You may convince yourself of the fact that within your lifetime mankind will see God's Kingdom on Earth. Only those so chosen to enter into His Divine Kingdom, those who choose God and His Commandments, will be allowed in and allowed to gain the wealth of knowledge that the Eternal One has to offer. There will be numerous occasions on which mankind will be given the opportunity to raise their spirit to the point of entrance into The Kingdom, the thirteenth spiritual level. To achieve this goal humans must alter their thought patterns so as to accommodate Divine thinking. 

To relate this repentance, this change in the way one thinks, to the everyday experiences you can understand, imagine an oyster at the bottom of the sea and in it a grain of sand has lodged itself. Within this oyster's shell is everything that it needs to protect itself from predatory invasion and within it's muscle is the foundation of a pearl, brought on by a simple grain of sand. These pearls are produced unhindered until the death of the membrane, and then mankind may gather these precious pearls and adorn that which they so choose. Alike the pearl is wisdom. Truth from God comes and enters the spirit of a person and grows unhindered until precious pearls of wisdom are produced. Then this person, this spirit,  can go to his fellow humans and share these pearls and the sands of truth are sown into the receptive ones. 

Mankind has many lessons to learn regarding God and His Creation. They must first be motivated within themselves to begin an earnest search for the meaning of this existence and all that it entails. Contrary to their understanding of what they think their life is for and what duties they have while in physical bodies, they must reflect and honor their spirits by seeking truth, love and God's Plan before it is to late, because the Judgment is close at hand. Never think otherwise. 

All that you do for God while here will bring you untold rewards in the Beyond.

The Keys to the many doors in the Beyond must be earned to the letter. No slackers or lazy ones will be able to gain the wisdom that lies beyond these doors that the Keys will open. With out wisdom you will be left out in the outer darkness.

The Golden Keys are reserved for the teachers of truth and spiritual leaders of humanity, because behind these doors Angels of God await to teach and assist in the efforts of spiritually uplifting mankind. These Keys are the most precious to attain because therein you can work directly with Immanuel and the Celestial Ones to bring God's truth throughout the Universe.

The spiritually advanced ones are always the forerunners to Immanuel's coming. These ones so chosen to come ahead have a most difficult task indeed, but never have an ounce of doubt because God will overcome all obstacles. Use your imaginations when difficult situations arise, be creative like an innocent child not yet polluted by the evilness of this so-called civilization.

It is best to accomplish as much good as possible while here on Earth, so as to lead mankind back into the Father's Kingdom. Remember, only the true saints will enter Heaven. Those who obey God's Commandments and do good works of love. Be like good children who are always ready to learn and obey authority.

Mankind is destroying all that God has given for their survival; soon they will see the lifeboat sinking and all that they believed in will begin to disappear from under them. God's spirits are well underway regarding this. You are going to see and hear many new and different things in the coming months. Some will inspire you. Some will revolt you. The purpose of it all is to educate you as to the lifestyle of your fellow humans and show you how they will respond to the new teachings.

There are many who choose the path of least difficulties, but what is it that they choose to live their life for? Would Immanuel have chosen to live an easy, non-difficult lifetime? If so, would He have accomplished as much in the service of God as He did? Would He have cured the diseased and reprimanded the Pharisees? Would humanity today have a chance to earn Heaven and escape Hell? The answer to these questions is no.

John the Baptist would not have chosen the path of least resistance, nor Moses who traveled with the Hebrews in the desert for forty years.

Forever focus your life on seeking truth, finding it, living it, and sharing it. When you live your life in this way you will strengthen your connection with your Creator, slowly discarding the old ways that are offensive to Him and you will think, speak and act in ways that are pleasing to Him. Keep the faith that you will be successful in accomplishing your work for God, your work of bringing the truth to His children on this planet. Do not say that you will try. To try is to deny. Trying is a word that indicates intentional failure. It specifically says that you will try but you will not succeed. Say instead that you will do it. Doing indicates accomplishment. 

My writings will serve as your guide unto the lighted realms sought by countless mortals. You will reach new levels of spirituality that few have attained. Levels that your spirit, that spark of the Creator, forever yearns for.

The forced, neglected feeling you sometimes suffer is your soul trying to overcome the burden of past mistakes, wrongdoing, to move you to think of the greatness that your Creator can provide. Many times during your life you have seen and overcome the calamity, chaos, and dissatisfaction all around you. Continue with those kinds of actions, because all that you do in this lifetime is worth ten-fold in the Beyond. Seek a deep calmness and purity throughout your soul that will bring you a sense of purpose to transmit it to others. 

God will be greatly pleased with your eagerness and desire to serve Him and His cause.

Do not be overly concerned with your financial situation, because God will provide for you if you make the effort to provide for yourself. Remember that you have been blessed with the truth and this is the greatest treasure of all. 

The poorest of men are those who waste their lives chasing worldly riches and are concerned only with worldly affairs. To them truth is madness and madness is truth. Fame and fortune do not bring spiritual fulfillment and self-worth.

The parts of Mankind that do not have the truth will be given one final chance to see the errors of their ways and make appropriate changes. If they fail to do this then their end will be very unpleasant indeed. The erring will be condemned for a period of at least a thousand years during which time they will learn to appreciate the value of light. Also, they will be isolated from those they love and this too will serve as a punishment and lesson. God is a just and righteous ruler and those who choose not to participate in His way of life will be banished until He decides they can return.



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