Donna's Near Death Experience


Dear Raphael,

Good to hear from you. I hope all is well in your world. The following is the story of my near death experience.

In 1974, at the age of 25, I had to undergo a surgical procedure. The doctor made a mistake, cut an artery, and I lost too much blood to sustain life. My spirit or soul exited my body and circled above it. I noticed that the doctors and nurses were upset, and were working desperately to save me. I tried to tell them to relax, that I was okay, but they ignored me. Frustrated, I flew higher, away from my body, and a brilliant white light encompassed me.

The Light began answering all of my questions about life, even some that were very insignificant but had concerned me, such as, "Why did my Aunt Betty marry my Uncle Fred?" The Light was like a caring host who anticipates and joyfully fulfills the needs of his guests. I felt enormously comforted, very loved, in the most tender way. The farther up I flew, the brighter the Light.

I heard a nurse say, "We're losing her." At that point, I shot up to the ceiling. I looked to my left and saw a cherub flying waist-high beside me. On my right was his exact twin. I knew they were called Escort Angels and that they had come to take me home. I tried to leave the room at the corner of the ceiling, but they conveyed to me, through mental telepathy, that I couldn't go until I did "something." I remembered that I had to look at the body before I could abandon it. I glanced down at the woman on the table, saw that she was in very good health, and had the thought, "This isn't serious enough." Immediately, I reentered my body through the navel.

The pain was horrible. I could feel the doctor's fingers inside my body, searching for the vessel that had to be repaired. I looked up at the ceiling to see my angels fly through the wall, and I became emotionally distraught and terribly homesick. I was also embarrassed, as I had forgotten to thank the angels for coming to get me.

Years later, whenever I thought about my lack of good manners, I cringed inside. One day, I heard one of the angels say, "Why don't you thank us now?" I laughed, relieved that I could right a wrong. In my mind I said, "Thank you," and I saw my angels dance in celebration.

Since then, I've had a satori experience and multiple encounters with the spiritual realm. I founded the Baltimore Angels, which is a group dedicated to the study of spirituality, have written two books about angels, and am writing another one. In my next book, I want to include information that will be pertinent to the needs of my readers. Queen Esther, one of my Master Teachers, said, "Know the curiosities of the people." I'm in search of such knowledge. What do the people need to know to get them through the coming years? How can they best prepare for the afterlife?

Although I want very much to go "home," I feel that my work on Earth is not finished. I've been told that I am to rewrite the 14 holy books that were lost in the Mayan civilization. I contacted you because I found your writings to be truthful, and I am seeking truth. Also, I am interested in your prophecies about the future.

If it will help in any way, you have permission to use the story of my NDE. Today, I will mail you a copy of my book, "When Angels Speak," as a small token of my gratitude. It contains a brief version of my experience. I hope to hear from you again.

Bless you for your good works,

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