Excerpt from the Book

Spiritual Teachings and Universal Truths

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        The purpose of life is spiritual progress.   The time has finally come for the truth concerning the Creator and His Creation to be taught to the entire population of the world in a clear and logical way.  It has been two thousand years, since the time of Immanuel and His Apostles, that these truths were last taught in a way that makes it possible to understand them. 

      This book contains many truths that for many of you will be difficult to believe, but they will all become common knowledge throughout the world in the near future.  Just because something is difficult for you to accept is no reason for me to withhold it from you.  In time many of you will accept everything that is presented in these pages as truth because it is truth. 

††††† Those of you who can recognize the truth written down in this book will become concerned with the most important spiritual concepts and beliefs.You will naturally want to investigate the hidden secrets of existence and thereby have experiences that will be profound and spiritually educational.If you find yourself ready to accept the truth, your experiences will be enlightening and bring you great understanding about life and life after physical death.If you are inclined to study these teachings you will awaken to the spiritual part of life.Also, if you are inclined to study these teachings, you may decide to join this spiritual movement.A materialistic basis of your existence will no longer be satisfactory.You will become aware that the spiritual elements of existence are stronger and more important than material matters.The great mysteries of life and the Hereafter will not be abstract concepts to you any longer, but will become personally and immediately relevant to you.You will refuse to accept any explanation of life that does not correspond with the truth. 

       This book teaches reality. What is real. The truth of what is. The purpose of life.

††††† This book teaches the true Christianity, the true Christian way of living, the only correct way of living, the Christianity of God, Immanuel and His Apostles, which has been stolen from the people over the centuries by the Catholic Church and every other so-called Christian church in the world today.

††††† Every sincere truth seeker will now have the great opportunity to drink the clear water from the inexhaustible fountain of truth that emanates from the one true God.Taken from its source this truth is a spiritually refreshing and life infusing drink that quenches the spiritual thirst of those who wisely choose to drink it.

††††† Unfortunately though, most of mankind scoffs at any teaching that is new to them and that they do not understand because they are prone to oppose any teaching that conflicts with their traditional views.

††††† These people are the result of a worldly and materialistic upbringing that produces a closed minded, socially created person, known as the altered ego.The altered ego is that product of society, that person who someone thinks he is, as opposed to the spiritual being that he truly is.This state of mind found in these individuals is caused by a materialistic education that produces the materialistic mentality and by religious confinement and scientific error.The truth concerning this is that each human is a great spiritual entity created by God.An entity created with a powerful and logical mind, a spiritual mind that was intended to be used to investigate matters and to learn in an open-minded manner.

††††† Free your mind from all traditions, customs and religious confinement. Allow yourself to have a spiritual mentality and search for the truth through a personal investigation.

††††† In today's world, tradition is the strongest of all forces in the life of the individual, as in that of a nation.As the result of this powerful force, most of you cling closely to the customs, habits and teachings handed down to you by your parents, schools, social groups, governments, and religions.

††††† You are a product of your society and this spiritually ignorant, worldwide materialistic society, for the most part, is a very evil one.

††††† Whatever a child's parents hold up as sacred and Divine, whatever they practice as a duty and teach their children to do, is very difficult for the child to change or discard.Consequently, even though most children, when they become adults, live entirely different lives than their parents, they still stand in awe of what their parents hold sacred.

††††† For example, most of you feel that funerals should be conducted like those of your forefathers, even if you have not lived lives consistent with their faith or "religious" practices.Deep down inside you feel you owe at least that much to your family and their "religious tradition".The vast majority of you are so strongly influenced by the religious opinions and ways of the parental home, that some of that influence always remains no matter how often you bathe in the waters of an entirely different lifestyle.You never pause to consider the spiritual validity of religious doctrines, ceremonies, or rituals.Are you certain that you should pray for departed souls, that your prayers help them in their standing before God?Are you sure that God wants you to mourn and weep at funerals?Does He want you to spend thousands of dollars on funeral home services, caskets, graves and tombstones?Would that money be better spent helping a poor family member, friend, or even a stranger who is still alive?What is the correct thing to do in all of these matters?With a materialistic mentality it is impossible to know.

††††† This state of mind, this mentality, will persist in you who possess it until you become a spiritually and intellectually based person instead of an emotionally and physically based one.This means that you must change your way of thinking in order to become a truly spiritual person.You must accept that the purpose of your life is spiritual progress, and that you progress spiritually by seeking truth, finding it, living it and sharing it.You must constantly use your God-given intelligent mind to logically understand God and His Creation.You must agree with and accept the fact that the first step of your spiritual advancement is a spiritual education, and you must strive for this education with all the strength of your free will and your spiritual mind.

††††† You all start out as children and every person has to learn everything that is spiritually important.No child is born with conscious knowledge of any kind.The power of tradition is the greatest enemy of truth in all fields of knowledge and particularly concerning spiritual knowledge, not only does it discourage you from seeking the truth by your own efforts, but it drives you instinctively to reject without further investigation anything that may conflict with your previous views.For this, there is only one remedy, a personal investigation of the truth.

†††† Traditions contain very little truth, if any, and to accept them blindly is spiritually incorrect, very foolish and leads to being manipulated and mind controlled.††††††††††

††††† You are presently living in the Age of Chaos, a world-wide evil society insidiously governed by false religions, evil secret and known governments and insane scientists.These so-called leaders of humanity deliberately pollute planet Earth and lead mankind into every conceivable evil, even unto the total destruction of their body and soul.

††††† Yet, no matter which wrongs you may have done, which errors you may have committed in thought, word or deed in the past, if you will truly turn back unto God and follow His example of love, compassion, sharing, caring, giving, forgiving and living in truth, not only will your physical life be improved, but more importantly you will save your soul.You will be reborn from the darkness of ignorance and lies into the light of truth.

††††† This book is written for the sincere seekers of truth who are spiritually advanced and intelligent enough to recognize, read and understand what I have written.For the rest who cannot understand it because of insufficient intelligence and spirituality, there is probably no hope for spiritual advancement in this lifetime.Without spiritual knowledge, without a spiritual education, the unspiritual humans cannot advance.They cannot achieve spiritual progress.

††††† This lower level of spirituality and intelligence is the self-inflicted result of many serious spiritual mistakes during many past lives.Only an act of God can now bring them into the truth.For them the best course of action is to repent, change their thoughts and actions from evil to good, pray to God and ask Him to make it possible for them to learn.

††††† Do you believe that God exists?I know that many of you do, but why do you believe that God exists?If you cannot answer this question to your own satisfaction, or you simply know that you should know more about God and the Creation, this book is for you.

