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These pages contain truth for intelligent spiritually-minded humans concerning the most important spiritual subjects.

Welcome, this web site is for all of you who are sincerely searching for the truth concerning the one true God, His Creation and His true Christianity, which is not a man-made religion, but rather a way of life based upon obedience to the Ten Commandments, God's Natural Laws, and adherence to the true teachings of Immanuel (Jesus Christ).†  May God bless you with His eternal truth, love and peace.

"The only purpose of life is spiritual progress, which is accomplished by seeking truth, finding it, living it and sharing it, and thereby eventually earning a place in the highest spiritual level, which is called Heaven."

"You must have a spiritual mentality in order to seek truth, find it, live it and share it.  For many of you this means you must change the way you think about your life through a spiritual education."

"Individuals who are living their lives with a materialistic mentality, thinking that acquiring money and spending it are the most important parts of life, and only being concerned with worldly affairs, are wasting a lifetime and will bring severe punishment upon themselves for this."

"To learn the truth concerning the great spiritual questions of life and the Hereafter there is only one way; direct communication with God's spirit messengers, who are the source of all spiritual truths."


Ultimately each human has only two life path choices, either to serve God by serving humanity or to serve the self, and to serve yourself is to serve the Evil Spiritual Powers.

You who do evil, repent, change your way of thinking, sin no more, turn to the truth because it alone will bring you eternal life and love.


"What is important in life, and for your spiritual record and the afterlife, are the good works of love that you do for others. "

"Every thought, every word, every act of yours of every lifetime is contained in your spiritual record.  This record is kept in a recording like a film, found in every particle of your spiritual essence, and in a written record kept by your recording angel assigned to you at birth.   It is the Book of Life into which everything is entered.  It is a phonographic and motion picture record that retains and reproduces everything.  It is a film and a written record which do not lie, and whose revelations cannot be denied, and it is the evidence by which in the end, on Judgment Day, all of your lifetimes in summation will be judged by your Creator.  This will determine whether you enter Heaven or one of the many Hells where the rebellious, disobedient spirits will go."



Introduction to this Website

truth concerning
God and His all encompassing Creation that I am presenting to the world in this internet site and in my book Spiritual Teachings and Universal Truths does not originate from any religion, cult, philosophy, scientist, government, or university on planet Earth today.  They do not have the truth concerning God and His Creation.  They have counterfeit false teachings, teachings that have as their source the Evil Spiritual Powers who control the world, but who will certainly not control the world in the near future.

The truths in these pages, which have as their source the holy higher spirits of God, and come by way of direct communication with these spirits through God-serving mediums and clairvoyants, do reveal the awesome facts and reality of life, life Here and in the Hereafter.  As messengers of God, the Creator of everyone and everything that exists, these holy higher spirits make no mistakes when teaching His great truths.

This web site contains many truths that for many of you will be difficult to believe, but they will all be verified in the future, and most of them will soon become common knowledge throughout the world.  Just because something may be difficult for you to accept is no reason for me to withhold it from you.  In time many of you will accept everything that is presented in these pages.

This web site is for anyone who is sincerely seeking the answers to the great spiritual questions of life.  It presents the true Christianity, not the false Christianity of the so-called Christian churches in the world today.  If you desire to be a true Christian, this web site is for you.  These teachings are especially for those who understand and accept the most important spiritual truth, that your life on Earth has only one purpose, spiritual progress.  To raise your spirit to a higher spiritual level on the road that has been mapped for you by God, your Creator, and to bring you nearer to Him, is the purpose of your life.

Those of you who can recognize the truth written down in these pages will become more concerned with the spiritual concepts and beliefs after reading them.You will naturally want to investigate the hidden secrets of existence and thereby have experiences that will be profound and spiritually educational.If you find yourself ready to accept the truth, your experiences will be enlightening and bring you great understanding about life and life after physical death.† 

If you are inclined to study these teachings you will awaken to the spiritual part of life.Also, if you are inclined to study these teachings and accept them, you may decide to join this worldwide spiritual movement.A materialistic basis of your existence will no longer be satisfactory.You will become aware that the spiritual elements of existence are stronger and more important than material matters.The great mysteries of life and the Hereafter will not be abstract concepts to you any longer, but will become personally and immediately relevant to you.You will then refuse to accept any explanation of life that does not correspond with the truth.

