Ellen's Near Death Experience


I was admitted to the hospital for a routine repeat C-section. I recall being put under and deep sleep...other words, no recollections.  Then, I heard the anesthesiologist calling out my blood pressure.  His voice was calm and deliberate.  

Suddenly, I materialized at the ceiling, to the right of my
body.  I saw my body and knew it was mine.  I saw the surgeon.  He was listening to some country western music, and suturing my body, beginning from the left he was progressing to the right.  He was Asian and I found it
interesting his choice of music. Everything was in color.  I looked at the body several times and knew it was mine but I felt complete objectivity with it.  I asked (within my own thoughts) if I was hungry or need anything, no.  
It was wonderful where I was!  I had no problems or cares. Listening to the dropping blood pressure, I knew the body was going to die if I did not return; it was not a concern of mine. Then, I heard the following: "25..."

Suddenly, I was plunged downward, almost like being sucked into some vortex.  Everything was black.  There was absolutely no light.  After a while, I saw a distant light.  I was curious about the light.  I felt myself being moved
steadily forward toward the light.  When I was about 30-50 feet away, I noticed the light appeared to be flames coming from inside a doorway.  There was a dark, ominous figure to the right of the outer doorframe.  He appeared evil.  His right hand kept beckoning me inward in kind of a rolling hand motion.  I became very afraid. Sounds like soul wrenching screams (not screams of pain, but screams of the soul) emitted from the fire behind him.  I tried to pull back but discovered I could not.  

On either side of me, there appeared "soul-guides."  Their guidance provided the energy that kept me moving forward. I continued to try to pull back but discovered, as I had no physical form, I had nothing to pull back with.  I felt like a huge magnet was steadily pulling me into the room/the fire. I started screaming, "Let me die."  I knew I was talking about the impossible; I was asking to let my soul die. 
Repeatedly, I screamed, "Let me die," as it was preferable to entering the doorway.  I knew I was back in my body but I did not want to be there.  I wanted to be in the first place above everything.  The doctors and nurses were shaking me
and calling me by name.  Now, I think, I had a voice.  I kept calling out, let me die.  I could hear the sounds in the room and knew they were trying to revive me, wanted me to return.  Finally, one voice said, "You have a boy."  I replied, "Eighteen more years then I can go."

The next morning, the anesthesiologist came to my room. He looked deep into my eyes and asked me if "there was anything I remembered."  I nodded my head up and down. He asked if I "wanted to discuss" it; I violently shook my head, no.  Somberly, he told he would answer any questions for me when I was ready.  I just looked at him.

In 1983, I was pregnant again.  Scared because of my experience in 1981, and afraid they would not get me back to care for my children, I spoke with a doctor.  He listened to me.  Then, he got my medical records.  As he was reading the reports, he kept shaking his head and saying, "Oh, no. Oh, no."  His response confirmed for me the medical aspect of what had happened.  I asked," what was the bottom number?  25 over what?"  He said, "The blackness was 25 over zero."

The doctor (who reviewed my records at a later date) believed it was the anesthetic that was used.  This was not a bad dream; it was so real that my blood pressure fell drastically.  That anesthetic is not currently on the market, so I am told.  I THOUGHT it was something called, "Kennington" but it could have been Ketamine.  He did tell me that many, many people had been experience with "bad dreams."

Please understand that I do not need confirmation of the incident happening.  I am rather awed by the experience. I changed my life tremendously as I became keenly aware of the presence/existence of God, and my accountability with him is very clear!

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