Letters from Students and Readers
I am overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of the information you
have provided on-line.  I feel that the clock is ticking and it is important for me 
to begin to develop my spiritual being.  The information you provided 
has validated many of my feelings of late.	
Since I have had children, I have become more interested in providing 
them with spiritual direction but have been at a loss.  Convention 
religion, Catholicism, has never felt right to me.  As I child I remember 
questioning their laws and throwing them off.  I quietly developed 
my own relationship with God.  
But as I became an adult, and as each year passed my spirit was not 
nourished and I fell away. I felt like I was blocked and stopped 
speaking to God.  Although I have experienced deep love for my 
children and I continue to develop a deep love with my partner, God 
was missing.  He and I have recently begun having discussion about 
our relationship with God and how we get back to the basics.

Thank you for providing me with information that feeds my spirit
again.	The door has been opened.  I feel like a child taking her first 
steps.  I have much work ahead of me and I realize the responsibility 
involved in this spiritual pursuit.

Is there any possibility of getting a hard copy of your book?  I know
that you stated that you have only the online version available but I
wanted to see if the hard copy version will be made available.  

Thank you for your time, 




Found you on the net, one of 67000 hits for god, reincarnation, truth. what i read is true and may have been part of god's perfection that led me to this e-mail. what do you think, my friend in truth?

I am casting my bread upon your waters.



n. carolina, USA



Thank you for the truth.

Predictions for 2003 is excellent work.

We live in the world of changes. I believe that new people is going to live 
in harmony and peace. I have information that new world will be without 
money. You have this information too.

It was told through my mediumistic writing that money will be cancelled on 
Earth one day. It is not now. I am talking about in the new world.

I have been writing my book for 12 years. It is about the new world where we are going to live in a few years. The book should be published in 2005.

I am photographer and writer. I am 39 years old. I am not ageing. I still look like I am 25 years old. Your information is proof to me again that the new people are going to live very long lives.

God gave me a sign many years ago. It was 1990.

I am going through a transformation. I am seeing colors with my open eyes. They are violet, purple, gold, blue, green and etc. Bright, sparkling colors which flash in my eyes. It is light.

Every day I see more and more colors. It feels like a high energy is here. I try to understand why I am seeing these colors?

I have been looking for that answer for the last 4 years.
Why me?

God shows me miracles. It is so beautiful.

I am so glad that you are the person who is going to live in a new world after these dramatic changes.

When I am taking kids pictures I see eyes of old people. These kids have no fear and a lot of sadness in their eyes. May be better to say wisdom.
These kids are very old souls.
They are ready to see a catastrophe or they saw it once when Atlantis disappeared.
Their eyes told me that the world is going to change.

If you have this information about a new time you are chosen to live in this time. You are one of them.

Thank you.



Dear Raphael, 

Sent a check in the mail to you today for your e-mail book. Have found it very interesting and enlightening Looking forward to reading it. God Bless. 




Dear Raphael:

I live in Washington State and I remember the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in May of 1980 very well even though I was a small child. It was Sunday morning of May 18, 1980. I have always been very intuitive and known that my area where I live is cursed for catastrophic destruction in the very near future but I just don't want to leave without my family. They don't believe me. 

I have and I still am very afraid of Mt. Rainier erupting too, that would really affect us where we are and I told my parents that when the time finally is happening and upon us that Mt. Rainier is exploding that it might be too late for my family and I to move, escape and save ourselves. The earthquake on Wednesday, February 28, 2001 at 10:54 a.m. really scared my family and I.  Of all the years of living here, since 1973, it was the strongest earthquake that we have ever encountered. I know that even though it was a 6.8 magnitude that this is only a wake up call. I wish I knew exactly what year would be the "Great" isn't the word for it but "Catastrophic" earthquakes would finally destroy my  area. Somehow intuitively inside me I feel no more past 2012 and I'm feeling from 2003-2006. Do you think you could clarify this for me? Anyways I really believe your predictions and website. 

Much Love Always,





I live in Florida USA...i am somewhere between being a humanitarian and a normal home maker and mother , and i was much impressed by what i read in your predictions...in fact the destruction of the world has been a recurring thought in me for quite some time...and my chief concern is to see my son aged 3 and half survive and see the beauty of this earth as we did despite our personal struggles.



Hello Raphael,   

I bought your book a short time ago and read it with great interest.  I plan to reread it again quite soon so I may more deeply understand everything that is in it.  Its more than what I expected. 

God bless you Raphael,  I know somehow in my heart what your doing is honest and true.  My best wishes go with you and your mission.





Hello Raphael,

I just read your website and am very interested in your work.  

I am a highly spiritual person, an ordained minister, who is very concerned about our planet, and the contribution that I can make to it at this time.  Many changes seem to be occurring & I want to make the right choices in my life.




I love your website, and value all the information you're sharing with us. 

Thank you.   





My name is Cathy. I have just been reading your predictions for 2002 and beyond. I am fascinated.

When I was a young girl growing up in Africa I had a very strong feeling that when I became an adult of the world I would be a witness to some major world event i.e. aliens or some huge uncommon event.  Do you think this was a psychic experience ?  I feel very connected to something out there but am not sure what it is.  
Hope you can give me some insight.



Blessings to you, Raphael, from Sunbear


The Great Spirit Prayer

  (Native American origins)


"Great Spirit, whose voice in the wind I hear, and whose breath gives life to all the world, hear me! Small and weak I am. Your strength and wisdom I need.

Make me to walk in beauty and in a sacred manner.

Make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunsets.

Make my hands and heart respect all that you have made.

Make my ears sharp to hear your voice or receive spiritual guidance, when I sincerely ask for a sign, a vision, a dream, or a prayer answered.

Make me wise, so that I may understand the things you have already taught my people.

Let me learn the lessons you have hidden in every rock, leaf and herb.

I seek your strength, not to be greater than my brother and sister, but to fight my greatest enemy, myself.

Make me always ready to live my life with your eyes smiling upon me, when my deeds or thoughts are examined by me or you.

Make me always ready to treat my brothers, sisters and Mother Nature's creations as I want to be treated: with love, justice, honour, dignity, integrity and respect.

When life fades like the fading sunset, let my eyes be clear, my hands and heart free of bloodshed, destruction, hatred, or disrespect for Mother Earth, so that my spirit may come to you without shame."


Mitakuye Oyasin, Namaste, sunbear



Dear Raphael,  

I have just visited your simply wonderful website and found all the articles most helpful and enlightening.  Thank you for that. 

Enjoy, love

sunbear in Western Australia ..... blessings.

Please do not hesitate to write me a positive 
and agreeable letter.  It does help others.

Thank you,



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