What in the world is going on?



As many of you, my precious students and readers know, I am a spiritual teacher and only interested in world political, military, economic, and religious activity insofar as it describes what the enemies of truth are doing.  I strongly advice all of you to have nothing to do with any group connected to the above mentioned powers, but we live in this world and we must know what they are doing and survive what is happening. 

Many of you have written me asking to explain the many evil and dangerous activities proceeding on our planet.  You ask why they are taking place and if anything can be done to stop them.  The most important reason why evil is taking place on our planet is the attack of the evil spiritual powers in conjunction with their human agents.  The evil spiritual powers desire to either take as many souls to Hell with them as they can or destroy the rest in the hydrogen bomb blasts.  The answer to the second part of the above question is no.  At this point in history all that you can do is plan and prepare for your survival from the most severe and dangerous time ever experienced on Earth.  Since human beings on Earth, except for a very small minority, continue to form their thoughts and feelings in the same way and indulge in the same actions of the last 12,000 years, there is absolutely no hope for a change towards the good.

In approximately the last 10,000 years on Earth there have been only 250 years where no war was present on the planet, and this number does not refer to consecutive years.  The rest of the time horrible wars between empires, kingdoms, nations and many civil wars and revolutions within countries have raged with hundreds of millions of human lives lost and ten times that many people wounded and maimed for life by the barbaric insanity of war.  The apex of this insanity was reached during WWII where America destroyed 320,000 human beings with two atomic bombs in Japan in August of 1945.  This enormous destruction of human lives and property should not have come as a huge surprise to anyone who studied the true history of America.  Over 30 million native North Americans were murdered during the 200 years America was living out their preposterous, evil, so-called Manifest Destiny to spread "civilization" from coast to coast. During this U.S. government ordered and financed genocide hundreds of thousands of native women were raped and murdered, millions of children were murdered simply because of the color of their skin, and millions of elderly human beings were murdered because "they were good for nothing".  One can also take a good look at the horrific crimes of the slavery of millions of black human beings for 340 years in "the land of the free".  These black slaves were treated worse than animals with the most wretched evil acts being the repeated brutal rape of young black slave girls by chosen black slave studs and their white masters for the breeding of more slaves as this was much less expensive than transporting them from Africa.  All together millions of black human beings were murdered by torture, illness, thirst, starvation, hanging, and bullets during the centuries of slavery in America.

In more recent times, millions of humans were killed in Vietnam and neighboring countries as America tried in vain to force its way of life upon people who chose the contrary.  Approximately 3 million civilians, men, women and children, were murdered in the constant bombing of the cities of North Vietnam.  As well, the great destruction of human property in this war must not go without mention. 

All of the above are just some of the evil, horrific, criminal atrocities America has committed against humanity. But America by no means is alone in this picture, many countries have been responsible for the murder of millions of human beings within their borders in recent times.

How does America fit into the world picture in present times?  There are four powers in the world who secretly, and sometimes openly, desire to control the world.  These are: the West, which includes America, Europe and Israel, the second is Russia, who is secretly still very much communist, the third is China, who has its own brand of communism, the fourth is the Arab/Islamic Union, which is composed of all the Middle Eastern and North African countries as well as many other countries where Islam dominates.  As incredible as it may sound, these four powers each have long ago decided that the other three must be eliminated.  They each have decided that the differences among them are irreconcilable.  Any alliance or treaty between any of them is a fraud designed only to serve their individual plan for world domination.

The West desires to establish "democracy" and capitalism throughout the world with economic control being the most important portion of their plan.  Russia desires to establish their brand of atheistic socialistic communism worldwide with their communist party in charge.  China plans to control the world using their brand of totalitarian atheistic communism with their communist leaders in charge.  The Arabs desire fanatically to convert the entire world to Islam with an Islamic religious form of government ruling for their God Allah.  All four of these powers believe that the end justifies the means.  They will use everything to achieve their goals.  They will use: secret practices and murders of their respective secret services, wars and civil wars, weapons of all kinds including chemical, biological, laser and eventually even nuclear weapons, printing and counterfeiting paper money without limit, propaganda and psychological warfare including the brainwashing of children in schools, mass media mind-control tactics, and hundreds of secret conspiracies to control the mindless masses of humanity within their borders.  The most important of these conspiracies is to never tell the truth to their citizens.

These four evil world powers are headed down the road of mutual destruction.  This should be obvious to any of you, my dear students and readers.  It must also be clearly stated that the false religions of the world are playing the leading role in most of the horrific catastrophes that are taking place in the world today and will in future ones.  In the name of "God" and religion WWIII has started in the Middle East and will culminate in the death of all but a few humans on Earth.