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Immanuel, His Life and His Mission






      There is for the followers of Immanuel only one God, the Creator, Who created all spirits, and to Whom we will all return, and there is but one King, Immanuel, through Whom we will return to God. 

      What do you really know about Immanuel?  This question should put words of fire before your eyes!  It should be your duty to not only learn all you possibly can about your Redeemer, but also to proclaim His Teachings to everyone who will listen.  Not only the truth concerning His person, but the truth concerning His Life and His Mission. 

      Who was Immanuel?  Who had He been before He became a man?  Was He God, or only a Son of God?  Was He, born of woman, a person like you in mind and body?  Was He conceived and born like all other people?  As a child, was He obliged to acquire knowledge, as are all children?  Was He compelled to come, step by step, to a recognition of God, and to travel the same road traveled by all seekers of God, in order to learn God's ways and God's will?  Was He exposed to the temptations of evil, and to all of the fateful consequences of His choice, as happens to all of you daily?  Was it possible that He, like the rest of mankind, might succumb to those temptations?  Could He, perchance, like billions of others, be induced by the Powers of Evil to forsake God?  And if He had been sent to redeem humanity, where did the Redemption lie?  What is the explanation of all these correlated questions? 

     In what follows, I will teach you the truths regarding Immanuel's life, and His work of Redemption, as they were taught to me by the spirits of God. 

      You are in search of enlightenment as to the person of Immanuel, His birth as a man, His life, sufferings, and death as a man, and the truth relating to Redemption.  Some of those questions I have already answered by telling you of God's Creation and its later history, as well as of His Plan of Salvation. 

      At that time you were told that Immanuel is the highest of the spirits created by God and the only one to be created directly, that the rest of the spirit world as far as their spiritual "physical" bodies, also known as the soul, are concerned, were created by Immanuel, and together with Him, formed a great spiritual community or kingdom with Immanuel as its Head, as God had willed.  In this kingdom Immanuel was in a sense God's viceroy.  Immanuel Himself was not God, but only the first of God's sons, and owed His power, and His glory and His kingdom to God.  He was but one of God's creatures and as such, not eternal like God.  It was against Immanuel's reign that the revolt of the spirits headed by Lucifer was directed.  After the defection of a part of the spirit world and its fall into the spiritual levels of the Abyss, Immanuel volunteered to bring back the fallen spirits to God's Kingdom in accordance with the Plan of Salvation that God had conceived. 

      Immanuel's work of Redemption was begun immediately after the apostasy of the spirit hosts had occurred.  It was Immanuel Who created the stages of regeneration of which I told you in detail in the course of my teachings on God's Plan of Salvation.  Thereby Immanuel became the creator of the whole material Universe, which forms the ladder for the ascent of the fallen spirits from the Abyss to the heights of God's Kingdom.  From the earliest days, after those spirits had risen to the level of human existence, Immanuel became the leader of mankind, and strove to turn human thoughts, which always tend toward evil towards God.  Opposing Him, the ruling powers of Hell did their utmost to maintain their sway over humanity.  This led to a mighty struggle between Immanuel and Lucifer over the spirits incarnated as human beings, a conflict that forms the main theme of what has been preserved to you in the writings of the Old Testament.  In this conflict Immanuel was supported by the good spirit world under His command, many of the spirits volunteering to become mortals, in order that they might, by preaching the truth and by setting the example of righteous living, lead people to God. 

      One of the celestial spirits whose incarnation on Earth was permitted was Enoch, who proclaimed to his contemporaries the true God and the right path to knowledge of Him.  Moreover, he particularly taught them of communication with God's good spirit world with which he himself was in daily contact, because in his day, almost all people were given to communicating with evil spirits and had been led into idolatry of the most abominable kind and into all manner of depravity. 

      Unfortunately, the result of his efforts was not lasting.  The power of evil was so strong that the nations of those times became addicted to abominations of which you of the present age can form no conception.  The highest of the infernal spirits made use of human deep-trance mediums not only for speaking, but also for purposes of propagation, because just as the spirit of a medium can use his or her body for that purpose, so a strange spirit can enter that body and, through it, propagate.  The corrupt females of the times considered it an honor to be mistreated in this way at the idol worship.  You will find confirmation of this even in the falsified Bible, in the passage relating that the sons of God came in to the daughters of people, and they bare children to them.  The term "sons of God" refers to those spirits that had taken a leading part in the revolt against Him.  These are the same spirits of which Job says, "Now it came to pass on the day when the sons of God came to present themselves before God that Lucifer also came among them."  In this case it is only the apostate sons of God to which the passage refers, because Lucifer, as you know, was the second Son of God.  As rulers of the Kingdom of Darkness, these sons of God are not free to do as they like, but remain subject to God's sovereignty, and are, at times, called to account by Him. 