†††† The origin of all truth, knowledge, wisdom and love is the One True God.There is an inexhaustible divine fountain of truth, God's mind, from which these flow, and no one has ever discovered its origin nor understood its foundation.Holy sages, since the beginning of time, have drunk long drinks from it and have been fully satisfied, but not one among them has been able to comprehend the greatest truths, the Creative Principles.God reserves these unto Himself.

††††† You can enjoy the fruit of the tree called Creation, but you are not permitted to fully understandthe tree or its roots.It is therefore only proper, logical and good that you walk on the path that is placed before you by the will of God your Creator, obey His Commandments and be totally satisfied.Refrain from asking foolish questions concerning the origin of God and how He creates.You will never know the answers to these questions.You have not been created with the mental capacity to understand them.It is like a five-year-old child trying to understand algebra or geometry.He cannot do it.It is beyond his mental capacity, but unlike the child, who someday might understand higher mathematics, you will never know the origin of God, or how He creates His Creation.You should concern yourself with those matters that you can understand with the limited mental capacity you have been created with.

††††† Furthermore, you must fully understand that you are compelled to conform with and obey God's Commandments because He is the Creator, Ruler and Governor of the human races.To do anything else is foolish bestial conceit and succumbing to evil deception.

††††† Again, the only purpose of life on Earth, or anywhere else in the Universes, is spiritual progress.Your life has only one purpose, to raise your spirit to a higher level of consciousness and to bring it into a spiritual union with God and His Creation based on truth and love.This should be your present and final goal of your existence.

††††† The human being is composed of four distinct parts; a spirit, which is the fragment of God, a spark of pure spiritual energy seated in the solar plexus; the spiritual mind, which is the only mind a human has, is a part of the spirit and is seated in the brain, but is not the brain; the soul, which is the ethereal physical body of all dimensions and connects the spirit and the Earthly physical body.The soul is where the human aura and emotions exist; and the physical body, which is the vehicle, the wrap, the covering of the soul, mind and spirit.

††††† There are thirteen dimensions where humans can exist, each providing a slightly different ethereal physical body, which is always called the soul, and slightly different physical bodies.

††††† All cognition, consciousness, and awareness are developed in the mind.Everything you accomplish must occur through your mind and your mind is always aware of your total existence regardless of which dimension you are on.Many of you misunderstand the difference between the soul and the spirit.The spirit of a human is a fragment of God that is composed of eternal indestructible spiritual energy.The soul of any human living on Earth today is the 4th dimensional ethereal physical body.It has a similar shape and appearance as the third dimensional physical body, or better said, the physical body resembles the soul.

†††† The soul differs slightly or greatly from the body according to the spiritual level of the human and is always composed of atoms and molecules including Hydrogen, which is one of the five building block elements of all of Creation within all dimensions.

††††† This brings up an interesting fact relevant to life on Earth today.A Hydrogen bomb has the force and speed to cross over to the fourth dimension and cause a chain reaction explosion among all Hydrogen atoms in the range of the detonation.If a soul were caught within approximately 50 miles of the blast of such a bomb, the individuality of the soul, its 4th dimensional physical structure would be destroyed, with its energy being dispersed in all directions.The soul would cease to exist, and therefore individuality of the spirit being would cease to exist.The spirit being without its soul cannot exist as an individual entity.If this separation were to occur, the spiritual energy fragment, the spirit, would return to God.A spirit cannot exist in a spiritual being without a soul; there is no such thing as a spiritual being without shape and form.

††††† Think of the spirit as a spark of pure God energy and the soul as a type of physical body similar to the physical bodies on Earth, but with a higher vibration.I hope this has cleared up any misunderstanding concerning this matter.

††††† Many of you have been taught that the soul is indestructible.This is incorrect.A hydrogen bomb is the one thing on Earth that can totally destroy the soul.To present this knowledge concerning the future destruction of human souls by hydrogen bombs, which is a destined fact, is one of the main purposes of this book.It will be possible for many people, if they make the right choices, to avoid this.

††††† Throughout this book the spirit, the spiritual mind and the soul together as a unit, a spiritual being, is referred to as a spirit or the spirit.This is only to shorten the terms for literary purposes.As I have said, the word spirit actually refers to the spark of pure God energy that is the source of all life and energy in the human.This spark keeps you spiritually connected to God at all times.Separation from God spiritually and mentally through lack of truth, knowledge, wisdom, and love is the worst possible state of existence.You become easy prey for all evil powers spiritual or worldly that seek to control, manipulate, and even destroy your body and soul.This separation is evil and eventually leads to spiritual death.

††††† What is a human lifetime on Earth?Where are you going and how will you get there?

††††† Your path through life is one of tests and trials.If you pass the tests, your spirit that is the true you, will continue to progress until you reach your final goal, spiritual union with God.Whoever fails to pass must reincarnate as many times as necessary and take the tests over again until you are successful.Neither passing nor failure is predestined, but both depend on your own free will and merits or lack of merits.

††††† Human spirits, separated from their material bodies by corporeal death, enter into the respective parallel dimension equal to the spiritual level they earned on Earth, where they remain until they are, except for a few higher spirits, reincarnated on Earth again.Spirits that have not progressed are reincarnated in the same stage of spiritual development as often as may be necessary to fit them for reincarnation into a higher one until there is no need for further reincarnations.

††††† Now you can understand that reincarnation is necessary for spiritual progress in the material Creation.Reincarnation will be explained in Chapter 4.

††††† People who are alive today on Earth, with a few exceptions, have had at least 10,000 lifetimes on this planet, each one affected by the previous ones because of God's Law of Cause and Effect and each one recorded in your spiritual record.Some of you have made great progress, some none at all, some in between.Every lifetime offers the maximum opportunity to progress to the highest spiritual level.You only need to choose the straight and narrow spiritual path and make the right choices along that path.

††††† Every thought, every word, every act of yours of every lifetime is contained in your spiritual record.Your spiritual record is kept in a recording like a film; found in every particle of your spiritual essence, as well as a written record kept in two places.It is a Book of Life, into which everything is entered.It is a phonographic and motion picture record that retains and reproduces everything.It is a film and a written record which do not lie, and whose revelations cannot be denied, and it is the evidence by which in the end on Judgment Day all of your lifetimes in summation will be judged by your Creator.This will determine at that time whether you enter Heaven or one of the many Hells where the rebellious, disobedient spirits will go.

††††† When you take a good look at this so-called civilization that is on Planet Earth today, you can easily see that it hinders greatly and even prevents completely the spiritual progress of the spirits currently reincarnating to live a lifetime on Earth.

††††† The only logical conclusion is that this evil, materialistic and self-destructive civilization must come to an end.After reading this book you will understand why it must come to an end, when and how it will end and what will replace it.If this present day "civilization" completely obstructs the acquisition of truth, what must a person do to acquire truth?

††††† Again, no child is born with conscious spiritual knowledge.