Even though the truth of life and the Hereafter is for all mankind, this web site is particularly for those individuals who have lifted themselves spiritually and intellectually above the spiritually ignorant and intellectually incapable masses of humanity who populate the Earth today.  Realistically, only this small percentage of mankind can recognize truth and accept it. 

Therefore, this web site is for the sincere seekers of truth who are spiritually advanced and intelligent enough to recognize and understand what is written here.For the rest who cannot understand it because of insufficient intelligence and a low level of spirituality, there is probably no hope for spiritual advancement in this lifetime.Without spiritual knowledge, without a spiritual education, the unspiritual humans cannot advance.They cannot achieve spiritual progress.This lower level of spirituality and intelligence is the self-inflicted result of many serious spiritual mistakes during many past lives.Only an act of God can now bring the unspiritual humans into the truth.For them the best course of action is to repent, change their thoughts and actions from evil to good, pray to God and ask Him to make it possible for them to learn His Truth.  Most importantly, they must turn from evil to good and sin no more.  


As the Apostle Paul so aptly puts it, "If any of you has a dispute with another, dare he take it before the ungodly for judgment instead of before the saints?  Do you not know that the saints will judge the world?  And if you are to judge the world, are you not competent to judge trivial cases?  Do you not know that we will judge angels?  How much more the things of this life!  Therefore, if you have disputes about such matters, appoint as judges even men of little account in the church!  I say this to shame you.  Is it possible that there is nobody among you wise enough to judge a dispute between believers?  But instead, one brother goes to law against another - and this in front of unbelievers!  The very fact that you have lawsuits among you means you have been completely defeated already.  Why not rather be wronged?  Why not rather be cheated?  Instead, you yourselves cheat and do wrong, and you do this to your brothers.  Do you not know that the wicked will not enter the Kingdom of God?  Do not be deceived:  Neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will enter the Kingdom of God." (1st Corinthians 6:1-10)

This next statement is very important to understand.  You who read, study and accept these teachings should accept this advice; Use great caution concerning to whom you introduce these truths.  Most of the people you know, mainly because of a grossly materialistic mentality and/or religious confinement will reject them.  They will then ridicule you and/or persecute you because you do accept them, and this could cause many serious problems in your life.  This has happened many times to students and readers of these teachings who out of their enthusiasm and the great joy of finding these great truths attempt to share them with people they love but who are not spiritually ready to accept them.  Historically the majority of humanity has always rejected truth, and it is the same today.

The proof that the teachings in these pages are valid is that they are logical, reasonable, and bring forth good spiritual fruit.  They lead you to a union with God and His Creation.  The following statement is the only true test of any spiritual teaching;  Does it bring you closer to God, or does it drive you away from Him?  If within your spirit, mind and soul it brings you closer to Him, then it is a truth from Him!

Here are some of the questions this web site will answer.  Is there a God, Creator and Ruler of all humans?  What is known about God?  What is known about His Creation?  What is God's Plan of Salvation?  Is there a conscious existence for people after the death of the physical body?  Is there a Hereafter?  Where does your spirit go when it leaves your body at the time of your physical death?  What fate is in store for you when you make the dimensional transition called death?  Is there a Heaven?  Is there a Hell?  Does everything come to an end within the cemetery walls?  When your body is buried there, do they bury everything, is there nothing left of you, none of your love, hopes, fears, struggles, cares, joys, sorrows, good deeds or bad deeds?  Is all that remains are a skull, bones and dust?† Again and again these questions enter your mind.  In the silent hours of a deadly sickness of a loved one they weigh heavily upon you.  At every deathbed at which you stand, behind every coffin that you follow, they make you wonder deep within your mind and soul.  They arise from the mound above each grave, and are cut deeply upon every tombstone.  It is very interesting how physical death can compel you to think about life, about all of life, about the entire universe in which you live, about whether there is a God or not, and about where you might be going at the time of your own physical death.

