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Special Article taken from the Book

Spiritual Teachings and Universal Truths

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Experiences with Mediums

including Criminal and Suicide Spirits


      The development of a full trance or a deep trance medium is not a pleasant sight, but it is necessary for communication with the spirit world and proceeds according to eternal laws. 

      The development of mediums is an important and a sacred matter and so you must, in your meetings, pray earnestly to God and ask Him to help them and to give them strength, so that everything may be done according to His will and that the mediums may become useful agents for the good, and may remain faithful to God. 

      Whatever I tell you here and in chapter 8 of this book is necessary to know, in order that you may have a total understanding and knowledge of what happens during the development of mediums, and that you may not feel alarmed over the things which you may see happening to them. 

      Everything that I had been taught by spirits about the training of a medium in my early experiences came true to the letter.  One man who had been described as an inspirational medium progressed rapidly.  Full instructions concerning the most important truths were instilled into him and were committed by him to writing.  Many of the things so revealed were entirely new to me and were, to a large extent, quite contrary to what this man had previously believed.  In this instance there was no possibility of any subconscious or thought transmission, by which so many people try to explain phenomena of this kind.  Thought transmission was completely out of the question, if only for the reason that whatever, from this time on, the inspirational medium wrote down, was committed to writing not at our meetings but at his own home and without anyone else being present.  The man would not sit down to write of his own accord, but would on each occasion be obliged to do so by that same resistless power that had taken possession of him the first time.  Even the precise time would be determined by that power. 

      Once, he was awakened very early in the morning, long before the usual time of rising and was summoned to get up and write.  He did not obey the summons, thinking the hour too early, when suddenly he felt himself pulled forcibly out of bed and laid upon the floor.  Thoroughly frightened, he sprang to his feet and sat down to write.  What he put down was a remarkable treatise on Redemption, which did not agree in a single point with that which he, as a Catholic, had been taught on the subject, and which did not resemble, even remotely anything that could have been gathered from any other known source.  In a like manner he, an untutored countryman, wrote a paper on the Holy Writ which contains truths that are entirely new.  Not only the contents but also the phraseology of these writings are such, that the man could never have created them out of his own head.  He wrote treatises in prose on the following subjects: The Spiritualization of the Soul; God's Mercy; What has your Redeemer done for you?  Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter; The Harvest; The Night; Beseech you the Lord; The Holy Writ; A Child's Love; The Death of a Mortal. 

      Just as the sole subject of all of his prose writings was God's truths, so too was the case of his poems like: The Heroes Demand; The Language of Creation; Hail and Hosanna; In the Pathways of God; God's Shepherd and his Flock; The Stronger One; Thus wanders your Creator. 

      The preparation of his brother as a speaking medium required more time, and the aspect of his brother's physical condition on these occasions was often alarm inspiring.  I was glad that I had been warned of this beforehand, since otherwise I might have misunderstood what I was witnessing. 

      After this course of preparation had been completed he used to fall into the same state of trance that I had observed in the case of a speaking medium of a high spirit I knew before. 

      The spirit being that first spoke through speaking medium, the brother of the country man arrived with the greeting, "God be with us", swearing that it was one of God's good spirits and making known its name.  Through this spirit I received a wealth of knowledge and instruction, all of which was in harmony with what I had learned from the speaking medium of the high spirit that I knew before. 

      In this connection there were two things that struck me, in the first place I could detect a difference in the rank of the spirit speaking through the country man's brother, and that of the spirit employing the other speaking medium I knew before, because several times when I asked a very important question of the former spirit, he would refuse to answer, with the remark, "I am not authorized to reply to that question.  You must ask Him!"  Whenever pronouncing the word "Him", the medium bowed low, the reference being to the spirit speaking through the other medium. 

      On the first occasion on which I was referred to the latter spirit, I asked the spirit before me whether he knew the other one.  "I do", was the reply, spoken with a low bow. 

      At first I could not quite understand why the spirit speaking through the country man's brother should not be permitted to answer questions as freely as that for which the other spirit could, and one day I asked the latter spirit for the reason. 

      He informed me that the customs of the spirit world were similar to those on Earth insofar as when a messenger is sent on a definite errand, he is expected to deliver only the message entrusted to him and nothing else.  Being himself duly authorized by God, he had the right to answer any questions of mine if he considered such answers necessary or useful, but the spirit speaking through the country man's brother, he added, was allowed no such latitude, and was in duty bound to refer me to his superior with respect to any questions which, in his subordinate capacity, he might not answer himself. 

      The other difference that I noticed was that it was always one and the same spirit that spoke through the country man's brother, where as there were several different spirits for which the speaking medium I knew prior acted as spokesman, although it was the highest of these that made use of him the most frequently.  It also always came to us with the greeting; "God be with us!" and was recognizable by its gentle voice and its characteristic form of diction.  It was also always the first one to speak at the spiritualistic meetings I later conducted. 