††††† Everyone must learn and acquire spiritual truth, knowledge and wisdom through communication with God or His spiritual messengers.But remember that it is usually not God Himself Who speaks directly to mankind, because as a rule, God speaks only through His spirit messengers.Therefore, usually the only way to spiritual truth is through communication with the good spirits through mediums or clairvoyance.

††††† Many truths that you have searched for your entire life will be presented to you for the first time in this book.

††††† You will have an opportunity to read and study many spiritual teachings, including the true Teachings of Immanuel, Who is today incorrectly referred to as "Jesus Christ".Immanuel was the name given to Him at His birth (Matthew 1:23), which was prophesied by the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 7:14), and His name during His lifetime.

††††† This book is the result of 23 years of research and personal investigations and a lifetime of experiences in the field of communication with the spirit world.

††††† Confirmation of the general truth of communication with spirits and of many specific facts relating to the same field was given to me very early in my personal investigation.In the United States, communication with spirits is widely disseminated under the name of "spiritualism", and there are many so-called "spiritualistic churches".In the beginning of my quest for truth as an adult I became acquainted with the way in which spiritualism was practiced in these churches by attending the services in many of them.

††††† Unfortunately, my visits confirmed what I had heard from holy mediums in my youth.They often said that God's good spirits will not go near places frequented by people more concerned with temporal matters than with progress on the path leading to God.Only spirits of the lower levels, I had been informed, appeared at meetings at which materialistic views predominated.I was also told that there is no spiritual control over the spirits at such gatherings, which become the arena for spirits of the kind mentioned, although not necessarily evil ones.Generally they are those of relatives or acquaintances of members of the congregation, spirits which have progressed very little in the Beyond and which are more interested in the temporal affairs than in the spiritual advancement of those whom they have left behind.Such meetings are not divine services, but simply information bureaus for worldly questions.They come dangerously close to offering the same sort of things that took place at the idolatrous ceremonies of ancient pagans and that owed their attraction to the fact that the mediums functioning there were expected to impart information relating to the worldly success and careers of their hearers.

††††† As much as I had hoped to find something lofty and edifying in at least some of these churches, it was completely the contrary.What I generally found was of a nature to hurt rather than advance the cause of spiritualism.I also had the impression that these meetings were attended merely for the sake of messages relating to worldly matters, and that the question of money plays a major part with the leaders of these churches.A fixed admission fee is charged at most of them, which means that the poor are prevented from attending.

††††† All of this substantiated what I had heard in my youth about modern spiritualism, even when conducted with an outward show of respect for religious traditions and ceremonies, and I became convinced that spiritualism of this kind will not bring humanity closer to God.It is not the spiritualism of the ancient holy people, including the early Christians.

††††† Nevertheless it was my good fortune to also meet with the best aspects of spiritualism in the United States, and through it to corroborate the good experiences of my youth.In other countries my experiences with spiritualistic churches were similar.

††††† This all led to a great desire within me to organize and conduct sťances of a holy nature, sťances that would serve God.This I accomplished twice in my life with great success.What you will read in this book is the truth I received from holy spirits in these holy sťances plus the knowledge I have accumulated in various other ways in my life. All of which has proved to be correct through many tests of logic, sound reasoning, practical application and especially through the fact that each truth has brought many others and me closer to God.

††††† If I may say so without bragging or boasting, I consider this book to be the best of its kind in the world.My research and personal investigations, as well as confirmation of this from the high good spirits tell me that it is.It has taken over 10,000 hours of hard work to compile, write and edit this work of love for humanity.I would gladly do it all again because I am a humble servant of our eternal God, and I have an unlimited amount of love and compassion for my fellow humans on Earth.

††††† If you will read, study and accept all of the teachings presented in this book, you will have more than enough truth, knowledge, and wisdom to find the path to spiritual progress, to God and eternal life.

†††† One of the most important purposes of this book is to describe the way to make the transition from a materialistic mentality to a spiritual mentality.This is the first step to a spiritual education, spiritual progress and a spiritual life.This does not mean, as many have assumed, that you are not to provide the physical necessities for your physical body, you must always accomplish that.What it does mean is that you are a powerful spiritual being who must change your way of thinking.You must focus on the spiritual part of life first and foremost if you are to reach your final goal, a spiritual union with God and His Creation and a home in Heaven.

††††† Almost always when true prophets and teachers of spiritual truths bring forth their teachings they are rejected by the majority of the people because of doubts based in materialism and a disbelief that comes from a materialistic intellect.In this type of intellect no spiritual intellectual talents are found.The cause of this in today's world is usually a profound religious confinement, from which many of you must free yourselves if you are to live lives based upon spiritual and intellectual truth and wisdom.

††††† The result of this widespread gross materialism is that today there are only two kinds of people living on planet Earth, those who have a materialistic mentality, and those who have a spiritual mentality.Those who have a materialistic mentality are greedy, selfish, competitive, cold hearted, deceitful, unintelligent, closed-minded, ill mannered, unfriendly, easily addicted, overly emotional, easily angered, revengeful, vicious, barbaric, inhumane and warlike.They are destructive through their thoughts, words and actions.

††††† Those who have a spiritual mentality are generous, kind, helpful, cooperative, loving, forgiving, caring, considerate, compassionate, patient, calm, honest, intelligent, logical, open-minded, friendly and peaceful.They are constructive through their thoughts, words and actions.

††††† This division is the only true division of mankind.All other so-called divisions and labels such as "race", "religion", "nationality" and "social class" are merely man-made devices and conspiracies to control, manipulate, and exploit people for the benefit of selfish, greedy, and power hungry individuals who wish to rule the masses.Of course, most of these profoundly ignorant evil exploiters and manipulators live and work in secrecy so their evil deeds are not easily found out, but the truth will always be revealed.

††††† In our present times, from a spiritual perspective, the four enemies of truth, and therefore of all mankind, are all religions, all governments, greedy evil scientists and all greedy exploiters.This is because the people that compose these groups have a materialistic mentality and consequently do not have a spiritual one.No one can serve God and mankind with materialistic thoughts, words and actions that lead to a materialistic minded world.

††††† You might say that some good comes from these groups, but I say, that they do much more harm than good.

††††† You can always judge people accurately by their actions and the results of their actions.Look at all the evil that has come upon the Earth because of the predominance of gross materialism.Pollution, poverty, human starvation, disease, crime and war are just some of the major evil products of this mentality.

††††† Nevertheless, this book has been written for everyone out of the love and compassion I have for all humans, regardless of your present political, scientific, economic or "religious" beliefs and outlook on life.

††††† But it is especially intended for all sincere seekers of truth, open-minded thinkers, and those who listen to their inner spirit.The people, who live only within the flesh and know only the flesh, will not understand these teachings.