Who will answer these profound questions for you?  To whom will you carry your doubts in order to learn the truth?  Will you go to the various churches and their clergy?  Have you lost confidence in them because their explanations are illogical, confusing and unsatisfying?  Perhaps you are confused because regarding the most important questions of religion they hold conflicting views and you have decided it is impossible to look to them for conclusive answers.

Religions do not have the truth concerning life and death.  The falsifiers of the original Holy Scriptures have stolen it from them.  These men and women saw religion as a way to gain the power to control humanity and steal their wealth.  Those of you, for example, who think the so-called Christian Bible has not been falsified, rewritten and altered many times are making a very serious mistake.  A personal investigation into this matter will easily prove to you that it has.  There is much that proves this.  You only have to search for it.  You will find the truth concerning the Bible in these teachings.

The books of the Bible have been re-written and changed to such an extent from their original writings that only those who do a very serious investigation of this matter, and have spiritual knowledge independent of the teachings of the false Christian religions, can sift the truth from the false in them.  These falsifications, of course, have taken place secretly through human agents under the direct and indirect control of the highest Evil Spiritual Powers whose greatest desire is to keep the truth from all of God's created spirits, especially the humans under their present control.

Anyone who desires to find the truth concerning the great spiritual questions of life must communicate directly with those who have it. These are God's messengers, which include His Celestial Spirits, His Angels, the holy Earth human spirits who populate the higher spiritual levels of the Hereafter, as well as spiritually advanced human beings who live on other planets throughout the universes who visit Earth. This direct communication with God's Holy Spirit World is the only way to spiritual truth because God has established it to be.

The statement above is true, yet today most people laugh at and/or persecute those who speak of the possibility of establishing communication between mankind and the spirit world or humans who are from other planets.  They oppose and ridicule, just as people have always opposed and ridiculed any views that conflicted with the "popular beliefs" of their time.

When the astronomer Galileo taught that the Earth revolves around the Sun instead of the Sun around the Earth, which was the popular belief in his day, his contemporaries regarded him as mentally unsound.  The Catholic Church looked upon him as a heretic and excommunicated him.  After finding him guilty of corruption in a court of law, that church in conjunction with the civil leaders imprisoned him for teaching this "lie".  He could stop his suffering and persecution only by retracting what he had proclaimed as truth.  Yet it was the truth.  When the first telephone was exhibited before "scientists" of the time it was laughed at and regarded as a hoax carried out by ventriloquism.  Yet it was not a hoax.  Likewise, many new scientific truths have been ridiculed throughout history because unintelligent and uninformed humans are prone to resist any concept that is new to them.  The same thing has happened throughout the history of mankind to the apostles and teachers of every new spiritual truth.  Their contemporaries have ridiculed, insulted, imprisoned, and even murdered them.

So today most of the people of the world laugh at and persecute those who seek to prove to mankind that there is a spirit world, that there are extraterrestrial humans who visit the Earth, that we can establish communication with these entities if we go about it in the right way and observe the necessary laws and requirements.  There are universal laws governing these actions that are unchangeable and must be obeyed.

What is most important for all of you is that you think for yourself regarding these subjects.  Read and study this material with an open mind and investigate these matters for yourself.  Never mind what the uninformed people think or say.  They will eventually accept these truths when it becomes popular to do so.

The most common means of communication between people on planet Earth and spiritual beings, human and celestial, who live in the spirit world, or are from other planets and dimensions, have received many names.  They include spiritualism, mediumship, clairvoyance, mental telepathy, and spiritual visions.  In this web site, and in my book, I describe and explain how to accomplish all of these in great detail.  Also, it must be stated that direct face to face communication with these beings is possible.  This too is explained in these teachings.

For all spiritually minded humans who are sincerely searching for the truth concerning the Creator and the Creation with logic and a personal investigation, the truth in this web site and in my book is truly awesome and unequaled on Earth today.  It is a spiritual treasure worth more than all of the material treasures on Earth combined.

How can the spiritualization of Earthís human society be brought about, you may ask?  It will be brought about by the forces of God and His Creation, and by the teachings and influence of the men and women of greater spiritual advancement who lead the world onward in the path of spiritual progress through spiritualism (communication with the spirit world).  These forces and humans have already spiritually reformed many people, and they will reform many more. 

