Most of you are prone to oppose any innovation that conflicts with your traditional views.  Custom is one of the strongest of all forces in the life of the individual, as in that of a nation.  For this reason people cling so closely to habits and customary practices handed down to them by their parents and observed by them from childhood up. 

    This is particularly true of anything related to the religion of your ancestors.  Whatever a child's parents hold up to him or her as sacred and divine, whatever they practice as a religious duty and inculcate to the child as such, is difficult to eradicate completely, and even though most of you in adult life do not conduct your lives in entire accordance with your early teachings, you continue to regard them as something to be held in veneration, as something of which you should stand in awe, and which you are not ready to discard, outwardly at least.

    This power of customs and traditions is the greatest enemy of truth in all fields and particularly in that of spiritual matters, not only discouraging you from seeking the truth by your own efforts, but driving you instinctively to reject without further investigation anything that may conflict with your previous ideas.  For this there is only one remedy, a personal investigation and witnessing of the truth. 

    You must change your way of thinking and seek God and His truth in the way He has designed, which is direct communication with His spiritual messengers.  My own experiences with respect to the truths related in this book were not different. 

    My parents' worldly religion had taught me that there was a God and a spirit world of some sort and of so much I was convinced, but the fact that communication perceptible to the human senses could be established with that spirit world conflicted with the doctrines of that church.  Yet at the same time, some of my family members, especially my mother, taught me that it was possible to communicate clearly and intelligently with disincarnate spirits.  This also had been a practice of my ancestors for thousands of years. 

    In my youth, my mother would regularly visit a woman who cured with herbs and was a full-trance medium.  She was a lady from Mexico who was considered wise and holy.  I began visiting her with my mother at the age of seven.  For the next several years I witnessed this lady, whose name was Conchita, accomplish some very great things.  She cured illnesses that doctors said were incurable.  She communicated with the spirits of the relatives of many people, helping these people in numerous ways and through her wisdom and holy ways led many people to God.  Her truth, knowledge, wisdom and love were powerful to demonstrate that the ways of God were vastly better than the ways of the world and the Spiritual Powers of Darkness. 

    Consequently, when I began to investigate matters that were connected with spirit messages, I was inwardly convinced that I would be able to succeed without much effort.  True, I realized that any such investigation could be conclusive only if conducted on the same scientific principles as those that must be applied in all fields if the truth is to be discovered, namely, in the light of the Laws of Cause and Effect, which are valid in all things and admit of no exception. 

    An effect without a corresponding cause is unthinkable in any field.  Therefore, wherever thoughts are spoken clearly and distinctly, there must be a producer of these thoughts, a thinking ego. 

    If human beings speak thoughts which are and always have been unfamiliar to them, if they speak and write in foreign languages whose very sound they have never heard before, then it cannot be their own egos which are the cause of the effect produced.  This is all the more true if the speaking and writing are done during a state of complete unconsciousness, it being contrary to all reason to believe that a person in that condition can speak rationally for hours on the most difficult subjects and answer and discuss all questions and side issues in an intelligent manner.  Still less would an unconscious person be able to speak and to write in a language that they had never heard or studied.  In a case of this kind you cannot accept the ego of the person in question as the producer of such messages and are driven to assume the presence of some other thinking entity which employs that person's body as an instrument for speech and writing.  This conclusion is inescapable, even if you apply the principles of the exact sciences. 

    If, furthermore, these thinking entities, invisible to your eyes, assure you again and again that they are discarnate spirits, or from a different planet, and if they give you a circumstantial account of the laws which enable them to communicate with mankind, you have the means of testing the truth of their statements.  You need only to fulfill the conditions that according to them are required for communicating with you. 

    If now it develops that subject to the observance of the said conditions, communication with these entities actually does occur and what is more, everywhere and in every case, these communications are as undeniable as is the fact that by the observance of certain laws you can receive radio or television messages from places far from you.  The validity of the laws is the same in both instances. 

    The laws governing transmission by radio and television were not created in modern times, they are as old as the Universe, but they have been re-discovered only recently.  So too the laws governing communication between the spirit world or human extraterrestrials and mankind have always existed and are not even a recent discovery, but have been known to people all over the world and of every millennium and were used by them for communicating with these entities.

    The truth of the matter is that every human being can speak with the good spirit world if that person is of a serious state of mind, and seeks this communication in the manner described in this book. 

    The one thing that everyone derives from communication with good spirits is instruction as to the right path leading to God.  What that person learns is the truth.  Whether or not any further exertions are made on this person's behalf by God's spirits depends in each case on whether the individual lives his life in accordance with the truth imparted, and to what extent this is done.  Whoever merely accepts the truth as it is laid down by the spirit world but fails to act accordingly, will receive no further spiritual gifts.  On the contrary this person will lose even the contact that was established at first with the good spirits, who will cease the communications altogether.  But whoever receives the truth within and strives to reconstruct their inner life in conformity with it, will give evidence of the efforts of the spirits on their behalf such as was found among the early Christians, and each case, to correspond with the individual's task in life.  Even among the early Christians not everyone possessed the same spiritual gifts, nor were the several gifts bestowed for the sole purpose of benefiting their recipients, but they were to be used for the general good of all. 

