Abuse of Women by Religions


Women are suppressed, disregarded and abused by every religion in the world. They are considered inferior to men by these organizations and are therefore condemned to be a second class type of person. A great many women have no rights at all. As a consequence, the men, especially through their religious faiths, threaten and strictly prohibit the utilization of an unlimited amount of talent and abilities within women. These forms of discrimination occur within Christianity and its sects and also in all other religions and their associated sects, as the following brief excerpts prove:

Islam/Koran Sure 4

"Men are above the women, because Allah has given the one part a superiority above the other."


"One hundred girls are not worth as much as one boy."


"A woman must never enjoy independence."

Christian Bible: Paul to the Ephesians in the New Testament

"The women shall be servants to their men who are their masters."


The above quotes clearly demonstrate the value of women based upon a religious viewpoint and one upheld by many men. Still, these discriminatory words against women, though spoken in the past, nevertheless prevail even today. Such attitudes also guarantee the abuse of women as being mere birthing machines without being provided the necessary means with which to fight back for their human rights. This, in turn, ensures that many evils will freely forge ahead, at an accelerated rate and in a more irretrievable manner unless men finally realize that in God's eyes men and women are spiritually equal and have equal rights in every respect.

Why did God create men and women? Think about logically. The answer, of course, is for procreation. The physical differences between the sexes are strictly for producing children, their nurturing and protection. Isn't procreation a 50/50 process? It takes a man and a woman in an equally important role to have children. Once again the study of God's Creation proves the truth. Men and women have equal standing before God.

Religions, which are man-made, have all established evil mechanisms to control and exploit women.

The Catholic Church, for example, has erected a very influential and powerful defense against the rights of women and their own decision-making aspirations concerning all aspects of life. Women are not allowed to hold positions of authority and responsibility, and they are ruled over by the men of the church in a way similar to house servants. The criminal Holy Chair of Rome, respectively the Pope and all his underlings, have a horrendous power, whereby they lead all women and therefore all life on the planet under their evil spells into injustice and misery. 

The Pope and the College of Cardinals at the Vatican constitute the highest authority of the Catholic Church, which has a worldwide following of approximately 1 billion believers of all races. Many means were concocted by the Popes, their cardinals and others in that church over the centuries in order to discriminate against women; to curtail their rights and to permit the continuation of the huge lie that women are not equal to men. All of these discriminatory practices are against the true teachings of Immanuel.

One last item must be mentioned here concerning the Catholic Church; Anything the Pope says, any Pope, is hostile to women, humanity and life, and must simply be ignored. His prattle is irrelevant. What he says is without actual correlation to the issues now confronting the world and humanity.

The truth is women will have equal rights and responsibilities in the new spiritual society of the future. All areas of life will have equal opportunities for men and women without exception; of course, always taken into consideration will be the differences of the male and female physique. In all tasks, duties, and careers men and women will work together as equals. In family life women with children will nurse, educate and care for the children in every way, putting aside their careers temporarily, and men will help in all family matters as well as have careers. Children will be raised with a spiritual education first and foremost by both parents and allowed to freely choose their own careers. In all of this, Astrology and communication with the spirit world will be used to make the best decisions.


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