      One day I asked it how it happened that only one spirit would speak through the countryman's brother, where as the medium whom it employed served several other spirits as well.  The answer was as follows, "A definite task has been allotted to the other spirit, and for this purpose that medium has been appointed to its exclusive use.  For this reason no other spirit beings may enter that medium.  On the other hand, the medium through whom I speak, although prepared for my use, may by God's will, be employed by other spirits, good and bad, high and low.  In this way you are to be allowed to become familiar with the different kinds of spirits and to learn from their speech and actions about their state in the Beyond.  Above all, you will learn something of the path which low spirits must follow in order to attain perfection.  It is most important that you should gather such personal knowledge of the spirit world by means of its manifestations through mediums, for thus you will learn far more of the subject than you could by any amount of oral instruction.  However, any spirits which may manifest themselves through the medium here will not come and go as they please.  They are subject to a controlling spirit appointed to determine which spirits may enter into the medium and how long they may remain there.  Such a control exists in the case of all mediums who serve as instruments for the good and the same is true of all meetings at which communication is held with spirits after the manner willed by God.  In the absence of such control, nothing truly good or beautiful can be accomplished, because the good and high spirits do not appear.  They come only to those places in which everything is done as directed by God, and in which one of His Spirits holds sway.  At most of the spiritualistic gatherings of today this control is lacking, and as a result they become the playgrounds of the lower spirit world.  During the early stages I shall tell you what spirits I shall admit and how you are to conduct yourself toward them.  Later you will be able to distinguish between them for yourself and will know what to do in each individual case."

      That is precisely what happened. 

      A great number of spirits made use of this speaking medium.  Among them were high spirits which entered, and praising the Lord, taught us matters of great importance and departed after bestowing God's blessing on us. 

      There were also spirits undergoing great suffering, which often implored our help in heartrending words, beseeching us to pray with them.  At times they spoke in some foreign language, and finding that we could not understand them, turned away disconsolate. 

      Also, there were spirits of a very low spiritual level, which cursed themselves and their existence, berating us and scoffing at everything high and sacred in the most impolite language.  When urged by us to join us in prayer, they refused scornfully or spitefully.  If we insisted on their speaking the name of God, they immediately departed out of the medium. 

      Very numerous were the spirits that did not realize at all that they had physically died.  They believed that they were still on Earth and engaged in the occupations that they had in life.  These were the so-called Earth-bound spirits. 

      Our most horribly repulsive experiences were those with the spirits of criminals.  They constantly saw themselves haunting the scene of their crime and again and again witnessed what had taken place during its perpetration, like a film that repeats itself over and over again.  The spirit of the murderer was forever engaged in plotting and carrying out his horrifying crime in all its details and described his thoughts and feelings during those terrible hours in words which made us tremble, telling us how the victim gazed steadily at him with a look of terror.  A similar fate pursued the spirits of greedy men and other evil doers who had brought want and misfortune upon their fellowmen.  Wherever they might turn, they were confronted with the images of their victims. 

      The suicide spirits ceaselessly re-experienced the sensations, the outbursts of hopelessness and the events that had preceded their self-destruction.  No actor on Earth could play his role as realistically as did these spirits in depicting their emotions during the darkest hours of their lives through the person of this medium who was completely inexperienced, uninstructed and innocent in such matters.  Often what we saw and heard was enough to instill fear in every inch of our souls. 

      Now and then we would be visited by so-called bantering spirits which tried to amuse us with their shenanigans and lies.  As we showed no desire for their company, they would depart as suddenly as they had come. 

      The appearance of these different types of spirits and the incidents connected with them were significant. 

      The high spirits brought us the most valuable spiritual instruction and at times earnest admonitions and occasionally reproved us so severely that frequently one or another of their hearers burst into tears.  More than once the most secret thoughts of someone present were spoken out loud, although this was always done in a way not to humiliate him in the eyes of the rest.  It is characteristic of the good spirit world that it always administers its censure and reproof in such a way that it causes no offense, and it always accompanies its admonitions with expressions of consolation, cheer and love.  The good spirits do not break the bruised reed nor extinguish the glowing spark, but with gentle hands heal the wounds in the hearts of those committed to their care. 

      They do not, as a rule, repeat many times their warning or advice relating to the same subject.  If no attention is paid to their words, they may, perhaps, remind their hearer of them once or twice, but not more than that, or if so, only in the rarest cases.  But if he strives diligently to follow their advice or to obey the warning, they come back to him again and again and help him with their loving advice and encouragement, until he has reached his goal.  Whenever genuine good will is shown by the mortal, their love and mercy knows no bounds, not even in those cases in which human weaknesses leads him astray.  If, however he makes no effort to do as one of these messengers from God tells him, and if later he asks for guidance in another matter, he will usually be told, "Why do you ask me for advice when you do not follow it?"

      The appearance of even the lowest spirits was very instructive.  I will never forget the evening on which the speaking medium of the higher ranked spirit was visited in quick succession by the spirits of three suicides who presented us with the most horrible sight that it is given to mankind to witness in this field.  When the last of these spirits had departed from the medium and while some were still sitting there trembling, the guiding spirit entered the medium and spoke to us, he said, "There were very important reasons why you have been shown what you saw this evening.  In the first place you were to witness what sort of "rest" there is in store for some people after death.  You so often say, when standing by a grave, "He is at rest at last."  Tonight you have seen something of that rest.  You cannot begin to realize what these unfortunate spirits have to suffer before they can be brought to understand their spiritual state and to turn to God.  You were not allowed to enlighten them.  As yet they do not deserve it.  They must go on suffering until they have been made fit to receive such enlightenment.  Today it would have been to no purpose.  But there was also another reason why their condition was shown to you."

      With that the spirit raised its voice and said solemnly, "One of you has been harboring the thought of killing himself today, and was about to prepare for the deed."

      On hearing these words, a member of our circle screamed a startled cry and exclaimed, "It was I, oh God, it was I!"

      "Yes it was you", replied the spirit in a much gentler tone.  "You had hoped to escape a burden that you have carried for years, by killing yourself and so finding rest.  Today you have seen what kind of "rest" you would have found.  Now, I am sure, you will be forever cured of such thoughts and this evening has been of the greatest benefit to you."


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