    Today also the smallest community of godly and devout men and women will receive the same gifts from the spirits of God that were received by the first followers of Immanuel.  The only condition imposed is that we strive with strength and force for the good and reject all evil.  Whether the group is large or small will never affect the activities of the spirit world of God.

    Among "Christians" today there are primarily two kinds of people of radically different creeds: on the one hand Catholics, who venerate saints and relics, who attribute cures and blessings to saints, who celebrate Mass and regard confession to a priest essential to the forgiveness of sins, who believe in transubstantiation, and hold staunchly to all other teachings of their church, especially the other absurd sacraments; and on the other hand the Protestants, whose creed is diametrically opposed to the Catholics, who categorically repudiate the adoration of saints and relics, the Mass and communion, the Catholic form of confession and absolution, Popery and everything connected with the Pope, as not ordained by God, but as the offspring of evil influences and human error, but have their own colossal load of fantasies and fallacies as described in this book.  And yet God will use individuals of either of these two types of "Christians" as instruments for the delivery of mankind from sin and Lucifer, and for guiding them back to the Home of the Eternal Father, if He through His good spirit world enlightens these individuals as to the profound errors of their religious views and informs them of the truth, and this can be done without great difficulty.

    In the case of my own experiences in communicating with the spirit world, as in that of a thousand others including numerous scientific investigators, illusion, hallucination and similar deceptions of the senses, did not enter into the picture in any way.  The occurrences witnessed were of a purely objective kind.  For my own part I was in full possession of my senses while observing and testing the things I witnessed and everything proceeded in relative ease. 

    I have the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.  I am a professional astrologer.  I am also blessed with good health and steady nerves.  All of these helped my personal investigations greatly.  Yet anyone without these gifts and attributes can easily establish communication with the spirit world if the laws set down in this book are faithfully followed.

    I began my observations of the activity of the spirit world at the age of seven, and I began my spiritual work at the age of eighteen.  After more than twenty-five years of spiritual work, I am very familiar with the ups and downs of human existence.  I have seen innumerable cases of symptoms of hysteria, extreme nervousness, insanity, epilepsy and similar mental conditions over the years, but what I have seen and learned in connection with spiritual communication as explained in this book, is something totally different, something that had not even the remotest resemblance to the symptoms of the psychic abnormalities mentioned above. 

        The reflection that I had my spiritual progress at stake was in itself enough to compel me to conduct my observations and investigations with the utmost seriousness and conscientiousness.  As a spiritually minded person, I held a view which relieved me from all worldly ambitions for the rest of my life, and it requires no proof to show that no one will surrender such ambitions without the knowledge of a spiritual life, but surrender them you must, if the things that you learn through communication with the spirit world or human extraterrestrials should prove to be true. 

    These truths will be in conflict with the doctrines of your "religion" and the worldly views of your family and friends.  Yet it is your duty as the guardian of their souls to wisely and logically introduce these truths to them so they too can choose to accept them or not. 

    There is one more thing that I wish to say to the reader of this book, in answer to the question whether it is imperative that everyone should strive to enter into communication with God's spirit world in the manner herein described.  It is.  Whoever believes in God and relies upon Him, whoever obeys God's Will and His Commandments, will come to the logical conclusion after reading and studying this book that it is your duty to establish communication with His good spirit world, and whoever has any doubt as to God's existence, whoever wishes to be assured whether or not the doctrines of their religion are true, whoever seeks enlightenment upon the great questions involving the Here and the Hereafter, can learn the truth only by communicating with God's good spirits.

    Who will be my student, my friend, and walk with me on the road to God?  Who will assist me in presenting the spiritual truths to the world?  Who will walk with God everyday of your life?  Who will rid himself/herself of intellectual arrogance, false teachings and religious confinement?  Who will learn the truth, love and serve God, and assist me in changing the world into a world under His Law and His truth?  A world of harmony and prosperity, where war, crime, disease, poverty and injustice are unknown, a world united under God.  A world where all love God and humanity more than the self, instead of a world where self-interest makes every human an enemy to every other.  Who desires to be a true saint, a truly spiritual person, and a spiritual servant of our Creator and mankind?  Who has the courage to stand up against the evil spiritual powers and their human agents?  I hope and pray that you choose to be one of God's good children, one who chooses the truth and God instead of the lies and evil powers that dominate the world today. 

    To arrive at a firm conviction with regard to your relationship with God and the good spirits should be an unshakable goal of every person.  Holy is the person whose conscience does not rebuke him. 

    Ultimately each human has only two life path choices, either to serve God or to serve the self, and to serve yourself is to serve Satan.




Raphael Rey


September, 1998

Florida, USA

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