Sherry's Near Death Experience


Dear Raphael, 

I was in an automobile accident at age 19. My "near death experience" wasn't as long and detailed as others I have read, but here is mine; I was trapped in my tangled car when at some point my spirit was suddenly above my body. I remember seeing my bloody body laying there, but it may as well have been an old shirt. It wasn't the real me, I knew that. The real me was floating above it somehow. The paramedics and others arrived and use the "jaws of life" to get my lifeless body out. They laid me down and proceeded to work on me. There had been a friend in the car with me who didn't get hurt as badly, she was crying for me. I tried so hard to tell them that I was okay, I was very puzzled as to why they were upset and working so franticly. I could hear myself talking to them but they couldn't hear me apparently. I was talking telepathically I remember stretching out my (spirits) arms and realizing that there was no blood on my real body (my spiritual body). I witnessed them call my mother from a police car and tell her that I was dead. Somehow I witnessed my mother crying and praying, and I know that because of her prayers I wasn't able to stay in that realm of indescribable peace. I say that I must have been in another realm far away because when it was time for me to re-enter my broken body I traveled so fast through a clear tunnel, I say clear but at the same time, I could see little streaks of gold light. My spirit felt as if it were being suctioned back into my body by the strongest vacuum in the world. That's the only way I know how to describe it. Being suctioned. The whole time this suctioning was happening I was pleading not to go back, but it wasn't my decision to make. It was out of my hands. Here I am today ! I have to be careful because I find myself thinking to much about that peace on the other side, I find earth to be a type of Hell. Its hard to explain why, except that there is no comparison to the feeling of the absolute peace in the other realm. And to know that we can still communicate, even if it isn't with our lips, its as if whatever we think is spoken out loud, but with our minds.


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