Will spiritualism become the general belief, or will its acceptance remain confined to the few, you may ask?  It will certainly become the general belief, and will mark a new era in the history of the human race, because it belongs to God's natural order of things, and because the time has come for it to be ranked among the branches of human knowledge.  It will nevertheless have to withstand a good many violent attack; attacks that will be prompted rather by special interest than by inner conviction, for you must not lose sight of the fact that there are people whose interest is to combat this belief, some from self-conceit, others from worldly considerations, especially religious/power/wealth considerations; but its opponents, finding themselves in a decreasing minority, will finally be obliged to succumb to the general opinion, or render themselves ridiculous and irrelevant.


Concepts are only transformed in the long run, never suddenly, and spiritual concepts take the longest.  Erroneous concepts become weakened in the course of successive generations, and disappear little by little with those who professed them, and who are replaced by other individuals with new concepts, as is always the case in regard to political, religious, and scientific principles.  Look at paganism (the beliefs and practices of the Romans): there is certainly almost no one, in our present times, who professes the religious thoughts of pagan times; and yet, for several centuries after the advent of Christianity, the pagans left traces that could only be erased by the complete renovation of the people who held them.  It will be the same with spiritualism; it will make considerable progress, but there will remain disbelief concerning it during one or two more generations among a portion of mankind that only time will be able to destroy.  Nevertheless, its progress will be more rapid than that of Christianity, because it is true Christianity itself that opens the road for it, and furnishes its basis and support.  Christianity had to destroy; spiritualism has only to build up.


In what way can spiritualism contribute to the spiritual progress of mankind, you may ask?  Mainly by destroying materialism, which is the biggest of the sores of society, and thus making men and women understand where their true interest should lie.  The future life in the Beyond being no longer veiled by doubt, people will understand clearly that they can insure the happiness of their future life by their actions in the present life.  Also, spiritualism will contribute to the spiritual progress of humanity by destroying the prejudices of religious sects, social classes, and skin colors; it teaches mankind the spiritual solidarity that will, one day, unite them as spiritual brothers and sisters under God the Father, the Creator, the One True God, the God of Immanuel and the Apostles, Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and all of the Holy Prophets.


Is it not to be feared that spiritualism may fail to triumph over the carelessness of mankind and their attachment to material things, you may ask?  To suppose that any cause could transform mankind as by enchantment would show a very superficial knowledge of human nature and human psychology.  Concepts are modified little by little, according to the changes within individuals, and several generations are needed for the complete erasing of old habits and traditions within society.  The transformation of mankind can therefore only be effected in the course of time, gradually, and by the contagion of example.  With each new generation, a part of the veil covering the truth is melted away; spiritualism will eventually dissipate it entirely.  But, meanwhile, if it should do no more than cure a person of a single spiritual defect, it would have led him or her to take a step forward towards truth and righteousness, and would thus have done him or her great good, for the taking of this first step will render all of his or her subsequent steps easier.


I know that the majority of the people on planet Earth today have no interest in spiritual matters.  This is because they have an evil materialistic mentality, no true spiritual education, psychotic and neurotic psychological disorders, they suffer from evil spirit possessions and obsessions, and especially because of religious confinement, social conditioning and addictions.  As a matter of fact, most people in their daily lives never think about God, spiritual progress, a spiritual education, their spiritual record, the Hereafter, Judgment Day, Heaven or Hell.  Many of them do not believe God, the Creator, exists.  I would like to ask these "atheists" what or who they think was the cause, the origin, of everything and everyone that exists.  If they respond that the origin of everything and everyone was a void of nothingness, a completely empty vacuum, because this is what most scientists and professors at universities teach, I would respond and say that is the most absurd and illogical statement anyone could ever speak!  It is completely in line with sound reasoning that a Creator, a God, must exist.  How can you conceive of a Creation without assuming the existence of a Creator?  How could everything come from nothing?  That is impossible!

There is one thing concerning God that each of you can reason out for yourself by logical thinking and that is; There must be some cause for the existence of everything and everyone in Creation.  It's extremely illogical to believe that Creation "evolved" from an absolute nothingness, or that Creation created itself.  Doesn't the word Creation logically imply that there must be a Creator?