††††† The truths that you will find in this book do not have as their source any religion, philosophy, science, government, university, or cult on this planet.Instead, my sources are the highest of God's spirits, which include the holy celestial spirits, angels, good human spirits in the spirit world and spiritually advanced human extraterrestrials.

††††† The teachings in these pages are valid because they are logical, reasonable, and bring forth good fruit.They lead you to a union with God and His Creation.The following statement is the only true test of any spiritual teaching; Does it bring you closer to God, or does it drive you away from Him?If within your spirit, mind and soul it brings you closer to Him, then it is a truth from Him.

††††† Here are some of the questions this book will answer:Is there a God, Creator and Ruler of all humans?What is known about God?What is known about His Creation?Is there a conscious existence for people after the death of the physical body?Is there a Hereafter?Where does your spirit go when it leaves your body at the time of your physical death?Is there a Heaven?Is there a Hell?What fate is in store for you when you make the dimensional transition called physical death?Does everything come to an end within the cemetery walls?When your body is buried there, do they bury everything, is there nothing left of you, none of your love, hopes, fears, struggles, cares, joys, sorrows, good deeds or bad deeds?Is all that remains are a skull, bones and ashes?

††††† Again and again these questions enter your mind.In the silent hours of a deadly sickness they weigh heavily upon your heart.At every deathbed at which you stand, behind every coffin that you follow, they make you wonder deep within your soul.They arise from the mound above each grave, and are cut deeply upon every tombstone.It is very interesting how death compels you to think about life, about all of life, the entire Universe in which you live, whether there is a God or not, and about where you might be going at the time of your own physical death.Who will answer these profound questions for you?To whom will you carry your doubts in order to learn the truth?Will you go to the various churches and their clergy?Have you lost confidence in them because their explanations are illogical, confusing and unsatisfying?Perhaps you are confused because regarding the most important questions of religion they hold conflicting views and you have decided it is impossible to look to them for conclusive answers.

††††† Religions do not have the truth concerning God and His Creation.The falsifiers of the original Holy Scriptures of all religions have stolen it from them.These men saw religion as a way to gain the power to control people and steal their wealth.

††††† Those of you, for example, who think the so-called Christian Bible has not been falsified, rewritten and altered many times, are making a very serious mistake.A personal investigation into this matter will easily prove to you that it has.There is much that proves this in this book.You only have to seek and you will find the truth concerning the Bible.

††††† The books of the Bible have been re-written and changed to such an extent from their original writings that only those who do a very serious investigation of this matter and have spiritual knowledge independent of the teachings of the false Christian religions can sift the truth from the false in them.These falsifications, of course, have taken place secretly under the direct and indirect control of the highest Evil Spiritual Powers whose greatest desire is to keep the truth from all of God's created spirits, especially the humans under their present control.

††††† Who does have the truth?Is it the Holy Spirit World of God? Yes, all truth comes from God, usually through His Messengers the Holy Spirits, of which there are many kinds.

††††† This book will answer the questions above and also the following: What are the true Commandments of God?How has the Bible and other religious books been falsified?What is the true story of the creation of the first pair of Earth humans?Was there a fall of angels and human spirits from God's Kingdom in Heaven?What is God's Plan of Salvation?What is the complete truth about reincarnation?Do you have a spiritual record?Is there going to be a Judgment Day?Who was and is Immanuel?What were and are His true teachings?Is He coming back to Earth and when?Additional questions answered in this book are: What is the human aura?What is the influence of the heavenly bodies on the lives of men and women on Earth?What are the facts about astrology?Do you have a destiny?Do you have free will?Is it possible to be a medium or a clairvoyant?How do you become a medium or a clairvoyant?What is the true history of the Universe and planet Earth?What are UFOs and who are extraterrestrials?Where do all the different colored human "races" on Earth come from?

†††† The most important question this book will answer is - How do you become a spiritual person, achieve spiritual progress and return to God's Kingdom from which you have fallen?In this regard, what are the true Laws of God?What is the Law of Cause and Effect?Why were the Ten Commandments written?What is the true Golden Rule?How do you purify yourself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically?What is the altered ego?

††††† Anyone who desires to find the truth concerning these questions must communicate with those who have it.These are God's Celestial Spirits, the holy human spirits who populate the higher spiritual levels of the Hereafter, as well as spiritually advanced human beings who live on other planets throughout the Universes who visit Earth.This holy communication is the way to the truth because God has commanded it to be.

††††† The statement above is true, yet today most people laugh at those who speak of the possibility of establishing communication between mankind and the spirit world or humans who are from other planets throughout the Universes.They ridicule, just as people have always ridiculed any views that conflicted with the "popular beliefs" of their time.

††††† When the astronomer Galileo taught that the Earth revolves around the Sun instead of the Sun around the Earth, which was the popular belief of his time, his contemporaries regarded him as mentally unsound.The Catholic Church looked upon him as a heretic and excommunicated him.That church in conjunction with the civil leaders threw him into a prison and he could stop his suffering and persecution only by retracting what he had proclaimed.

††††† Yet it was the truth.

††††† When the first telephone was exhibited before "scientists" of the time it was laughed at and regarded as a hoax carried out by ventriloquism.

††††† Yet it was real.

††††† The same thing has happened through out the history of mankind to the apostles and teachers of every new spiritual truth.Their contemporaries have ridiculed, insulted, imprisoned, and even burned and murdered them.

††††† So today the majority of the world laughs at those who seek to prove to mankind that there is a spirit world, that there are extraterrestrial humans who visit the Earth, that we can establish communication with these entities if we go about it in the right way and observe the necessary laws and requirements.There are universal laws and rules governing these actions that are unchangeable and must be obeyed.

††††† What is most important is that you think for yourself regarding this subject.Read and study this book with an open mind and investigate these matters for yourself.Do not be mentally lazy.

†††† Your place in the Kingdom of God is at stake.

††††† The communications between people on planet Earth and spiritual beings, human and celestial, who live in the spirit world or from other planets, have received many names.They include spiritualism, mediumship, clairvoyance, mental telepathy, and spiritual visions.In this book I will describe and explain how to accomplish all of these in great detail.

††††† In this introduction of this book, I will briefly discuss only spiritualism.Of all of these true forms of communication, spiritualism is the one anyone can employ.Today, however, this word is in poor repute with the masses, as well as with intellectuals, although very few people really know what it means.Spiritualism is regarded as an absurd vagary of ill-balanced minds and people speak of "those spiritualistic fools" with a sneer.Yet it is a true form of communication, it is real, and it does bring forth truth.

††††† In this battle against spiritualism, the churches of almost all religions are fighting in the front ranks.Their attitude is quite absurd because these same churches assure you that they have received the revelations of their religions through communication with the spirit world."Judaism" and "Christianity" are based upon the testimony of the Old and the New Testaments and even though the majority of these Scriptures have been falsified, the remaining portions rest entirely upon spiritualism.At every turn in the Holy Scriptures you read of some communication between the world of spirits and our own.These churches are therefore in no position to deny the possibility of communicating with the spirit world, unless they are prepared to saw off the limb upon which they are seated.Yet they try to defend their war on spiritualism by asserting that attempts to communicate with the spirit world are forbidden by the Bible, citing the injunction, "You shall not question the dead."

