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Excerpt from Chapter Eight
of the Book

Spiritual Teachings and Universal Truths

Copyright (c) 1998 by Raphael. All rights reserved.

Mediums and Clairvoyants







      I will now continue to instruct you in those things that take place in the communication with the spirit world.  You may think that what you read here is something quite new and unheard of.  It is as old as humanity.  From the days of the first humans down to the present, the spirit world has communicated with mankind.  That is true of both the good spirit world and the evil.  You, of course, have read often enough in the ancient texts that people call the Old Testament that God spoke to the people of those times.  God spoke to Adam, Cain, Isaac, Abraham and Jacob, to Moses and to many others.  How do you think He did this?  You know that God is a spirit and that spirits have no lips of flesh or vocal chords to allow them to speak after the manner of men and women.  How then, did God speak to these people? 

      As you know, mankind has various means of communicating with people at a distance.  We write letters, telephone or send telegraphs, and lately we have made use of even the ether-waves through radio and television.  Like-wise, the world of spirits, which is separated from you materially, has various ways of communicating with you by means perceptible to your senses. 

      Do not think that communication with the spirits ceased in the early days of the Christian era, as many of the religions ask you to believe.  On the contrary, it should and it will always continue, because it is the only way in which we can learn the truth about God and His Creation. 

      It is true that it rests with the people themselves whether or not they obtain communication with the spirits of God.  Even in the days before Immanuel there were times when this communication ceased almost entirely.  Those were the times of estrangement from God.  Today, the people, in spite of the many temples and churches that they build, have to a great extent fallen away from God and into the power of the Evil Ones.  Whenever mankind again draws as close to God as it was in the days before Immanuel and in those of the early part of His era, all those things that to you seem so strange and which are recorded as having happened then will be repeated, because the God of today is also the God of Old.  He loves His creatures as dearly now as He loved them then, and before Him we are all equal. 

      Do not worry if you do not understand everything concerning communication with the spirit world in the beginning.  The subject is still quite new to most of you and there are many points that will take time to grasp.  But little by little you will come to understand them all. 

      It is the same way with scientific inventions and discoveries; at first a newly discovered fact is considered impossible and its discoverer as mentally abnormal.  Years later the same discovery is universally admitted, and regarded as obvious.  How many people two hundred years ago could have conceived of airplanes, telegraph, telephone, let alone radio, television and computers?  Had anyone then predicted that the time would come when mankind could fly through the air, speak with distant places and listen, in his own home, to a concert being given thousands of miles away, he would not have been taken seriously.  And it is precisely the scientists who would have scoffed the most at any such possibilities. 

      You are here being told and many of you will see for yourself that the spirit world can communicate with mankind, as soon as the necessary conditions have been fulfilled.  Most people will not believe this, just as formerly they did not believe in the possibility of what today are commonplaces. 

      So too, most scientists now refuse to accept that the spirit world is able to enter into your lives in a manner perceptible to your senses.  And yet, even today there are thousands of occurrences that those very scientists can verify as indisputable facts, and what is more, as facts which can be ascribed only to intervention by the spirit world.  But scientists seek other causes for these occurrences, and ask you to accept the most senseless and incredible explanations to account for "human agencies" behind these occurrences, so that they themselves need not acknowledge the existence of a spirit world and a Beyond.  Some of them take this position because they deny a future life, others, because as scientists they lack the courage to admit the intervention of spirits, although inwardly convinced that it exists.  They are afraid that their professional reputations will suffer in consequence. 

      But the time is coming when scientists will be forced to admit that both spirit worlds, the good and the evil, intervene visibly and perceptibly in your lives and your fortunes, and do so in an infinite number of ways. 

      You must not be surprised if you are considered today as not quite normal if you announce that you believe that communication with the spirit world is possible.  

      It is also completely absurd that the various religious denominations should refuse to admit the possibility of the intervention of the spirit world and of its communication with mankind today, or why, if they do admit it, they contend that it can be only the evil spirit world which manifests itself in present times.  Any such attitude is totally indefensible, because if it is impossible for spirits to reach you today, it was equally impossible in the past, and all Biblical accounts of communication with spirits must be relegated to the realm of myth. 

      If, on the other hand, now it is only evil spirits which can make their presence known to you, then the same was true formerly.  That means that all beliefs based on either the Old or the New Testament would fall to the ground, because they certainly claim to have received their religious truths and laws from spirits.  If, then, good spirits were able to visit mankind in the past, there is no reason for doubting that they are able to do so today as well, because the same God Who sent the spirits then, sends them today.  Just as He tried then to guide mankind upon the right path, so does He today. 

