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Ancient Civilizations on Earth & Mars

The following pages have photographic proof to any open-minded, logical and intelligent person that ancient civilizations existed on Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, as well as on Mars millions of years ago. 

Atlantis and Mu

Not only was there a technologically advanced continent of Atlantis in the area of the world which is today the Atlantic Ocean, but also one called Mu in the Pacific Ocean area with whom the Atlanteans co-existed until inevitable human conflicts caused by greed and the desire to rule interfered. The sudden destruction of Atlantis came about in a brief but violent war that also destroyed Mu. Scientists from Mu actually mounted a propulsion system on an asteroid, and on a suicide mission, piloted it down towards Atlantis. Just prior to this, a sudden devastating attack from Atlantis had killed all the inhabitants who couldn't flee in time and virtually melted the surface of the land of Mu. However, as the asteroid entered the Earth's atmosphere above Atlantis at very high speed, it began to break into many pieces which attained tremendous temperatures due to the friction of entry.

These huge, hot chunks rained down upon the continent, hitting it with such force as to crack the earth's crust in many places, causing the Atlantean land mass to sink into the ocean, amid great quakes and eruptions.  Satellite photographs have revealed huge indentations, as if made from the impact of giant rocks, off the coast of the eastern seaboard of the U.S. in an area that was a part of Atlantis. 

Remember, if you have any doubts concerning the facts presented in these pages or anything in this web site, you must do your own investigation. You cannot rely on governments, scientists, religions, or universities for the truth. There exist many government cover-ups and religious conspiracies to withhold the facts concerning many important subjects from you. 

Never doubt this fact; If you seek the truth you will find it. This is God's promise. Who can stop God from revealing the truth to you?


From Chapter 18, Predictions for 2003 and Beyond, of the book 
Spiritual Teachings and Universal Truths by Raphael:

"8. Ancient Human Civilizations on Mars.

1. Artifacts from an ancient civilization on Mars will be found. Entire cities with pyramids, gigantic monuments, stations connected with space travel and many other structures containing ancient records will be found. All this will be discovered in the very near future, and Earth humans will use many of the structures when they visit Mars.

2. These discoveries on Mars will be the evidence that will, with an incredible surge of fear, collapse the false history of Earth humans, and the incredibly absurd and idiotic notion that Earth humans are the only human life form in the Universe. Many uninformed and closed-minded deniers of truth will finally realize that our galaxy and universe are filled with human kind. This will eventually unite all of Earth's mankind into one global community."

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Click these links below for photos of ancient artifacts:

1. Nasca Peru

2. Easter Island

3. The face and monuments on Mars among ancient city ruins

4. The Mars to Peru Monument Connection

5. Giza pyramids and Sphinx, Egypt

6. Teotihuacan, Mexico

7. Atlantis, Bimini

8. Chichén Itzá, Yucatan, Mexico



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