The Pollution and Depletion of Planet Earth 


It is 2003. The world is populated by more than 6.5 billion humans. From this time onward, four more people per second are being added to this figure. Nearly 75% of the Earth's inhabitants live in the developing countries; 2 billion of these people are starving, and every day 40,000 children die of hunger and malnutrition for a total of 14 million a year! Hunger generates every type of human adversity such as social tensions, revolutions and, ultimately, civil and international wars, whereby the battles for goods become increasingly more brutal and inhumane. For the people involved, a human life no longer has any meaning. Entire nations are plunged into terrorism, anarchy and chaos. Hunger, misery, distress, war, persecution and massacres force people to flee their homelands and immense human migrations occur in proportions never before experienced. 

In the spring of 2002 alone approximately 250 million refugees existed. The exodus from the Third World is set into motion like a gigantic human steamroller, which begins initially within their home regions, but will soon increasingly expand in a northern direction toward the lure of the industrial, economic and welfare nations with their wealth, luxury and employment opportunities. However, through migration these opportunities become constantly rarer once the immigrants increasingly begin to occupy the jobs and are willing to work for lower salaries than the local residents, who lose their own livelihood and become welfare recipients as a result.

What is the cause of all of this human tragedy? The cause is the exact same cause that pollutes and depletes the Earth of all it's natural resources and environment; the mismanagement of planet Earth due to the greed and outright stupidity of the so-called modern civilization. 

Let's take a clear look at what is happening in the world today in regards to the environment.

The wealthy 25% of the world's population resides in the northern industrial and economic nations, and on an average earn over ten times more per capita than the people in the poor so-called Third World nations to the South. This wealthy 25% produces 4/5 of the economic output in the world. In their unrestrained consumption craze, however, the inhabitants of the northern economic nations use 2/3 of the planet's natural resources, raw materials and energy reserves. The total environmental destruction initiated by the northern industrial nations is by far more devastating, more destructive and annihilative than that produced by all Third World countries put together, even though the industrial nations have on hand more advance technology, and are more capable of protecting their environment and of preventing damage to their surroundings than the developing nations.

Approximately 70% of all motor vehicles in the world are in the Northern Hemisphere, and they greatly accelerate the industrial nations' share of atmospheric and environmental pollution. Furthermore, people living in the northern industrial nations use nearly 100 times more water per person than inhabitants of the Third World therefore they generate the largest and most massive share of water pollution, e.g., creeks, rivers, lakes and oceans. 

All over the world the steady increase in agricultural industrialization and its constant, unrelenting utilization of chemicals completely leach the soil and result in steadily decreasing harvests, increasing erosion and the rapidly escalating death of various species of animals. Likewise, animals of all types are shot and exterminated in the "spirit of the sport" and for other shabby reasons which, of course, exclude their protection and care by gamekeepers and wardens. Additionally, the world's oceans, creeks, rivers and lakes are over fished by small but highly mechanized fishing crews and fishing fleets with state-of-the-art technology. They negligently and irresponsibly decimate the supply of aquatic animals. Today, the fish yield by these expeditions is rapidly diminishing and many types of fish and other aquatic dwellers are threatened with extinction, while others have been exterminated altogether. 

Though the northern nations do the most damage to the planet's environment, the Third World nations to the South irresponsibly and criminally pollute and deplete nature as well. For example, people in these countries criminally and systematically are cutting down the tropical rain forests, and as of the beginning of 2002, these forests have already been reduced, destroyed or annihilated to half of their original size.

The destruction of forests worldwide is a huge catastrophe for the planet and therefore humanity in many ways. Just to name a few; the worldwide oxygen supply has been reduced, thousands of species of animals have been severely hurt and many have become extinct, the wind and water currents of the entire planet have been altered which create a powerful imbalance in the  entire natural ecosystem, the atmosphere of the Earth has been altered and damaged, and the health of all life forms on the planet has been put in jeopardy. 

The irresponsible degree and speed of environmental changes generated by humans can be clearly witnessed through satellite surveillance. For example, it is obvious that bodies of water are being polluted and depleted at an alarming rate. The blame rests upon agriculturists, technicians, scientists and the governments. One group drains water from a lake for intensive irrigation of gardens and agricultural grounds, the other groups provides the means and ways to do this, while the government in charge authorizes everything and looks on without intervening. Such actions occur in nearly all nations on Earth, but are simply modified in one way or another depending on the circumstances. 