Precisely as it is impossible to conceive of a clock without assuming the existence of a clock maker, it is impossible to conceive of the greatest and most accurate timepieces of all, the Universes (yes, there are many Universes), without assuming the existence of a great Master jeweler who built these timepieces with their billions upon billions of wheels, the stars, planets and moons, all of them so perfectly geared and running so accurately that the astronomers of today can calculate what the exact relative positions of the various stellar bodies will be thousands of years from now.  The Creator of these timepieces, whose greatness, origin and composition surpass the grasp of the human mind, is known to you as God.  It should be obvious to everyone that God must exist.  Only a fool would say there is no God, a fool who is being deceived by the Evil Spiritual Powers of Darkness!

As to the nature of God, that is something which I cannot explain to you, any more than I can explain the cause of the Divine existence.  If God Himself tried to explain these truths to you it would be like trying to explain the calculations of a planet's orbit to a five year old child, who would naturally lack all knowledge of astronomy, mathematics and of all the principles, formulas and equations involved.  If it takes astronomers months to calculate the orbit of a single planet or star, a child unfamiliar with the first inklings of science and math would be driven mad if it were attempted to teach him something utterly beyond the reach of his understanding.  In the same way you would be driven out of your senses if God were to try to fill your mind with ideas which are quite incomprehensible to you and which your understanding could not assimilate.  You have been created with a limited mental capacity.Accept it.  Concern yourself with learning what you can that is good for your salvation and that allows you to serve God to your greatest capacity. 

Who am I?  Who is Raphael?  What are my intentions?  I am a spiritual teacher, and this is verified by the words of the holy higher spirits.  I desire to teach you truth, so that you may someday share it with others.  I will teach you what I have learned from very reliable and truthful spiritual sources. 

Those of you who have fears of one kind or another concerning spiritual matters, do not be afraid, I'll show you the way to truth.  Trust God, He will always protect the sincere seeker of truth, there is no reason to be afraid.  Read, study, and learn these teachings with courage and conviction and you will achieve spiritually progress.  You will gain truth, peace and true divine love of God and Humanity.

Who will be my students, my friends, and walk with me on the road to God?  Who will assist me in presenting these spiritual truths to the world?  Who will rid himself/herself of intellectual arrogance, false teachings and religious confinement?  Who will learn the truth, love and serve God by serving humanity, and assist me in changing the world into a world under His Law and His truth?  A world of harmony, prosperity, true Christianity, true democracy, where war, injustice, crime, disease, poverty and pollution are unknown.  A world united under God.  A world where all love God and humanity more than the self, instead of a world where self-interest makes every human an enemy to every other.  Who desires to be a true saint, a true Christian, a truly spiritual person, and a spiritual servant of our Creator and mankind?  Who has the courage to stand up against the evil spiritual powers and their human agents?  I hope and pray that you choose to be one of God's good children, one who chooses the truth and God instead of the lies and evil powers that dominate the world today. 

For those of you who are seeking truth and were "spiritually educated" in "Christian" churches, I will answer an important question that you might have.  Why is it that modern "Christianity" seems no longer to exert any significant influence upon people today?  This is because the true teachings of Immanuel (Isaiah 7:14) and (Matthew 1:23) (the man erroneously known as Jesus Christ) are no longer to be found in their original purity and clearness in those documents which have come down to you.  In what is called the New Testament many key words, several paragraphs, even entire chapters, have been omitted or mistranslated.  What you have now are mutilated copies.  Not knowing the originals, you are unable to determine what those mutilations are.Those who were guilty of these mutilations have been punished by God, but their mutilations have not been corrected until now in this material.  To present the true teachings of Immanuel to the entire human population of the world is the most important purpose of this web site and of Spiritual Teachings and Universal Truths.

To a small extent as early as the first century A.D. the falsifications began to enter into the true spiritual teachings of Immanuel.  As many of you know, even during the lifetime of the Apostles there were differences of opinion among the Christian communities.  Later, many erroneous human opinions and dogmas that do not agree with Immanuel's teachings were inserted into Christianity.

