in all their details, you will get a very precise picture of what happened during the first revolt in God's spirit world.


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