In the Mediterranean Sea, enormous destruction results when various types of fertilizers and sewage drift into the sea from the Po river plains, and the Adriatic Sea becomes constantly polluted. The result from this pollution is a growing, horrendous annual algae plague that suffocates all lower life in the sea. Likewise, the same thing has recently happened off the southwestern coast of Florida where a huge black algae covering of the gulf threatens all natural life in the area. Harbor towns all over the world contribute their share to this type of pollution as they simply route their poisonous sewage into the sea. This usage of the oceans as sewers is criminal insanity. 

A further gigantic, global threat is occurring as the Earth's ozone layer is depleted as a result of Man's fault and irresponsibility. Not only is the opening in the ozone layer above the South Pole growing larger from year to year but elsewhere as well, for Mankind is destroying this indispensable protective layer against UV rays. These life-threatening UV rays from space now strike the Earth's surface more powerfully and endanger every terrestrial life form. This hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica is measurably and noticeably expanding and now reaches the temperate zones, resulting in weakened immune systems and "black cancer", or skin cancer in humans. 

Above the Northern Hemisphere a rapid thinning of the ozone layer is taking place as it too becomes dangerously depleted. Above every city that has a population of 100,000 or more there is a very dangerous hole in the ozone layer. Concurrently, an artificially created greenhouse effect, generated by Mankind, is developing on a global scale that threatens life on Earth with total climatic collapse. Every type of unnatural catastrophe in nature directly results from the human destruction mania. Meteorologists are today registering an increase in natural disasters, such as tropical hurricanes or cyclones, and abnormal droughts and floods. Even earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are a part of this scenario, although scientists continue to maintain that these events are purely natural, which is not consistent with the truth. Indeed, every one of these events has not been a totally natural occurrence in the customary, natural extent for a long time.

The ice caps at the Arctic and Antarctic poles, the icy plains of Greenland and the mountain glaciers are melting down rapidly and will raise worldwide ocean water levels. Entire low-lying island nations, as well as coastal regions will be endangered and will eventually vanish beneath the rising waters.

In their absurdity and selfishness, Mankind, who loves to call themselves the crowning glory of Creation, has now become a vicious threat to all life throughout the globe. Mankind is the greatest menace to the Earth. It has by now initiated dangerous changes to countless life forms worldwide. For this reason alone Earth continues to turn into a wasteland. Mankind's insane desire to accumulate personal wealth is now leading them to the point where every social, ecological and economic woe is climbing immeasurably beyond the point of recovery.

Mankind is a part of planet Earth but they fail to understand the way of life that harmonizes with this planet. In their view not every human being is identical to the other, and if one belongs to another color, another race or variety, or if that person is simply a stranger, he or she will not be accepted, but is disregarded or hated, debased and persecuted. Power hungry and powerful individuals grab land and possessions from the helpless and Mankind is dealing likewise with its native land, the Earth. It treats the Earth as a complete stranger, lives strictly for their own benefit and not for harmony between Earth and all life on it. They creep in like thieves in the night, as strangers, and rob the Earth of whatever they relish; or, conversely, they destroy and annihilate everything on the planet as they please. They fail to live in harmony with the planet, their own Mother Earth and instead, they have become her enemy; immediately upon conquering and subduing one part of her, they move on to effect the same destruction elsewhere.

Mankind treats their native land, the Earth, its atmosphere, its bodies of water, its entire environment and its diverse life forms and species as objects, which they may simply utilize, use, destroy, plunder and then discard and destroy when they are through with them. Mankind's voracious appetite for everything the Earth has to offer, and their excessive urge to become wealthy will ultimately devour and destroy the planet and all life on it, where they will leave nothing behind except for a dead, barren wasteland if this does not change. 

How did terrestrial Mankind fall into this current dreary and destructive situation?  The further mankind falls away from God, the further they fall from harmony with the Creation that surrounds them. Greed, the love of money, is the root of all evil connected to the destruction of the planet.