†††† Just what does the Bible mean by "questioning the dead"?When the Bible speaks of the "dead", it refers, not to those spirits that have become separated from the body by the death of the flesh, but to the spiritually dead."Death", according to the Scriptures, is the separation of the spirit from God.The dead are those who have been separated from God because of their unbelief and by defection.They are the spirits of darkness.The "kingdom of the dead" is the kingdom of darkness, the realm of the enemies of God, the realm of lies and deep suffering, the realm of Lucifer.

††††† According to the Scriptures there is a kingdom of the dead and a kingdom of the living.It is within our power to communicate with spirits in either of these realms.You can seek the counsel of the spiritually dead, in which case you would be consulting evil spirits, or as the Bible terms it, "questioning the dead".Or, you may turn to the living in the Hereafter, which would be seeking counsel from the world of good spirits, or to quote the Scriptures once more, "Inquiring of God".

††††† To seek counsel from the "dead" or from the world of the apostate spirits would be the greatest possible affront to God.It would be idolatry, which consists of communicating with evil spirits.

††††† The necromancers of old were generally recognized as being, knowingly and deliberately, in communication with the Powers of Darkness, the Demons.God's stringent command voiced in the Old Testament was to root out the necromancers from among the people.

††††† There is only one, clearly defined, kind of communication with spirits which the Scriptures forbid, namely, communication with evil spirits.On the other hand it is the duty of mankind to seek to establish communion with God through communication with the world of good spirits.

††††† The invitation to "inquire of God" was joyfully accepted by the faithful of all ages.Among the Hebrews and other ancient people all over the world it was a matter of daily occurrence.

††††† God gave His messages in an endless variety of ways.His spirit messengers stood in constant touch with the faithful.Also, throughout the New Testament you find references to this.

††††† If you, as a faithful servant of God and as a honest and sincere seeker of the truth, try to get into touch with the world of good spirits, you are committing no sin, but rather, obeying one of God's commandments, an important commandment, because only through contact with the good spirits can anyone arrive at the truth concerning God and His Creation.Again, there is no other way.

††††† For this reason, nowhere in the entire Old Testament Scriptures is the seeker of truth told to go to his fellow humans, but always to God and His good spirits through direct communication.

††††† This holds true also for the New Testament.

††††† An important question this book answers is why is it that modern "Christianity" seems no longer to exert any influence upon the vast majority of the people today?

††††† This is because the teachings of Immanuel are no longer to be found in their original purity and clearness in those documents which have come down to you.In what is called the New Testament many key words, several paragraphs, even entire chapters, have been omitted or mistranslated.What you have now are mutilated copies.Not knowing the originals, you are unable to determine what those mutilations are.God has punished those who were guilty of these mutilations, but their mutilations have not been corrected until now.This is the most important purpose of this book.

††††† To a small extent as early as the first century A.D. these falsifications began to enter into the true teachings of Immanuel.As many of you know, even during the lifetime of the Apostles there were not a few differences of opinion among the Christian communities.Later, many erroneous human opinions and dogmas that do not agree with Immanuel's teachings were introduced into Christianity.If you had the complete and original text of Immanuel's doctrines, many a load imposed by "religious leaders" in the name of religion and "Christianity" would be taken from your shoulders.Many precepts which you are expected to believe, even though they seem out of all reason and logic would be discarded because they would be recognized as being wrong, and you, as God's children could again breathe freely.As it is, millions of people feel that much of what is being taught today as a part of the Christian faith cannot be true.From force of habit, they may conform outwardly, but there is no true inner conviction.

††††† There are many today who were raised Christians who do not profess even outward adherence to true Christianity.Instead of rejecting only those parts of it which are untrue, they discard altogether their belief in spirituality and in God.They think that these things are all of one piece.Nothing could be further from the truth.

††††† The time has come for the teachings of Immanuel to be restored to mankind in their full purity and truth.Not the false man-made "Christianity" of the so-called Christian churches, but Immanuel's Christianity will set you free.Free from the lies and deceptions of the Evil Powers, and into truth, knowledge, wisdom and love of God.

††††† The original documents relating to the New Testament, even when they have been partially preserved, have been altered in many places.The copyists substituted words and whole phrases, left out a word here or inserted one there, altering the sense of the text to suit their purposes.In most cases they were trying to create passages in the Bible which would lend support to the religious views of their times, and to that end they falsified its text.They were not always conscious of the enormity of their offense, but believed, rather, that they were serving the cause of religion.In this way the people were misled and today are misled, and many of them feel in their hearts that they are not on the right path, even if they are in no position to disagree with their religious leaders.The natural consequence is that a religion so deprived of its roots can no longer exert any fruitful influence.

††††† Many of you may ask that I tell you of some place in the New Testament in which a word has been changed to the extent of altering the sense of the text.While this is not the precise time which I choose to go into the subject of these falsifications in great detail, as I will later when I explain the Bible as a whole, I will grant your request and point out two places, in one of which a word has been replaced by another, and in the second of which a word has been omitted entirely.

††††† You are familiar with the exclamation of the Apostle Thomas, as rendered by the modern Bible in the gospel of John, "My Lord and my God"!As a matter of fact, however, Thomas used the form of address always employed by the apostles toward Immanuel, "My Lord and Master"!The word "Master" was at a later date distorted to read "God".This was done to support the false teaching of the Catholic Church that Immanuel is God.As I said, I will explain this in greater detail at a later time.

††††† A phrase from which a word was omitted and thereby its whole meaning changed should be of great interest to my Catholic readers who believe that a priest has the power to forgive sins.Which passage in the New Testament can you cite to support the claim that such power was conferred upon priests?

††††† The one Catholics choose is in the modern version of the gospel of John, "If you forgive the sins of others, they are forgiven to them."

††††† The Greek word that has been translated as "them" also has in that language the meaning of "selves".In the original text the word "your" occurred before the word "selves".That which today is rendered as "them" actually read in the original "yourselves".The original passage reads, "If you forgive the sins of others, they are forgiven to yourselves." You can see how the sense of this passage has been distorted by the omission of the word "your".Immanuel said here what He said elsewhere, "You must forgive in your hearts your fellowmen the failings and sins which they have committed against you, so that you may obtain forgiveness from God for your own sins."

"Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those that trespass against us."

††††† Forgiveness is the hardest task in your lives, and it is for this reason that God gives you His special aid, His holy spirits.If you will forgive the sins of others, your sins will be forgiven you; if, however, you retain them, that is, in your hearts, then God will retain your sins.