      The efforts of Immanuel and the world of good spirits to influence the people, who had become corrupted almost without exception, were fruitless.  It was therefore imperative that the whole existing generation be wiped out and replaced by a new one.  The destruction was brought about by the Great Flood, from which only one family in that part of the world, that of Noah, was saved to perpetuate a better humanity on planet Earth.  This happened 10,102 years ago (counting from 1998).  However, very shortly after the passing of the Deluge, evil once more raised its head among Noah's descendants, as exemplified by the cities of Sodom and Gomorra, from which only the family of Lot was saved.  The more widely mankind spread out, the more zealously did people serve the Devil by idol worship and unrighteousness. 

      In order to accomplish His end in spite of the terrible sway of evil over humanity, Immanuel strove, long before His incarnation, to win over at least a small fraction of mankind to the cause of God, a fraction which was to be the bearer of the truth and of the hope of Salvation for later generations.  It was to be the yeast with which the whole mass of humanity would ultimately be leavened, the mustard seed, which in time would grow into the great tree of the truth and the search for God, and gather all mankind under its sheltering branches.  Once this tree had attained a certain growth, the "fullness of time" would have arrived for the Redeemer to descend to Earth as the Son of Man, to complete the last part of His mission of Salvation.  Not until then would it be worth while to build the bridge by which the righteous spirits could cross from Lucifer's realm into the Kingdom of God, even as people do not build bridges unless the number of persons likely to use them warrants their construction. 

      The first to be chosen as the leavening and the mustard seed of the truth and of the hope of Redemption was Abraham, a man of unshakable loyalty to God.  Immanuel communicated with him, at times directly, at times through His spirits, since Abraham himself was an incarnated celestial spirit with many spirits serving him. 

      His devotion to God was soon put to a severe test, as is the case with all to whom God thinks of entrusting a particularly important mission.  When you build a railroad bridge to be used by freight and passenger trains, you also test its bearing capacity before opening the bridge to traffic.  If it fails to meet these tests it is strengthened, and if even then it proves unsafe, it is condemned and a new bridge is built.  In this way, God proceeds in the case of humans selected to fulfill tasks of importance to His Kingdom.  If their power to endure fails under His tests, and if His efforts to strengthen them are futile, they are put aside as unfit, and others are taken in their places.  It often happens that people otherwise fit for God's great ends must be discarded because of disqualifying defects for which they themselves are responsible, but which they persist in retaining.  Many are called, but few are chosen. 

      Great was the test to which Abraham was put when he was commanded to sacrifice his son, because, "he that loves his father or mother, his brother or sister, his son or daughter, or his friend more than God", is not worthy of performing God's great work. 

      Greatly tried though he was, Abraham proved steadfast, and was rewarded with God's promise, " . . . because you have done this thing, and have not withheld your only son, in blessing I will bless you, and in multiplying I will multiply your seed as the stars of the heavens, and as the sand which is upon the seashore, and in your seed will all the nations of the Earth be blessed."  By the seed mentioned in this promise is not meant Abraham's human progeny, because even had this embraced all the nations of the Earth it would not have equaled in numbers "the stars of the heavens and the sand which is upon the seashore".  However, God does not exaggerate, and what He says is always literally true.  Abraham's seed was spiritual and would ultimately embrace all of the fallen spirits, in the sense that his truth of God and his devotion to Him would little by little extend to all who had forsaken God.  It would not have proved a blessing to Abraham had he had a countless human progeny that eventually might fall into evil ways.  As a matter of fact, in later days whole generations of Abraham's descendants turned to the worship of idols. 

      Abraham's human seed of the second generation, Jacob and his sons, were led into Egypt, where they were to settle in the fertile land of Goshen, there to become a great nation, isolated from the idolatrous inhabitants of Egypt, and free to uphold the truth.  But long continued worldly prosperity always endangers a nation's faithfulness to God, Who then permitted the Hebrews, as Abraham's descendants had come to be known, to be savagely oppressed by the Pharaohs and to be held in rigorous servitude by them. 

      It was not God Who instigated Pharaoh to pursue this course, but the Powers of Evil which had realized that the Hebrew nation, as the bearer of the truth, was a dangerous weapon in Immanuel's hands and might be used by Him against them.  For this reason, its destruction was determined upon, and since this end was not being accomplished by the forced labor which the Hebrews were compelled to perform, the demoniacal powers suggested their extermination to the Pharaoh by the simplest and at the same time the most effective method.

Every Hebrew male child was to be killed at birth. 

            As a justification for this measure, the Powers of Hell had filled the King's mind with the thought that the Hebrews within his dominions, having already waxed strong in numbers, might become a source of danger by allying themselves with the enemies of Egypt.  Evil well knows how to attack people, and the rulers of people in particular, at their weakest point, which with a King is always a fear that his throne is in peril.  Pharaoh fell a ready easy victim to the insinuations of the sly Evil Ones, and began the slaughter of all of the newborn Hebrew male infants.  According to Pharaoh's evil plan, this measure would have resulted in the extinction of every Hebrew man within a comparatively short period, and when this had been brought about, the Hebrew women having become the wives or slaves of Egyptians, would have been absorbed by that race, and like it, fallen into idolatry.  In this way with one blow all the efforts of Immanuel and His spirit world to provide for human upholders of the truth would have been nullified. 


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