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the church of The Children of God


Please donate to the worldwide dissemination of the true teachings of the true Christianity and to the survival of true Christians from WWIII including the nuclear war and its aftermath.

If you are a wealthy man or woman who has read the material on this website and agree with it consider the following:

1.  It is your spiritual duty to God and humanity to help in this work.

2.  It is spiritually correct to share your wealth.

3.  Your money will be worthless once the governments of the world fall and especially after the nuclear war.

4.  Nuclear bomb shelters are very expensive to build and will be necessary for the righteous people to survive nuclear attack.

5.  Nuclear bomb shelters will also serve as safe houses for computers that will contain many great works of science, literature and art.

"What is important in life and for your spiritual record is not what you do for yourself 

but instead what you do for others."

"The only purpose of life is spiritual progress, which is accomplished by seeking truth, finding it, living it and sharing it, and thereby eventually earning a place 

in the highest spiritual level, which is called Heaven."


"Anyone who is living their life with a materialistic mentality, thinking that acquiring money and spending it are the most important parts of life, and only being concerned 

with worldly affairs, is wasting a lifetime."


"You must have a spiritual mentality in order to seek truth, find it, live it and share it. For many of you this means you must change your way of thinking about life 

and seek a spiritual education."


I am asking all sincere seekers of truth who read the teachings in this web site and in 

Spiritual Teachings & Universal Truths, and accept them as truth from God, to donate funds to the church of The Children of God.

Through this new worldwide church millions of people of all nations will study and learn the true and pure teachings of Immanuel, the Son of God, (the man erroneously known as Jesus Christ) that have come to us from, and will continue to come from, the spirits of God through holy mediums. These teach what is necessary for spiritual progress, and how as a good and powerful spiritual being you can return to the Kingdom of God. This new way of life that you will learn will be truly Christian in the way Immanuel taught.

Also, many new truths which Immanuel chose not to teach during his lifetime will be taught to us by the holy spirits that He will send.

It is always spiritually correct to use all of your finances, other than providing for your necessities and the necessities of others, for the dissemination of spiritual truth.  Anyone who fails to do this of their own free will, especially at this very important time of history, is a spiritual failure and unfortunately will suffer the consequences of this selfish act.  So remember and consider seriously your spiritual record, your place in Heaven, your love and compassion for mankind, and donate as much as you can.


What the entire world needs today more than anything else is spiritual truth and love, but truth must always come first because without truth love is misdirected.  Correct love comes forth from the understanding and cooperation that spiritual truth and wisdom provide.


The Objectives of the church of The Children of God

(1.)  To start a new world religion called The Children of God.

(2.)  To disseminate the spiritual truth and wisdom of God throughout the world as taught to us by Immanuel and the good spirits through holy mediums.

(3.)  To maintain communications with the good spirits, the messengers of God, through holy mediums and clairvoyants.

(4.)  To establish a Spiritual Center where people of all nations can come and learn the true spiritual teachings of Immanuel and therefore teachings of the one true God.

(5.)  To produce a television and radio show where the Spiritual Teachings and Universal Truths are presented to the world.

(6.)  To provide the necessities of life which include: food, shelter, clothing, transportation, education, health care, and recreation for any and all humans in need of these around the world.

(7.)  To help as many true Christians survive WWIII and its aftermath.

We are against:

  • Discrimination against women.
  • Any abuse of children.
  • Abortion.
  • Capital punishment.
  • Racism.
  • Abuse of animals.
  • Any pollution of our planet.
  • Greed and the love of money.
  • Control and exploitation for financial profit.
  • War, except for true self-defense.
  • Homosexuality or any other sexual perversion.
  • Allopathic medicine.
  • False religious cults and their false teachings.
  • Economic class system.


Who will assist me in presenting the spiritual truths to the world?  Who will walk with God everyday of your life?  Who will rid himself/herself of intellectual arrogance, false teachings and religious confinement?  Who will learn the truth, love and serve God, and assist me in changing the world into a world under His Law and His truth?  A world full of truth, harmony and prosperity, where war, crime, disease, poverty and injustice are unknown, a world united under God.  Who desires to be a true saint, a truly spiritual person, and a spiritual servant of our Creator and mankind?  Who has the courage to stand up against the evil spiritual powers and their human agents.  I hope and pray that you choose to be one of God's good children, one who chooses the truth and God instead of the lies and evil powers that dominate the world today. 

When you decide to become one of God's holy servants, devoting your life to Him, and choose to assist me in this worldwide presentation of the spiritual truths that I teach in this web site and in Spiritual Teachings and Universal Truths, please email any relevant communications.  

Also, if you are financially able to, send a donation of any size to the church of The Children of God, using PayPal, please click below and follow the directions.  Thank you.



Thank you,

In the light and truth of God,

Peace and Divine love to you,


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