If you had the complete and original text of Immanuel's doctrines, many a load imposed by "religious leaders" in the name of religion and "Christianity" would be taken from your shoulders.  Many precepts which you are expected to believe, even though they seem out of all reason and logic would be discarded because they would be recognized as being wrong, and you, as God's children could again breathe freely.  As it is, hundreds of millions of people feel that much of what is being taught today as a part of the Christian faith cannot be true.  From force of habit, they may conform outwardly, but there is no true inner conviction.  There are many today who were raised "Christian", who do not profess even outward adherence to true Christianity.  Instead of rejecting only those parts of it which are untrue, they discard altogether their belief in spirituality and in God.  They think that these things are all of one piece.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Do not throw out God with man-made religion.

How great it is that the time has finally come for the teachings of Immanuel to be restored to mankind in their full purity and truth!  Not the false man-made "Christianity" of the so-called Christian churches, but Immanuel's Christianity will set you free.  Free from the lies and deception of the evil spiritual powers and their human agents, free from sin, and into the truth, knowledge, wisdom and love of God.

The originals of the documents relating to the New Testament, even when they have been preserved, have been altered in many places. The copyists substituted words and whole phrases, left out a key word here or inserted one there, altering the sense of the text to suit their purposes.  In most cases they were trying to create passages in the Bible which would lend support to the religious views of their times, and to that end they falsified its text.  They were not always conscious of the enormity of their offense, but believed, rather, that they were serving the cause of religion.  In this way the people were misled and are misled today, and many of them feel in their hearts that they are not on the right path, even if they are in no position to disagree with their religious leaders.  The natural consequence is that a religion so deprived of its roots can no longer exert any fruitful influence.  You will find much logical and factual proof of these omissions, additions, alterations, mistranslations, religious fraud, papal conspiracies and other mutilations of holy scripture within the pages of this web site and in Spiritual Teachings and Universal Truths.  The end result of all of the changes the Bible has been subjected to, both New and Old Testament, is that only a very knowledgeable person who has done years of research, can sift the truth from the falsifications. 

So what is a reliable and trustworthy source of spiritual truth?  I will now begin to instruct you concerning the only source of all spiritual truths, about those things that take place in the direct communication with the good spirits of God.  You may think that what you read here is something quite new and unheard of.  It is as old as humanity.  From the days of the first people on Earth to the present, spirits have communicated with mankind.  That is true of both good spirits and unfortunately the evil ones.  Many of you, of course, have read often enough in the ancient texts, which are called the Old Testament, that God spoke to the people.  God spoke to Adam, Cain, Isaac, Abraham, and Jacob, to Moses and many others.  How do you think He did this?  You know that God is a spirit and that spirits have no lips of flesh or vocal cords to allow them to speak the way humans do.  How then, did God speak to these people?  You probably cannot say.

Also, how do you explain the appearance of the three men before Abraham as related in the Bible?  He knew they were not human beings, but messengers sent by God.  Still, he placed food before them and interceded with them regarding the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.  How do you account for that?  You probably have nothing to say in reply to this question either.  Many of you have read hundreds of times and even taught this account to children in schools, but just how the communication of spirits with mankind, as related in the Bible, was effected, you may have never given a thought.  If I were to continue to examine you in these matters, you probably would not be able to answer a single question correctly.

As you know, mankind has various means of communicating with each other at a distance.  We right letters, use a telephone and we have made use of the ether-waves through radio, television, satellites and computers.  Similarly, the world of spirits, which is separated from you materially, has various ways of communicating with you by means perceptible to your senses.  Yet most of mankind of today never think about these things.  All they do is to read about them or have some other superficial contact with these matters and let them rest there.

Take the great story of Moses.  There you will find that a spirit of God speaks to him from the burning bush; that God daily sends commands for Moses to follow; that this spirit of God moves before the people in a pillar of cloud from which he speaks; that Moses asks God for guidance as often as he wishes, and that God always gives an answer.  The people also could seek counsel of God.  They went to the tent of meeting outside the camp in which Joshua, the servant of Moses, was always required to be present and from which He was not allowed to depart.  Now stop and think.  Why was it that young Joshua was commanded to remain within the tent constantly?  Was there any connection between this and the appeals to God for counsel?