††††† There is nothing evil or displeasing to God in revealing one's sins to a fellow human, but do not think that priests or anyone else can usurp God's power by forgiving sins against God.Their duty is confined to removing sinful thoughts through advice, reprimands, and appeals to the better selves of their fellow humans, so that they may become better men and women, and give proof of their change of mind and heart by their future conduct.Something any person can do for another.Perfunctory confession and absolution is not only absurd and purposeless, but a desecration of the concept of a reconciliation with God.

††††† Even though many portions of Immanuel's teachings as contained in the copies which have come down to you of the old manuscripts have been purposely omitted or falsified to distort their meaning, enough of the true material still remains to enable the wise portion of mankind, by using it as a guide, to draw nearer to their God.Unfortunately, most people cannot sift the true from the false.Consequently, the Bible does much more harm than good.

††††† The foundation of Immanuel's teachings is "Love God above everyone and everything, seek His truth, and love your neighbor as you love yourselves." Whoever obeys this injunction obeys every law of God.All other precepts are merely supplementary to this fundamental one and are helpful as guides to its observance in the life of each individual.

††††† Now I will speak briefly of the last, but no less important reason why so-called Christianity seems to have so little influence on the people of today.

††††† They do not find in their so-called spiritual leaders any great observance, in practice, of the teachings of Immanuel nor of what these leaders preach.That is true of the clergy of all creeds.There are exceptions, but these are comparatively rare.Where can you find clergymen who could stand before Immanuel without blushing?How many are there who share suffering, poverty and need with their brethren and sisters, because that is what the members of their congregations are?Do they serve these as Immanuel directs, or do they not, in fact, dominate and exploit them?Will they do anything for nothing?Are there not clergymen who even demand payment in money for the prayers they offer?If someone drew a true picture of the lives led by a great part of the clergy of all religions, you would be shocked and even pained.Greed, selfishness, hypocrisy, drunkenness, gross materialism and even homosexuality run rampant through their ranks.

††††† Again, this book will present many true Teachings of Immanuel, Who as I have mentioned, most of you incorrectly know as "Jesus Christ"."Jesus" was not His name during His lifetime here on Earth and never did He refer to Himself as the "Christ".He was named Immanuel, at His birth, and I will refer to Him as Immanuel throughout this book.The name Immanuel means "the one with godly knowledge". He was not called Jesus until 50 years after His physical death."Jesus" was used as a secret code name to prevent persecution.

††††† During His life on Earth, there were many things which Immanuel, still wanted to tell His followers and which the latter had as yet not understood.These matters were to be more fully explained later, not by any human agency, but through spirits whom God would send as messengers of the truth, whose participation would be visible to the human eye.

††††† Immanuel said, "Truly, truly, I tell you all, you shall see Heaven open wide and God's messengers ascending and descending." The early followers of Immanuel at their gatherings witnessed this ascent and descent of these angels and good spirits.

††††† It is fundamental for the spiritual life of mankind that the truth about the great questions of life and the Hereafter be sought by direct communication with God's good spirits, who are the source of all truth.God teaches us this in the Old Testament, and through Immanuel He teaches the same in the New Testament.Wise men and women can easily recognize this when reading the Bible. God's people obeyed these precepts in ancient times and the "Christians" obeyed them in the early centuries of the present era.

††††† As time went on, this fundamental truth was ignored.Erring men and women usurped God's place and that of His spirit messengers, and placed themselves as originators of the truth.The preaching of the gospel became a trade.Religion was imparted by human teachers, just like any mundane knowledge, and so it has remained down to the present day.

††††† The "spiritual leaders" of the people became absolute masters in all matters pertaining to religion and in this way accumulated ever increasing worldly power.Constantly more numerous grew the false man-made ordinances laid upon the shoulders of believers in the name of religion.The one-time spiritual liberty of God's children was converted into religious serfdom and slavery.

††††† Whoever rebelled, and tried to live according to their convictions were many times punished with death.In the name of religion, the blood of many millions has flowed.

†††† The old first-hand texts of the New Testament quickly disappeared, and were succeeded by copies that differed in many essentials from their originals.Willful forgery was resorted to in order to establish the authority of the Bible on the man-made opinions and false statements that in the course of time crept into being.It was a repetition of the same actions of which God complained so bitterly in the Old Testament, through His prophets, who as a result were hated, persecuted, and murdered by the religious leaders who gained power and wealth through the falsifications of the original scriptures.

†††† The teachings of the good spirits in the sťances I conducted, as well as the finding of ancient documents have disclosed the fact that these forgeries extended like a plague to all of the ancient scriptures. The writings of Moses and the Hebrews in the Old Testament and the writings of the followers of Immanuel in the New Testament were all altered to support the religious "doctrines" that happened to be current at the time through out the centuries.

†††† Again, for you who claim to be Christian, the Teachings of Immanuel are no longer to be found in their original purity and clearness in the documents that have come down to you.In what is called the "New Testament", several paragraphs and entire chapters have been omitted and most of the rest was changed, what you have now are mutilated and falsified copies.But as I have said, you will find many of Immanuel's true teachings in this book.

††††† You should feel very fortunate that the time has finally come to restore His teachings to His followers in their full purity and truth.

††††† Naturally, the falsifications of the Holy Scriptures were done out of sight of the common people, who accepted unquestioningly the so-called "religious revelations" and interpretations offered to them by their "spiritual" leaders, and bequeathed them to their children and their children's children, and so it goes to the present day.Religion is a legacy that people have inherited from their parents, without stopping to use their own judgment as to its truth or lack of truth, which unfortunately, it might be added, is beyond the mental capacity of the greater portion of mankind. For this reason, most of you who today are "Christians" would be equally zealous followers of the Jewish or Mohammedan faith, if your parents were Jews or Muslims.

††††† The fact that the majority of mankind does not have the mental capacity to understand the most profound spiritual truths, nor to investigate them, is taken advantage of by all of the various religious leaders.Their goal is to rob the people of their wealth and to secure for themselves positions of authority, luxury and power.Does not the Pope live like a king with servants, and the other religious leaders live lives of luxury and power?

††††† This was not so in the days when people were in communication with the world of good spirits.Then they could directly ask, "What is the truth?" and received an answer.The people did not need "religious leaders" in those times to acquire truth and they do not need them now.Control and wealth are the goals of all the present day false religious cults.They forbid you to disagree with their false teachings and demand that you go only to them for the spiritual truths.

††††† I will take as an example the Catholic Church.In the recent past whoever disbelieved the "doctrines" taught by this church, or whoever tried to arrive at the truth by a direct appeal to God, in the manner of the old Hebrews or the early Christians, fell under the ban of this church and frequently perished at the stake.It is true that the "unorthodox" are no longer consigned to the flames, because today this church has lost the power to send them there, but the ban remains, and would fall upon the greatest of the early Christians if they were alive today and taught the same truths they taught in those days.

