Linda's Near Death Experience


In 1990 I was rushed to the hospital with severe internal bleeding do to an etopic pregnancy.  At the time I was very atheistic.  I was raised a Buddhist by my mother, but at 13years old I became an atheist.  I was born with good looks and felt I had been raised in a fortune cookie.  I was extremely arrogant, vain, conceited and very materialistic.  At the hospital I was screaming in pain.  It had been very early in the morning when I came into the ER. about 3am.  There was a boy there who had broken his arm somehow and was frightened by my screams.  An intern of a sort tried to stop me from screaming, but to no avail.  He was angry at me and I could tell he was truly upset.  I don't why this made me angry but it did.  I said to myself....I will show him. I will just leave.  Go away in my mind.  I knew I could do this, because I had done so often times growing up as a child. (due to molestation) 

So, there I went.  I was in such pain that I just let go.  I could here everyone in the room.  I heard someone say, we are loosing her.  I can here the machine on my heart start to go bbbbllllllllleee.  Then the same voice that said, we are loosing her, say, "s_ _ _ " she is ..........and I don't know what happened after that.  Next, I was floating over the table where I had been laying. I was quite happy with myself.  Quite smug in fact.  I sure did scare them, I was clearly thinking.  When the doctor started to call
out loud again....we are loosing her people, I felt a frightening pull of I guess I can say, of my soul, or spirit.  I was being pulled down and I knew it was down for some odd reason. 

I landed with great ease on or in another dimension.  Nothing earthlike.  I was alone at first and then I sensed a presence with me.  But I was not sure who or what. I started to become afraid.  This place was new to me.  My mind had never been here. I believe I closed my eyes in hopes that I would return, but somehow I knew I would not.  When my eyes opened, I was in hell.  In a certain chamber of hell. There were horrible smells and such darkness, one can only feel.  I saw people in chains and being tortured.  In such horrible ways that I still cannot talk about them. I hated that place and wanted to leave it desperately, but could not.  I stayed there watching and smelling and feeling all the pain and horror of that place.  

After, there was a voice, just a voice.  It was familiar, but I knew I didn't know who He was. He spoke simply and so directly to me. He explained to me the place that I was at was no longer for people like me.  He said, that before He was born that everyone died and came to this place. There was no hope.  But since His death.  He had done something.  I don't recall what He said He had done, but that since then, when some people die now they wait, in another place.  I really did not understand, because I was really afraid.  I did not want to be there.  The voice said you love him?  And I clearly remember thinking, why are you asking me this, you already know everything.  I got no reply.  Just silence.  

At this I became very annoyed.  Then suddenly I was being pulled again, only this time, it felt like I was being pulled up.  When I stopped, I saw people around me, but not real close, like in a distance.  There were people I knew and people I knew, that I did not know.  It was really strange.  The feeling was so nice and easy. Tranquil.  I was so mental at that moment, its as if I knew everything.  Then...I looked up, or ahead of me, I'm not sure, and saw the most beautiful site I have ever seen.  They were, its sounds corny...pearl gates.  Huge gates made of pearls.  The gate was closed, but as I was looking they started to open up, towards me.  Inside I could see streets paved in gold, with mansions upon mansion in rows covered in diamonds and green stones. It was brilliant.  When my eyes had their fill, the scene went blank (not dark) and the same voice asked me...."well Linda, what do you believe"?  At that, I woke up and took a deep breath in.  I opened my eyes to a nurse and with the most beautiful feeling I have ever had, I smiled at her and told her that there is a God and He loves you!  I have believed in Him ever since. I changed my whole life because of it.  Although extremely reclusive, because of the sensitivity I now have, I am learning to reconnect. I had not been able to speak of this until just recently.  I have been in constant study and am extremely reclusive.  Its strange that I didn't get any faith out of this experience, but it instilled a lot of fear of the Lord.
Thank you for reading.

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