Like a flash of lightning the answer should come to you.  The spirits of God spoke through Joshua.  He was a holy medium, an instrument through which the messengers of God communicated with the people.  You are right if you thought this.  But remember that when the Bible says, "God spoke", it was not God Himself who spoke, because as a rule, God speaks only through His spirit messengers.  Know, furthermore, that the spirits do not always speak through a human being when it wishes to speak to mankind.  There are many ways in which the spirits can make themselves understood by you. Therefore, you find that God spoke through the "pillar of cloud".  In very many cases communication with spirits has been made possible by the gift of clairvoyance, and clairaudience, granted to certain individuals.  God's speech with Adam and Eve and with others later was effected by means of clairaudience.

There was still another channel open to the ancient Israelites for consulting God, namely the breastplate worn on the robe of the High Priest and later also called the "breastplate of judgment".  In my book I describe exactly the proceedings followed when God was consulted through this channel.

It is not only in the Old Testament that you will find references to communication with the spirits, but also to the same extent in the New Testament.  Each of the Gospels, and in particular the history of the Apostles, contains many accounts of revelations made by spirits. Immanuel Himself solemnly promised all who would believe, that He would send them God's spirits.  The phenomena witnessed during the divine service of the early Christians, which you of today can find no explanation, were nothing else than the comings and goings of spirits who spoke through one of the worshipers in a foreign tongue and through a second in the mother tongue of the congregation; who gave to a third the power of healing the sick and distributed other gifts according to the fitness of those upon whom such gifts were bestowed.  In those days these things were of a daily occurrence and were looked upon as matters of course.  Do not think that communication with the spirits ceased in the early days of the Christian era, as many of the false churches ask you to believe.  On the contrary it should and it will continue always, because it is the only way in which you can learn the spiritual truths.  It is true that it depends upon the people themselves whether or not they obtain communication with the spirits of God.  Even in the days before Immanuel there were times when this communication ceased almost entirely.  Those were the times of estrangement from God.

Today, the people, in spite of the many temples and churches which they build, have to a great extent fallen away from God and into the power of the Evil Spiritual Powers.  Whenever mankind again draws as close to God as it was in the days before Immanuel and in those of the early part of His era, all those things that to you seem so strange and that are recorded as having happened then will be repeated, because the God of today is also the God of old.  He loves His creatures as dearly now as He loved them then, and before Him we are all equal.

These general teachings must suffice for now.  As to the details concerning the communication between the spirits and mankind you will be taught in this web site and in my book if you are willing to receive instruction and to undertake the task which is here presented to you.  Of course, you are not compelled to do this.  You are quite free to choose.  You may accept what is here being offered to you and later testify to the truth, or you may decline it and continue on the road you have been traveling on.  If you are willing to accept these teachings, you will in all probability be called upon to make great worldly sacrifices.  You will suffer persecution for the sake of the truth and of righteousness, even from your family and friends.  But you will find eternal truth, peace, love, wisdom, happiness, and eternal life.  My advice for you is to always choose the eternal parts of life over the temporary ones.

If you reject this gift of truth that I offer, the responsibility is yours.  It is for you to decide.  God's servants will recognize His Truth.  You are not asked to accept anything blindly.  You are expected to determine for yourself through a personal investigation whether it is true or not.  Nor must you be satisfied with just reading the teachings I write down.  You must, by your own observations, collect experience in these matters, independently of what you learn from me.  If you make up your mind to act, the rest will be taken care of by the holy spirits of God.  Of course, as I said, the decision rests entirely with you.  But I would strongly advise you to accept this offer to study and learn these teachings, especially how to communicate with the good spirits who are all around you.  They are your good friends and spiritual guides.

God will lead you and protect you.  He will give you strength to carry out His will.  Remember that if you choose God to worship and obey, He will choose you to reward.  Those who choose God instead of the Evil Powers are His true Chosen People.