      Or do you think that you are no longer in need of any advice and guidance from God's spirits?  Do you think you are better and wiser than the people of Old, and that you possess all the truth there is? 

     In the days when people sought after God from their hearts and minds, their communication with His spirit world was a direct one.  Each individual possessed by Nature most of the qualifications needed for such communication.  His or her own spirit, attuned to lofty and divine thoughts, was capable of receiving messages from the spirit world through a spiritual sense of sight, hearing and feeling.  This was what is called today "clairvoyance", "clairaudience", and "clairsentience".  No intermediaries were needed for the messages sent from the Hereafter. 

      These gifts disappeared as mankind fell away from God and began to devote all its thought and care to worldly things.  In their reckless race after money and other worldly goods, people forgot God.  This not only weakened the communication with the good spirit world, but also brought about the disappearance of those gifts that had made it possible.  Today the majority of mankind goes so far as to ridicule and disbelieve altogether the possibility of such communication.  There are relatively few people today who possess the gifts in question and who are in touch with the world of good spirits after the manner of the God-fearing folks of old. 

      But the time is coming when things will again be as they were in this respect, that is to say, when each individual can communicate by spiritual sight and hearing with the spirits. 

      Until that time, however, those who still believe in God may converse with spirits through another channel and many who do not believe may witness the workings of the spirit world with their corporeal senses and thereby be aroused to return to a belief in the Almighty and in survival after the death of the body. 

     For this purpose God has given mankind of today the so-called mediums.  The meaning of this term has already been made clear to you, but since a correct understanding of the nature of mediums is among the most important points connected with spiritual communication, I must not fail to instruct you minutely in this particular.  In so doing I will confine myself to discussing human mediums, omitting those cases in which animals may serve as such. 

      Mediums are intermediaries or human instruments employed by the spirit world to make itself manifest to mankind.  Inasmuch as the spirits require spiritual energy power for this purpose, mediums are people who serve the spirit world as sources of spiritual energy power. 

      It is chiefly their own spiritual energy which mediums surrender to the spirits manifesting themselves.  The mediums are however at the same time collecting the spiritual energy liberated by the non-mediums in attendance at the so-called spiritualistic sťances.  Exactly as sometimes happens in building an aqueduct, when the water from the main spring is supplemented by that of many smaller springs, so the medium's capacity to supply spiritual energy is increased by his collecting within himself the feebler spiritual energy power of the other persons present.  While all people possess spiritual energy power, in most cases this is too closely bound to the body to be surrendered readily, because of this it is not available to the spirit world in adequate strength. 

      People qualified to function as mediums are highly sensitive.  This means that because of the ease with which they can part with their spiritual energy, the impressions made upon them are deeper than in the case of other people.  This is not a morbid condition as scientists think, and has no relation with nervousness, hysteria or lack of will power; on the contrary, good spirits cannot use nervous, uncertain nor sick persons as mediums.  A good medium must have more will power, stronger nerves and better physical health than the average person. 

      Mediums are divided into different groups according to the purpose for which their spiritual energy power is employed by the spirit world. 


The Different Types of Mediums



      (1.) If this power is used to raise or lower a table or to cause the same to emit raps, the medium employed in this connection is called a medium for table communication.  The rising and falling or the rapping of the table is used as a sign language for obtaining messages from the spirit world.  This is the lowest form of spiritual communication, because the spirits which appear at table tipping sťances are almost without exception those of a low order. 

      Spirits of the superior kind do not select this way in which to manifest themselves, therefore it happens that at such gatherings the low spirits which appear often carry on much mischief, occasionally assisted by the tricks of the spectators.  Unfortunately, table tipping with its manifestations that are either ridiculous or false, does much to discredit the higher forms of spiritual communication.  Seekers after God and lovers of the truth will shun communication of this kind and choose only those methods that are worthy of the high ends in view. 

     (2.) Whenever messages from the spirit world are written down by a person, people speak of him as a writing medium.  The manner in which the writing is accomplished differs widely in the case of the various writing mediums.  In one instance the thoughts may be inspired into the medium and written down by him, for this reason he is sometimes known as an "inspirational medium".  Another's hand may be guided at the same time that the words he writes are inspired into his mind.  All the while he is fully conscious of his actions.  Contemporaneous inspiration is necessary in those cases in which the medium offers strong resistance to the guidance of his hand.  Others again know only that they are writing, but are quite ignorant of what they write down.