††††† The road that leads to God's world of holy spirits has been blocked, and with it the road leading to the truth.Man-made so-called doctrines and rules have been used to block the truth from mankind.Hundreds of religions claim to be the dispensers of truth, the first destroying what the second adores, and the third proclaiming as the simon-pure truth what the fourth condemns as abominable heresy.From these errors mankind can be freed only if God will send us His spirits as heralds of the truth, as He did in the earlier millenniums.

††††† It is not the "dead" or the kingdom of darkness, nor fallible mankind to whom you must turn, but to God.He is the same God today that He was then.Before Him, we are all alike and equal.He loves the people of today as dearly as He loved those of the ages that are gone, and as then He revealed Himself to mankind through His messengers, so will He today.

††††† It is to be expected that the religions will do their utmost to obstruct this road to the truth that I am presenting.This they must, since they will be fighting for their very existence.They consider themselves as the only disseminators of truth.Every one of them has its "Pope", whether or not he wears a tiara.Any teaching that includes in its tenets instruction through God's messengers will be looked upon as destructive competition and contradiction, endangering the integrity of these churches.They fear that the revelations so made will not harmonize with the tenets held by them.

†††† Obviously, there can be only one truth.Either this is in the possession of one of the many religions, in which case all other religions are in error, or else the truth is not to be found in any of them.When all is said and done, the words, "There is little clearness, a wealth of error and a grain of truth", apply to all religions in the world today without exception.

††††† At this time in your life you may consider yourself to be a Catholic, Protestant, or a member of another religion.You believe that yours is the true religion.Is it not the faith of your parents, your religion's teachers and your spiritual superiors?Even if the proofs of its truth do not completely convince you, you have no reason for refusing to accept what is accepted by all of your co-religionists.Furthermore, any voluntary doubt as to the truth of the tenets of your church would be considered a mortal sin.

††††† Of the possibility of communicating with spirits you may know nothing.Your acquaintance with spiritualism may be confined to only casual readings or the incorrect opinions of others.You may regard it as a swindle or as self-deception.But a day can still come on which you, voluntarily, without any fear, will take your first great step in the direction of coming into contact with the spirit world, and undergo experiences that will move you to the bottom of your soul.

††††† Once that step is taken and you recognize the truth of it, you will not stop.You will go on in your search for enlightenment.It will be only the good that you want.Seeking the truth, you will be ready to accept it, whatever the cost.You know that God does not desert the righteous, unselfish seeker, and that He will not give a stone to those who humbly ask for bread, but be aware of the serious consequences that you will be incurring by your actions.Your position in society, your material existence, your worldly future would be wrecked, if you persist.Insults, persecution and suffering at the hands of many, including friends and relatives, would become your fate.

††††† This price you must be willing to pay.On the new road you will take, you will find the truth.It will bring you inward freedom, happiness and love.The outward troubles that you will suffer will fail to disturb the inward peace, confidence, and certainty of the truth that you will have won.

†††† It is one of the purposes of this book to clearly describe the path which brought me into communication with the world of spirits and laid the truth open to me.The path you must choose if you desire to find the truth.This work has been written in a spirit of love for the good spirits and for you, my fellow humans, regardless of your religious creed or outlook on life.

††††† This book is a guide for all those who desire to communicate with the good spirits and by doing that find the shortest path to God and the truth concerning all of life.

††††† Guidebooks for those who travel around the Earth are written by people who have visited the places that they describe in the texts of their works.Such books are not written for people who expect to stay at home, but for those who want to go to the places that are new to them.

††††† This book is a guidebook of that sort.It is designed to direct the reader to that bridge on which the good spiritual messengers meet you.Whoever, in the light of what is here written down, steps upon that spiritual bridge will find every statement that appears in this book fully confirmed.

††††† I do not however, expect nor recommend that any of my readers accept at their face value the statements contained in these pages, without subjecting them to a personal investigation.If you did, you would be unable to reach a true spiritual conviction or faithful commitment to God, and would probably fall away from the truth because of doubt and persecution.I do not ask to be believed blindly, but one thing I do strongly suggest - that the truth that I found and continue to find must be searched for on the same road by which I found it.I have accurately described this road in this book, in order that no one may fail to find it.Educated and ignorant, rich and poor alike, can travel it.No preparation, no special training, is required.No tolls are collected.Only one thing is indispensable, the will to find the truth.Always remember that your free will is your greatest and most powerful gift from God.

††††† Also remember that those who seek truth must be ready to accept it at the moment at which they are convinced that it is being offered to them, and must be willing to live their lives accordingly.God demands that.This book is not written for those who will not accept these terms.For them, no way leads to the truth.

††††† Those who do not have the will to find the truth, who are not ready to explore the spiritual road which I am pointing out, forfeit the right to pass judgment on this book, or even to comment on it.

††††† It's the same as if a chemist was to announce that he had found a method of making gold by combining certain substances and was to describe his process minutely, only those who themselves had performed the experiments described by their author, and who had faithfully followed all of his directions, would be capable of expressing an intelligent opinion as to his claims.

††††† I am certain that this book contains the truth.I have taken long drinks of this spiritual water and found it completely safe and very satisfying, quenching the thirst of my spirit.

††††† If you read, study, accept and practice the teachings I have written here you will unite with God and the good spirits.You will have truth, knowledge, wisdom and love without limit.You will achieve the Oneness with your Creator and His Creation.

††††† I feel no fear that those who follow the path suggested by me will find anything to conflict with what I have found.Everyone who has followed my advice and has sought to get into communication with the good spirits has had experiences precisely like my own.Nevertheless, as I said before, my book and my students are sure to encounter many bitter enemies.Not so much among the great masses of the people, but in those circles for which the acceptance of these truths would mean heavy material sacrifices, the "Popes", "Bishops", "priests", and "ministers" of the various false religions.The "creed" that they have been preaching to their congregations has provided them with a means of living.If now, in consequence of any change regarding their way of seeing the truth, they are compelled to make major alterations in those things which they have been professing, they will cease to be members of the clergy of their respective religions and lose their salaries, on which they have depended on.To give up a place supposedly bestowed for life and to go out into the uncertainties of the world poor and beset by enemies, is one of the greatest sacrifices that a person can make.

†††† Not many will make it, sooner they will dispense with the truth.It was for this reason that the Jewish priests waged so bitter a war on Immanuel and His teachings.Their livelihood was in danger.They did not study His teachings to enable them to say whether these were right or wrong, but unloosed their deadly hatred upon Him whose words threatened to alienate the people from them and to undermine their power, wealth and influence with the masses.For this, His suffering was decided upon and the curse of being the relentless opponent of the truth and of those who seek it and those who proclaim it, rests to the present day on the priesthood and clergy of all religions.