What is the spiritual path of a human life?  Your spiritual path through life is one of tests.  Its nature and length are fixed in advance, out of your control, and this you cannot change do what you will.  The turning points on that path are times of duty at which you have to pass those tests, and at the end, corporeal death awaits you.  Whether or not you do your duty as you go, depends on yourself.  If you pass the tests, your spirit will continue to progress in the spiritual levels until it reaches its final goal, union with God.  If you fail to pass you must reincarnate and take the tests over again  until you can meet them successfully.  Passing or failure are not predestined, but depend on your own merits or lack thereof.  Not all that you do or suffer in this lifetime is predestined.  Most of it results from the acts of your own free will.  Only the general path of your life, together with certain turning points along that path, is predestined.  What you do while traveling that path and how you act at those turning points, is for you to decide.  For that much, you are responsible.

In this world there are only two kinds of people, those that have a materialistic mentality and those that have a spiritual mentality.  You must decide which one you will be.  This web site is for all of you who have chosen, or will choose, to have a spiritual mentality.

Those of you who depend on modern science for truth, and have great difficulty believing that "psychic phenomena" such as mediumship and clairvoyance are real, only have to do one thing; conduct a personal investigation.  Once you do, it will be impossible for you to deny or reject their reality.  Science will one day soon officially recognize the great mass of experimental material and convincing results already available and will lend its hand to the establishment of the truth, regardless of the so-called moralists who see in the acceptance of "psychic phenomena" a menace to morality and religion.  Intellectual cowardice and intellectual arrogance is more or less excusable in a "moralist" whose narrow outlook is concerned predominately with matters of transitory interest that touch the generality but fleetingly.  But no sincere student, no seeker after the truth, can afford to take such a stand.  In the end, truth will conquer and rule all things; until then, it need not be feared nor belittled. 




Again, the spiritual truths I teach here and in  Spiritual Teachings and Universal Truths are from the highest spiritual sources, God's holy spirit messengers.

Some of the teachings presented in this web site and in my book which can be ordered here are:

1. Truth concerning God

2. Truth concerning God's Creation

3. The True Ten Commandments of God

4. Immanuel - His life and His mission

5. Immanuel's True Teachings

6. God's Plan of Salvation

7. Truth concerning Reincarnation

8. The Spirit World

9. The Hereafter

10. The Purpose of Life on Earth

11. Life after Physical "Death"

12. Accounts of Near Death Experiences

13. The Steps for Spiritual Progress

14. 13 Spiritual Levels of Spiritual Progress

15. Celestial Spirits and Angels

16. Clairvoyants and Mediums

17. How to Become a Clairvoyant or Medium

18. The True Astrology

19. Purify your Spirit, Mind, Soul & Body

20. How to Become a Spiritual Person

21. True History of: the Universe, the Sun, Venus, the Moon, planet Earth, the Great Flood, Mankind on Earth, Ancient Civilizations on Earth, the Pyramids of planet Earth, Ancient Martian Civilizations and much more.

22. Truth about the Aquarian Age

Also included in this web site and in my book will be a set of accurate Predictions pertaining to:

1. World Wide Physical Earth Changes

2. USA and World Political Changes

3. Religious Issues

4. Economic Collapse

5. Wars, World War III and Nuclear War

6. Wilderness Survival

7. Scientific Inventions

8. Space Travel

9. Solar System Changes

10. Genetic Engineering

11. New Energy Inventions

Spiritual Teachings and Universal Truths contains ten times the amount of material found in this web site. According to many people, it is the best book in the world for all spiritually minded people who are seeking the truth concerning the subjects mentioned above and many more.  When you read it, I am confident that you will agree with the hundreds of thousands of people who have read it, that it is the best.  You will find the entire introduction of this book, plus excerpts from all of its chapters in this web site.  Read, study and learn. This is the spiritual truth you have been searching for, the truth that will truly set your spirit free from all the lies you have been taught and on the spiritual path to God.

Click here for excerpts from 

Spiritual Teachings and Universal Truths

Copyright © 1998 by Raphael Rey.All rights reserved.

"Fame and fortune do not bring spiritual fulfillment."

"Revenge and anger are empty to those who love God and seek the truth."

"The worst men and women are those who waste their lives chasing after materialistic things and worldly affairs.  To them truth is madness and madness is truth."

"Only the true saints will enter Heaven.  Those who obey God's commandments, do good works of love and teach others to do the same."


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Copyright © 1998 by Raphael Rey. All rights reserved.

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