      Others write in a state of complete unconsciousness, they know neither that they are writing nor what they are writing. 

      Sometimes one medium will write in several of the ways I have described. 

     Direct writing, as it is called, is entirely different from the writing done by mediums, being produced by the spirit itself, which makes use of the spiritual energy force only of the medium and not of the latter's hand.  By means of the spiritual energy which it takes from the medium the spirit materializes its own hand and with it writes upon a surface like a sheet of paper, a slate or something similar with which the medium does not come into contact.  The amount of spiritual energy required for this method is much greater than when the medium's hand is used in writing. 

      There are two references in the Bible to direct writing, with both you are of course familiar.  The tablets bearing the Ten Commandments were written on Mount Sinai by the actual hand of God as related in the books of Moses, "The tablets were the work of God, the writing inscribed on the tablets being God's own writing."  (Exodus 32:16)

      When King Belshazzer made a great feast to his lords and drank from the sacred vessels which his father had taken from the temple which was in Jerusalem and praised the gods of gold and of silver and of brass, Daniel wrote, "that very hour the fingers of a man's hand appeared writing on the plaster of His royal palace opposite the lampstand.  The king saw the palm of the hand as it wrote."  (Daniel 5:5)

      The medium's hand may also be used for drawing or for painting, rather than for writing.  In such cases the mediums are designated accordingly, the general process being the same as in writing. 

     (3.) There is another class of what might be called writing mediums, namely the planchette mediums.  A "planchette" is a slab of wood, metal or other material upon which are marked the letters of the alphabet, figures and other symbols.  The surface of the planchette is smooth, so that an object may readily be slid upon it.  The medium, who retains his full consciousness, lays his hand on some object provided at its tip with a pointer, which rests upon the slab.  He now waits until the object moves so that the pointer will touch a letter.  It indicates, one after another, a series of letters which when put together will spell out words and sentences. 

      The planchette-medium sits with his eyes closed or, better still, blindfolded, so that he cannot see the letters himself, since otherwise he would be prone to assist the motion of his hand and in this way to record his own thoughts.  

      The most famous of all planchettes was the Breastplate on the robe of the High Priest of the old Hebrew religion, who himself was a medium. 

      In the modern version of the Bible this Breastplate is referred to as the "Breastplate of Judgment", because it was used by the Israelites when they desired that God's judgment be revealed to them.  It was in the shape of a square and consisted of four rows of precious stones, the first row being composed of a sardius, a topaz and a carbuncle, the second of an emerald, a sapphire and a diamond, the third of a jacinth, an agate and amethyst, and the fourth of a beryl, an onyx and a jasper.  (Exodus 39:8)

      On each stone was engraved a character, standing for one of the names of the twelve tribes of Israel, a kind of alphabet being in this way formed. 

      The reason why precious stones were used was because they possess spiritual energy power to a high degree and in this way strengthened the High Priest's hand.  Between the stones was a wide, smooth, groove of gold having no sharp corners or edges.  A part of the equipment was the plate of pure gold worn upon the mitre (headdress), and engraved with the words, HOLY TO THE LORD.  This was fastened to the mitre with a lace of blue, and was the most important of the objects used in consulting the Lord.  It wore its inscription with good reason.  (Exodus 39:30,31)

      Whenever invoking God for counsel, the High Priest untied the lower edge of the Breastplate from the ephod and brought the Breastplate into a horizontal position. 

            He then removed the engraved plate of gold or the diadem from the mitre and laid it into a groove between the precious stones, and then he extended his hand over the Breastplate, without touching either it or the diadem that rested upon it.  His great spiritual energy power was used by God's spirits to set the golden diadem in motion.  It glided along the grooves, touching with a small eyelet by which it was fastened to the mitre, those stones whose characters were to be joined into a word in the order in which the stones were touched.  When a word had in this way been spelled out, the diadem glided to the right edge of the Breastplate where it struck a small bell, to indicate that the word was completed.  At the end of a sentence, the diadem slid first to the right and then to the left side of the Breastplate, striking the bells there in succession.  This double signal indicated the conclusion of a sentence.  In this way all possibility of error was eliminated, since no character belonging to one word could be transposed to an adjoining word, nor could an entire word be transposed from one sentence to another.

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