†††† Again, with fire and sword, the Popes, bishops, priests and ministers have slain millions under the "war against heresy", just as the Jewish priests excused their persecution of Immanuel by saying, "He has spoken blasphemy."As a matter of fact the "Christian churches", since immediately after Immanuel's lifetime, have murdered through religious wars, church courts, Inquisitions, Crusades, fanaticism, racism, "commands of God", "judgments of God", and other insanity, approximately 20 million people worldwide.All of this was perpetrated by a group of maniacs, degenerate religious leaders who had become obsessed with their false faith.Always in the forefront of this insanity was the Catholic Church.

††††† Even today great numbers of people are murdered in religious fanaticism.Religions and religious sects are currently more powerful than ever, although the opposite may seem to be true.Together with science, politics, organized crime, military technology and economic power religions are pulling everything into their powerful grip.Never before has any group of people possessed so much power over the Planet as religions do today.

††††† So the real reason that the religions will oppose the spiritual truths presented in this book, as it was in the past, is the fear of the total or partial loss of worldly power and influence, worldly honors, offices and revenues.Of course there have been and still are exceptions.Perhaps these are more numerous today than they were in the past, but these latter-day Nicodemuses can do as little to prevent the so-called spiritual leaders of today from passing the death sentence upon the truth, as the first Nicodemus was able to accomplish regarding Immanuel.

††††† The clergy of today will not only repudiate this book, but will refuse to perform, in the ways therein prescribed, the tests of the truthfulness of the statements which it contains, and yet, there is nothing about these tests which can offend the conscience of anyone.

††††† The teachings I received relating to the laws governing spirit communication with mankind, as well as all my personal experiences in that connection, shed so much light on events related in the Bible and elsewhere which before I had not been able to understand to my satisfaction, that all related obscurity was dispelled.Also, I was able to understand many things that I heard or read of afterwards concerning occurrences of an extraordinary spiritual nature.

††††† However, from the beginning, the great religious questions and problems were what concerned me most of all.I was a spiritual person, and had devoted my whole life searching for truth.Accordingly, it was only natural that I should be primarily interested in discovering whether all of the religious doctrines that I had so far believed were true, or whether among the tenets of the so-called Christian church of my parents there were any which were at variance with the truth.

††††† Although I could scarcely have foreseen that such discrepancies would prove to be as numerous and as devastating to that church as I subsequently found them to be, I was prepared to some degree for such a discovery because of the materialistic attitude, hypocrisy, and illogic I clearly saw within that church.

††††† In later years I read that the "Christian churches" had issued insistent warnings against spiritualism in general and the so-called revealed spiritualism in particular.

††††† That is to say, precisely against that which any earnest seeker after the truth is most particularly desirous of learning.Obviously, anyone who like myself, conducted spiritualistic meetings as he would conduct a divine service, was not concerned with obtaining only interesting spirit phenomena, which is the aim of ordinary sťances, but with getting into communication with the good spirit world which had instructed the people of all ancient times, including the times of the Bible.

††††† It was from this spirit world that I hoped to learn the truth concerning the most important questions of life.I wanted to be enlightened, for example, about the interrelation between the Here and the Hereafter.Not of any matter of minor importance.

††††† Looking at spiritualism from the standpoint of the false churches, I could see reason enough for the warnings they had issued against it as practiced by me, precisely the "revealed spiritualism", because once mankind becomes initiated into the full truth by direct communication with God's good spirits, the foundations of these churches will begin to shatter.With their conflicting doctrines, these churches will then be in danger of losing their adherents, because mankind will no longer have to depend on the clergy in their search for truth, but will, through their communication with God's spirit world, learn of the direct road to the source of the truth, as it was learned by the people of all ancient times.

††††† The root of the opposition on the part of these churches to spiritualism in general and to revealed spiritualism in particular is fearful, selfish and ignorant self-preservation.

†††† The conflict waged by them is the same as the war declared by King Herod in the defense of his kingship when the birth of Him, Who was to be the King of the Hebrews, Immanuel, was announced to him.As many of you know, he sent forth soldiers and killed all male children, two years old and under, who were in Bethlehem and its surrounding districts.But the war of these churches upon divinely ordained spirit communication will be as futile as was Herod's war upon Him Whom God had sent.

††††† The truth that the good spirits can communicate with and enlighten mankind concerning the great and important questions of the Here and the Hereafter, independently of any church, will in due time prevail with all of mankind, while as to the false churches, it will be said as in the gospel of Matthew, "For those who sought the child's life are dead."

††††† That which the "Christian" churches of today are preaching to the spiritually ignorant multitudes is not the truth, and differs greatly from the answers given by God's spirits to the questions put to them regarding God, His Creation and its ultimate fate, Redemption, Immanuel, Immanuel's life and work, the false churches and their sacraments, Heaven, Hell, regarding the origin and purpose of the Universe, and many other important matters.

††††† I have no desire to argue with anyone, and I am not attempting to convince anyone of these truths, you must convince yourself through reading, studying, and a personal investigation.I am simply presenting the truth as I have learned it, you can accept it or reject it, but of course, I strongly encourage you to read and to study what is written in this book.Until you learn what is spiritually important and true, you will remain ignorant and make many serious spiritual mistakes, bringing upon yourself great punishment.There is no greater evil than to be ignorant of the truth.

††††† I know that the majority of the people on planet Earth today have no interest in spiritual matters because of their materialistic mentality, lack of a true spiritual education, psychotic and neurotic psychological disorders, evil spirit possession and obsession, and especially because of social conditioning and addictions.As a matter of fact most people in their daily lives never think about God, spiritual progress, a spiritual education, their spiritual record, or the Hereafter.Many of them do not believe a God exists.

††††† I would like to ask these atheists where they think everything and everyone has come from.If they respond that everything and everyone has come from a void of nothingness, a completely empty vacuum, because this is what most scientists and professors at universities teach, I would respond and say that is the most absurd and illogical statement anyone could ever speak.How can you conceive of a Creation without the existence of a Creator?That is senseless.Doesn't the word Creation logically imply to any intelligent person that there must be a Creator?How could everything and everyone come from nothing?That is impossible!

††††† Those of you who do not know anything about the One True God, the Creator of the human races, but seek the truth concerning Him, this book is for you.Those of you who believe God exists, I would like to ask you again, why do you believe God exists?If this question conjures up more questions than you can answer, I strongly suggest you read this book.††

††††† Without a doubt this book is for everyone who seeks the truth concerning God and His Creation.

††††† Finally, the fact that what is written in this book seems so incredible to many of you is no reason for refusing to set out upon the spiritual path indicated, because God has promised to give you the eternal truth and show you the great, the mighty and the so-called incredible, today and forever.

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