Why haven't the religions of the world been able to save God's planet? These evils that are being brought down upon the Earth should not come as a surprise, however, when you consider that every religion in the world promotes gross materialism and the accumulation of personal wealth.  Take for example the so-called Catholic Supreme Shepherd, the Pope, who lives like an Emperor with hundreds of servants and trillions of dollars of wealth surrounding him. Through his example he vehemently and cunningly entices people to strive for wealth; indeed, through their religious faith the Catholics practically force their followers to produce wealth so they can contribute much to the church and thereby come into great favor with God. As well, the unlimited numbers of poor church members are constantly exploited by this organization and thereby being taught to do the same to the planet and to one another.

This is precisely what has happened since the beginning of this man-made religion and it continues even to this day. This all fosters as criminal deeds against humanity, life and the planet not only by the Pope, his cardinals, bishops, priests and others in this church, but also by their faithful believers. Furthermore, by blindly adhering to the Pope, followers stifle all common sense from the very start. 

Is this demeanor not abominable and inhumane? Apparently, the Pope's frightful example bothers neither him nor any of his followers. 

How many of the faithful of the various religions do you see publicly protesting against the pollution and depletion of the Earth? He or she may pay a small gesture as a way to calm the guilty conscience, but certainly, neither this particular approach nor the sectarian phrases and flowery language will advance terrestrial humanity, nor will they resolve any of the many problems facing mankind in particular, they will not resolve the greatest problem of them all; the planet's mismanagement and destruction.

All governments constantly promote the accumulation of wealth for taxes and personal gain. Passing laws that allow the criminal destruction of the environment that they are supposed to protect. Money always rules with these idiots.

Today three million fishing boats operate on the world's oceans and are greatly depleting the supply of fish and other aquatic life forms. Over the past 50 years fishing quotas have tripled. In 1950, 20 million tons of fish and water inhabitants ended up in Man's food chain. By 2000, this amount increased to 140 million tons per year. Fishermen not only unscrupulously plunder the oceans but also lakes, rivers and creeks for the sake of income and profit as long as their cash registers are ringing up returns. Business in this area is conducted at a very professional level, albeit with total nearsightedness and irresponsibility in every aspect. The depletion of fish stocks has led to over fishing in all oceans and other bodies of water. Many ocean and lake creatures no longer have the ability to reproduce, or are depleted to such an extent that they are dying out or have already become extinct.

The destruction of Earth's atmosphere and climate present problems as well. In comparison with the size of this Earth, the atmosphere is actually only a very thin layer. Over the past 500 million years, a well designed natural and complex cycle of patterns kept the ratio of various breathable gases for terrestrial life forms at constant levels. Likewise, the temperature range of the air was kept within an extremely narrow range. A natural protective shield formed beneath which a moderate, equally natural greenhouse climate developed and, step by step, a multitude of life forms began to flourish. 

However, over the last 100 years everything has changed because Mankind, its technology, production of poisons and other things, interfered with this sensitive equilibrium. They even changed the Earth's climate and are producing a new, dangerous, life-preventive and destructive greenhouse effect that threatens to slowly destroy everything. This is Mankind's self-betrayal that will lead to their own destruction and the annihilation of all life forms and of the planet itself if this isn't reversed. Every year 23 billion tons of CO2 are released into the atmosphere through fossil fuel burning and motor vehicle engine combustion; 1 million tons of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are released into the atmosphere by the chemical industry and consumers; 380 million tons of methane gas are generated by cattle farming, rice cultivation and garbage dumps in addition to 11 million tons of nitrogen-monoxide from nitrogen fertilizers and biologic mass burning.

Beyond a doubt, Mankind alone is responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect and climatic changes on Earth the larger the human population on Earth, the worse and more irremediable the situation becomes. Unquestionably, the climatic changes now evident will lead to increases in hurricane activity and other destructive natural events with catastrophic consequences.

So as you can clearly see Evil reigns worldwide over the pollution, depletion and utter destruction of Planet Earth. God has given us this beautiful, well designed and organized planet to live on and as a wonderful place for spiritual progress, but He allows mankind according to free will whether to live in peaceful harmony with it or to be it's enemy.


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